A very early however urgent post.....

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 06.43

Since I will be away- as it seems- for the next few days-
I have to write something very , very urgent! :

Dear Sis,
I wish you all the very best - Happy Birthday to you!!!!
With many happy returns of the day! May all your dreams, hopes
come true. I wish you mostly- of all- all the possible luck and
happiness with Youssef! And last but not least : A lot of
money, you know for what! :)

A big juicy kiss from me!


Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 10.07

I am currently moving, so I have absolutely NO internet at the moment (tragedy...blargh). The house i great, the hunks are great, the hunks are very great! Hrrr hrrrrrrrr :)
Stay sexy :)


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Fady was the best on Saturday. And I am not saying it because I think that he is hot (he is ....). I loved his interpratation of Rick Astley's "Never gonna give you up" . It was gorgeous, it was different- it was brilliant. His second song of the eve was "All by myself " (Eric Carmen). Simply perfect. I love his voice- it is so much different! I have heard the others' kind of voices for a hundred times, while Fady's voice is- from my point of view- totally unique.

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