Han synes at jeg er totalt crazy!

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Av hvilken grunn?! Jeg kan ikke skrive det her na....men han sagte det meg den sisten natten! Dio- two weeks senza norsk, and I feel a bit uncomfy writing in that language!
Anyways, tomorrow is the big day and I am facing a big problem at the moment- today's a bash @ Savoy and I would love to go there ( many pals will be there- e.g Filipo, Lucia etc..)...it is on the other hand a bit irresponsible to even think about joining them- since I sit my exam at 11 a.m!!!!!!

Okay returning to tea and books/ tests- but before doing that: Do you know the song 'notti senza cuore'
( = nights without a heart)?! Not?! Not good! :

I love Gianna! I love that woman so much, and this is one of my fave songs! I love the lyrics :
Non è così che passa in fretta questa dolce malattia
Mi butterei da quella stella spenta di malinconia
in questa urgenza di vivere e furia di sentire so di esistere
Notti senza cuore da non aver pietà a parlare agli angeli qualcuno sentirà
Notti senza nome da far tremare il cielo dove c'è una via d'uscita
che trascina via da quì in un volo bellissimo in un mare bellissimo
E' stata una battaglia persa Niente che mi tira su
nemmeno un'ora di violenza che consoli alla tv
Gli occhi sopra le nuvole aspettando la luce di un'alba atomica
Notti senza cuore da non aver pietà a parlare agli angeli qualcuno sentirà
Notti senza nome da far tremare il cielo dove c'è una via d'uscita
che trascina via da quì in un volo bellissimo in un mare bellissimo
e mi sembra bellissimo sopra un mare bellissimo
Notti senza cuore da far tremare il cielo dove c'è una via d'uscita
che trascina via da quì
Notti abbandonate all'ultimo piano notti perse per le scale e notti andate a male
Notti senza me sopra un mare bellissimo
e mi sembra bellissimo in un mare bellissimo
Notti senza cuore dentro nei portoni notti da coprire il cielo coi cartoni
Notti senza cuore notti senza me

And the ending of the song is so very special <3

The heat is so on..

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It's so hot here. So damn hot! Okay I actually do enjoy it, but it's still hot! I love it !!!! I love it!!! I have just my Toefl Exam to go and I am done. Summer's so asskicking fine!
Gonna do a Seminar tomorrow, if I feel like it,(Summer Course) held in English about China.
Det gar veldig bra na!
Veldig bra.
Og jeg elsker han <3>Now its time for some Chill Out music plus English!

Det er det det er! Alt for na!


Le iene- interviews alla Italia <3

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I love them... I love them so much. These are so great! And since I love Italian Football, this is just as good as it gets!

'Pippo' Inzaghi one year ago and today...Pricless!

'Alessa' (buhahaha) Del Piero..haha!

'Gigi' Buffon <3

e questo e soltanto migliore!

A few changes

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Had to change the template, coz the old one was fult og helt f*cked up (pardon my French!). And this is the prettiest of those offered here. C'est tout!

Just came back home, was sleeping over at Assal's. We were supposed to go to Kassel tday, but her brother's bday bash was postponed, so I am free to tidy up my room (looks like a battle-field..if not worse..) and do stuff like that. I am really tired (watched 'White Chicks' yesterday).
Moreoverly sat my last oral exam this summer semester, and I literally screwed it. I am such a fool. But this is a chapter for it's own. Really! Now I gotta keep my head clean for English and than I am off home. Finally.

Were also out with the girls (Funda, Jana, Antonia, Kata, Isi and Assal..than Jana's flatmate joined us) @ la la Villa Cuba (the interior is so effing awesome!!!!), I was in some serious demand of alcohol. And talking. And chatting. And whatever...

Gotta call Ulla as well, spoke to her yesterday before my exam, but I do nto remember what we were actually talking about........
Grosses bises!

Blake Lively picture gallery

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Blake Christina Lively is an hollywood actress and American celebrity. She acts in the TV series Gossip Girl as the main character Serena van der Woodsen.She has even appeared in films like Accepted and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Lively was born in Tarzana, California, to actors Ernie and Elaine Lively. Lively was the youngest of five children, Lively has two sisters, Lori and Robyn, and two brothers, Jason and Eric. Lively dated her childhood friend, actor Kelly Blatz from 2004 to 2007. In May 2008, People magazine published photos of Lively and Badgley kissing while on vacation in Mayan Riviera, Mexico.

Name: Blake Christina Lively
Birth Date: 25-08-1987
Birth Place: Tarzana, California
Parents: Ernie and Elaine Lively

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Ashley Tisdale picture gallery

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Ashley Michelle Tisdale is an American singer and hollywood actress . She
appeared in several television roles during the late 1990s and early 2000s. she became a well known and popular celebrity among young audiences.

Tisdale was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey on July 2, 1985. Her parents are Lisa
and Mike Tisdale. She has an elder sister, Jennifer Tisdale who is also an actress.
She grew up there in Ocean Township. Tisdale underwent a rhinoplasty procedure on November 30, 2007. Ashley Tisdale was voted as number 10 in Maxim's 2008 Hot 100 list and On June 11, 2008, Tisdale was ranked at #94 by Forbes on its top 100 Celebrity list.

