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This weekend I thought I'd do some more recording from the garden. I have several trees that are developing fruit on them and it's fun to watch them grow.  So here's the latest report out of the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, AZ.
The Mulberry forms as it awakens in March

The Blenheim Apricot begin to form around mid April

Persimmon Buds indicate that fruit will arrive shortly...if the wind doesn't get them first.

The Elberta Peach has been the strongest performer of the 3 peach trees growing on the property. This year, there are about a dozen peaches on the tree. Ready for picking by July. Fruit forms right after it blossoms.

Interestingly enough, this Brown Turkey Fig has only one fig on it.

Most of the fruit trees on the property are celebrating their first year at El Presidio.  As they mature, I'm sure more and more fruit will be produced.  Citrus has fruit on the trees, but they are small and not much to look at.....little tiny green nodules.  One last note for people who may have planted plum trees.  I have two lovely green plums...the Satsuma and Santa Rosa.....but no plums.  This is normal as it takes time for these trees to begin producing fruit.  Another interesting note, the Red Baron Peach tree hasn't produced any peaches. There it is....the fruit report for 2011.

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