Pure Imagination

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Sometimes I wonder what we would become without our imagination. At my school, I see kids full of it.  Most of their parents have lost it.  It scares me a bit as I'm the same age as most of their parents and yet I still feel like a kid at heart. When do people lose it?  Once they get married?  Or have children?  Lose someone they love?  Life would be a terrible thing without it and yet so many people just live the routine without blinking an eye.  Recently, I have watched some friends stumble in their marriage and it saddens me.  They're younger and in their early 30's and somewhere along the way, they got lost. I hope they will find their way back to one another and discover the reason they married each other in the first place. There was a spark there....and lots of laughter.  What happened?  Life can be an adventure alone, with a partner, or group of friends.  How do we become jaded?  How do we become saddened people? 

The sky over Gate's Pass
Normally this blog is about gardening and travel......but I feel like this is the other adventure we face daily....the one of life.  Last night, I heard the song of "Pure Imagination" and it made me smile.  As a child watching the original with Gene Wilder, I was in awe of how magical a space can be.  I've always seen the world as a great big mystery.  Today I fight the forces of the cynics and it's difficult not to get sucked into their negative vortex.  When I hear this song, all of that nasty stuff disappears and I have only happy memories.  At my work, there are so many unhappy people.  I want to help, but I don't know how......How do you fix something that has been built up over years and years of anger from inside? My thought is that you are the master of your own self.  No one decides for you how you will live your life.  The actions are your own.  We are prisoners of our own confines.  Life is short.....very very short.  We have to make the most of our daily lives.  One day I had a Grandfather and the next, he was gone. He never got to enjoy his retirement savings.  That's how life works.........so why live unhappy and put off until tomorrow?  The most difficult part for me is watching people make early decisions in their life because they feel they have to do it....like getting married, having kids, settling down, or buying a house.  Every one of those items requires responsibility, but not everyone is ready for these obligations.  Why rush it?

The cynics will view this post as cheesy stupidity.  Others will view this as optimistic and hopeful.  Others will click onto something else.....not important.  I don't know which of these categories I fall into, but I know that this is what's on my mind today after hearing that song. If it's one thing that life has proven over and over again is that it's unpredictable. Life is difficult enough......to lose one's imagination and creativity would be a sad thing.  

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