Name: Ashley Michelle Tisdale
Birth Date: 02-07-1985
Birth Place: Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States
Profession: Actress, singer-songwriter, spokesperson
Genre(s): Pop, teen pop, dance-pop

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Ashley Scott gallery

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Ashley McCall Scott is an hollywood actress . She has acted in both television and films. She is known for her work on television series like Dark Angel, Birds of Prey, and Jericho. She has even acted in several hollywood films. Ashley McCall Scott is reknowned as a talented actress in the American television and film circle.

Name: Ashley McCall Scott
Birth date: 13-07-1977
Birth Place: Metairie, Louisiana

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World's Untold Stories <3

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Since my hunk can't be bothered to go to bed, and since he can't learn without me..and since I feel bad (stomache) I am sitting with him on a sofa, finally browsing the net a bit more ... and I think it is high time for a little CNN update.... I haven't seen my fave show- " World's Untold Stories" for ages :( here is however an overview!

Dangerous Ground

Relations between Australia's Muslim community and the rest of the population are near to exploding. As they face increasing suspicion and hostility from the rest of the nation, young Australian Muslims are being made to feel like foreigners in their own countries. Is Australia's response to terrorism to blame?

Child Denied

Watch the program: Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video

When Helena Ferenciková was 19 years old and in the throes of labor with her first child, she was told to sign a document. Only afterwards did she realize she had authorized her own sterilization. Eleven years previously, the same happened to Elena Gorolová. Both women are fighting for justice. Helena has chosen legal action, and became the first Roma woman to win a case in Central Europe against the hospital that sterilized her in 2001. Elena addresses international audiences to ensure this never happens again.

Greenland Goes Green

Watch the program: Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video

Greenland's ice caps are melting faster than predicted -- and local farmers couldn't be happier. Thanks to rising temperatures, they can now grow new crops and raise cattle for the first time since the Vikings. Warmer seas are bringing huge catches of cod and growing seasons are up to a month longer. "A little bit of extra warmth is good for us", says agricultural consultant Kenneth Hoegh. "We're growing things we would have hesitated to grow in the past". But not all farmers are happy as the environmental balance becomes increasingly precarious.

PNG Babies

Watch the program: Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video

Papua New Guinea is facing a crisis of the young and innocent. The country's morgues are filling up with tiny abandoned corpses. For every one thousand babies born in PNG, more than seventy will die before their fifth birthday. "We're hitting our head against a brick wall" says one distraught community worker. But some unsung heroes are giving the babies dignity in death and teaching young women about the threat of disease and malnutrition.

The Coldest Winter

Watch the program: Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video

The situation in Afghanistan steadily deteriorates. In the past 12 months, thousands of Afghans have been killed and clashes between NATO troops and insurgents are commonplace. Six years after the US-led invasion, the rhetoric has changed. Soldiers no longer talk about wiping out the Taliban or hunting down terrorists. Now, the buzz words are tactics of counter insurgency. "We have to look constantly at ways to do it better and do it differently", states Lt Col. Woods. His men appear exhausted and demoralized. At night, the temperature drops to -30C. Blizzards have grounded their helicopters but despite the extreme weather, troops from the US 82nd Airborne are heading out for a 10-day patrol. "The Coldest Winter" follows them as they battle the elements and the tense environment.

Malawi: Africa's Deadly Brain Drain

Watch the program: Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video

Africa is in the grip of a medical crisis as its doctors are lured away by lucrative jobs in Europe. Malawi now only has one doctor for every 50,000 people. "We are working under very difficult conditions. It's like we are in a war", laments Robert Lapyam Ayella, the only doctor at Mulanje District Hospital. He's one of the few African doctors who hasn't moved to the West, where they can earn 200 to 300 times more. Making matters worse, approximately 25 percent of Malawi's health staff are expected to die of HIV/AIDS in the next decade. Facing these problems, it's not surprising entire medical classes decide to emigrate to the West. As one expat Malawian doctor states: "I earn a good wage in England. Why should I go back to Malawi to suffer?"

Trapped: Part One

Watch the program: Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video

"You can run, but you can't hide" say the girls, who night after night sell themselves to an endless stream of men. They ply their soulless trade in filthy brothels or parked cars. This film captures first hand the violence and eeriness of life working on European streets for young African women and girls who were tricked into leaving their villages with promises of a better life. Michelle Mildwater specializes in trauma. Her exceptional sensitivity allows two women -- Anna and Joy -- to tell their horrific stories. In "Trapped: Part One" we hear their tales of life on the streets of Europe. "Trapped: Part Two" will be seen on TV at the same times next week, follows their shameful deportation home.

