A Shorter Dhimmissary

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Our English correspondent JP sends this lexicon of dhimmi-related words. He includes this explanatory note:

I was inspired by a post on Cifwatch by Akus.

I thought that I would try to find as many derivatives of dhimmi and dhimmi portmanteau words before someone else beat me to it.

After reading through JP’s list, I was moved to add a neologism of my own, which I’ll append at the end.

The Jabberwock

A Shorter Dhimmissary

by Professaurus Klick Klack Kli-buster

dhimmagogue:Non-muslim political agitator hell-bent on greater subservience to Islam.
dhimmi-dally:Dawdling behaviour of Western leaders in the face of Islamic extremism and violence.
dhimmi-detached:State of non-Muslims as they lose their raison d’ĂȘtre.
Dhimmi International:Loose grouping of Western individuals and organisations committed to the aims of the global Islamic revolution. Some of the main players: BBC, Guardian, Ban Ki-Moon, US Government, Tom Schalken, Timothy Garton Ash.
dhimmilemma:Difficult situation faced by non-Muslims in countries governed by Sharia.
dhimmilube:Lubricant used by Western leaders when visiting Islamic countries. Assists in bowing and scraping before Islamic potentates.
dhimmi-monde:The London Guardian’s prostitution of itself to Al-Jazeera [Hat-tip: Akus at cifwatch]
dhimminuendo:Passage of a non-Muslim community through an Islamic polity from majority to extinction.
dhimmirama:Any image containing a group of Western leaders, e.g. G8 summits, United Nations General Assembly, NATO.
Dhimmi Roussous:Fat Greek singer. Listen to him at your peril.
dhimmise:Withering away and ultimate extinction of non-Muslim communities in Islamic lands.
dhimmi-sentient:Low-level mental state of slave or cash crops harvested by the Ummah for its own profit. Antonym: Islamo-dissentient — endangered species in the West, virtually extinct in the Islamic world.
dhimmiversary:Notable dates in the dhimmi calendar such as 9 June 2009, the occasion of Obama’s ‘A New Beginning’ speech in Cairo.

dhimmiverse:It can only get worse.
dhimmocracy:Political system designed to introduce the extortion scheme known as Islam to a majority non-Muslim population. Previously achieved by rapid conquest, now results from the steady influx of Muslim colonists into the West.
dhimmography:Study of the declining population of non-Muslims in Islamic polities.
dhimmolish:Destruction of the customs and traditions of non-Muslims by Muslim overseers.
dhimmotivate:Application of Sharia to non-Muslims.
dhimmure:Quiet, respectful, modest. Mode of being adopted by non-Muslims in the presence of Muslims.
 Added by the Baron:
Götterdhimmerung:The Twilight of the Western Gods, and their submission to Allah.

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