Underage Sex Slaves in Saudi Arabia

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This news story mentions only African and Middle Eastern countries as the source for underage sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. However, it’s well-documented that Saudi sheikhs have a taste for young Caucasian girls, particularly blondes, and will pay high prices for them. I would be very surprised if none of these children were Europeans.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter for the translation:

Little girls sold as sex slaves to Saudi Arabia

Girls between five and twelve years old are sold to rich men in Saudi Arabia and held as sex slaves, according to documents that WikiLeaks published in the Norwegian newspapers Aftenposten and Bergens Tidende had access to.

When girls become sexually mature they are sold into prostitution.

“I’m not surprised,” said Sanna Johnson, the regional manager of Swedish Save the Children in the Middle East, to Aftenposten.

The girls are exported in their thousands from countries such as Mauritania and Yemen.

Original news stories in Norwegian or Swedish.

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