Trapped: Part Two

Watch the program: Part 3 Video | Part 4 Video

Each year an estimated 2 million women and children are tricked, beaten, raped and forced by threat of death into the world's growing sex industry. "Trapped: Part One" followed Anna and Joy as they helplessly resisted being forced into prostitution on the streets of Europe. In this, "Trapped: Part Two," we follow them home to Nigeria, ruined and ashamed. We also get a rare glimpse of how desperate families are tricked into giving up their children to strangers from Europe who promise them riches, then sell them as sex slaves.

The Carteret Islands: That sinking feeling

Watch the program: Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video

We've heard a great deal about the effects of climate change. The Carterets in the Pacific could be the first islands in the world to disappear due to rising sea levels blamed on global warming. "Our houses are getting closer and closer to the sea", complains one woman. "Maybe one day, a tidal wave will sweep everyone away". It's estimated that the Carteret Islands will be completely submerged by 2015. Already, the beaches are littered with fallen trees, their roots eroded by the tide. Rising sea levels have made it impossible for the islanders to grow anything apart from coconuts. They are now dependent on aid from Papua New Guinea, which plans to relocate residents from the island. Some though, refuse to move. As one states; "If the island is lost, I'm lost too."

Darfur Crisis

Watch the program: Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video

"I'm sick, cold, hungry," laments one refugee. "How long will this go on?" Five years into the humanitarian crisis, the situation in Darfur shows no signs of improving. The Sudanese government and Janjaweed militias have been trying to dislodge a rebel movement, with civilians caught in the middle. At least 200,000 people are thought to have died. Government official, Al-Hadi Ahem Ali, is responsible for keeping the displaced alive. But NGOs feel hampered by government bureaucracy and the worsening security situation. "A colleague was killed the day before yesterday, something like 18 drivers are missing" complains one aid worker. Al Hadi assures them: "Security is OK. There is no real problem". This exclusive report - filmed inside Darfur - reveals the refugees' plight.

Gaza Tunnels

Every night, 14-year-old Said scrambles down a narrow shaft leading to a tunnel. He'll spend the next eight hours digging without a break. It's claustrophobic, difficult and dangerous work. He, like others in Gaza, is digging a tunnel to Egypt. The tunnels are used to smuggle everything from weapons for Hamas to basic household goods that are not available in Gaza's isolation. The tunnels are the only way to import goods into the territory. "They're a gold mine!" states Said. But to his disgust, most of the profits go to other people. "We do all the work, then they swindle us," he complains. Once the tunnel is nearly ready, "other people will open it, do the trafficking and make more money than us." The money that Said makes will support his entire family. But every time he goes into the tunnel, he knows: "You are digging your own grave."

Romania -- The Lost Children

Watch the program: Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video

Decades after the world was shocked by pictures of Romanian orphans tied to their cots in squalid conditions, many children are still being held in old-style institutions. Babies at the pediatric unit are unnaturally quiet. They've learnt there's no point in crying. "They have no affiliation, no stability," laments supervisor Dr Monica Nicoara. Previously, many of these babies would have been adopted by Western families. But foreign adoptions are now banned and authorities want to find Romanian families for abandoned children. However this new system has failed many of the country's most vulnerable. Ricardo and George ended up on the streets after their parents abandoned them. They've given up on the state and now take care of each other.

I could watch all of them NOW!!!!! I simply love that! And you know what is great, my <3 does as well!!!!! :)

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Passing and passing....

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Passed my Oral in Norwegian with the highest mark in our course, which is simply corking! I was so speechless- (luckily I was speechless afterwards not while I was talking) I did not know I was so good in doing norsk convos! Whoa! Whoa whoaaaa!
I am so busy, its still all about Uni, Exams, SUB, Friends and my hunk <3
Grosses bises!

I love that pic!!!!

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...because Kelly Osbourne is looking so damn good on it (she does generally nowadays) and I think this is one of the cutest couples ever!

Ashley Judd gallery

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Ashley Judd is an American actress. She is perhaps best known for her leading roles in a series of thriller films like Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy and High Crimes. She has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

Judd was born Ashley Tyler Ciminella in Granada Hills, California. She is the daughter of Naomi Judd, a well-known country music singer Michael Ciminella, Jr., a marketing analyst. Judd has a half-sister, Wynonna Judd, who is also a country music singer

During the 1990s, Judd dated baseball player Brady Anderson, singers Lyle Lovett and
Michael Bolton, and actors Matthew McConaughey and Robert De Niro. She became engaged to Dario Franchitti, in December 1999, and the two were married on December 12 2001.

Name: Ashley Tyler Ciminella
Birth date: 19-04-1968
Birth Place: Granada Hills, California U.S.
Spouse(s): Dario Franchitti (2001 - present)

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Arielle Kebbel gallery

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Arielle Caroline Kebbel is an hollywood film actress and american television actress.

Kebbel was born in Winter Park, Florida on February 19, 1985. She graduated from high school in Crenshaw a year early at age seventeen. Kebbel was featured on Maxim's Girls of Maxim gallery. She was also ranked #95 in the magazine's Hot 100 of 2005 list.

Name: Arielle Kebbel
Birth date: 19-02-1985
Birth Place: Winter Park, Florida

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