Did you ever stay in the library til they threw you out?!

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I did that yesterday! First we went to the German Theatre (yes honeys- even I attend pieces on a regular basis!)- to see a MASTERpiece written by Nikolay Gogol called "The Revisor"( Reflecting the absurd situation of Russia's society -not only in his times but it's deffo up-to-date). Afterwards we went to the library- you know- I do not wanna boast around much- but here in Gottinga we have a huge - one of the biggest- libraries..Simply perfect...anyways it was as good as deserted (I do not know what else to expect on a Friday eve- it was much over 22 p.m).. on our way there we met Said (his friend from Hannover) . We stayed in the library til 1 a.m-til they told us to get our assets out ;)- and I tell you- it was fierce- you gotta try THAT out. This was/ is one of the coolest aspects about studying here- going to the library on a Friday night, when it's dark and study there- man this is the new pastime within from now on! We have anyways a new genious plan : study in the library til 1 a.m than go clubbing (Savoy is very close) and than back again- to study :). Gorgeous
Footie final drawing nearer and nearer..if the Spaniards want to have a friend in me they gotta upstage the Germans- otherwise I am gonna boycott Spanish products/ Spain / even Rafa Nadal ;-).

Okay gotta finish my laundry, take the dishes downstairs and do something about my trashcan..
Buss buss busssssiiii

P.S MARAT is in the fourth round of Wimbledon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screw footie ;) Marat beats 'em all!!!!

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oMg! OmG! OMG!!!!! You won't believe it ( I have my own difficulties realising that..) but MaratMarat Safin- slaughtered Novak Djokovic in the second round of Wimbledon! Give yourselves THAT! I am so over the moon- or partly- since I heart Djokovic as well..but Marat...well Marat is Marat...
The rest of the draws here . And here is the link to the official Wimbledon homepage!
Oh my! Marat beats Djokovic! :)

Besides Marat already qualified for the third round are : Federer (surprise, surprise..), Hewitt, Baghdatis, Youzhny and Nadal! El Mago Coria did not start :(

Türkiye lost :( My last hope has vanished and is gone. My Gawd! Why?! They were really much better than se Germans... Oh My! Imagine me saying all these things being amongst Germans.. after the game, that ended 3:2 (= dramatic) we went to "Alpenmax".. it's really a bad club- even worse than Flex in Vienna- but as it goes... Robert, Kai and his friend went with us. Inside the club my hunk ordered a bottle of Prosecco and than we hit the dancefloor to kiss/ dance ... no to kiss only really....and than home.... the night was so long- we fell asleep at five... Saubere Leistung :).

Now I gotta check the Wimbledon draws, news and do something for Uni. I would had to go there only to fetch a book I ordered- but what are men for?!

A tres, tres bientot


RomSem-Party... and I did not have to sing!

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Dropped in for a second to a SummerFeast of our RomanFaculty- and to my surprise Filip, Yannick, David , Marcel and even Stefan were there! Chatted a bit with the girls and also Filip (concerning Mister K.) and after a few minutes it turned out, that we won't perform our lovely song this eve :). I was so happy. Went home with Stefan after a few photo-shootings with the others and some funny small-talk.
Now I am freshly showered, done with my Appelsinpiken (for today but haven't finished it) and ready to go to bed- EARLIER...just gotta wait for the other half.



I am an idiot- part three!

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We have Overslept- and only because- and now hold strong- because I forced him to go shopping with me at 10 p.m- and because I forced him to watch some Simpsons Episodes and Kalkofes Mattscheibe (hillarious comedy!!!!!). Oh puh-lease!
I spent so much money yesterday on food- I nearly went nuts! Okay- we share it - all our food anyways- but still! I still need to pay for my upcoming Toefl Exam (my last one's invalid...)- some 130 $... and I want ....! Since we overslept, and I cannot show up at university til 2 p.m I gotta read "Appelsinpiken" ( I gotta finish this damn book til Sunday) and start "Seta" soon...

I have nicked his Laptop :) I am a good girl!


I am an idiot! the next part...

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Mister K. dropped me three messages- and how many times did I respond?! THREE EFFING TIMES! .
..Stop- dimentica! I have gone mad! I am not allowed to enter Studivz! Daaaamn! Especially now, once my hunk's around....
I am so thick!

Okay going back to cook Pasta... ( me+ cooking = disaster...)


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Perche noi?! Italia is out. It hurts so immensly. It is as if somebody ripped your heart out. Il calcio italiano means so much to me- and now this disaster! It is like 2004- when we did not survive the first round- though this drama seems worse to me....
So much was missing in this team- and I am not talking about spirit or something like this- but personalities- like Cannavaro, Nesta, Totti.... we need them back!
And LIPPI as well!!

I watched the game with the girls, Yannick and a few fellow Italians @ "Fellini" which is a ristorante- tipico italiano! We were all tifosi rooting for Italia- the atmosphere was so great- and than Spain kicked us out.

No Portugal, No Italia, Croatia out- only Tuerkiye remaining!!!
Well all I can tell myself now is : Siamo i campioni del mondo...

I am an idiot!

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I am an idiot. I can't believe I am such a fool and sometimes that weak! Was at a Party (Filip's bday) with Jana and Lucia. A lot of pals I know were there, and also Mister K. who loves to entertain- and tries to hit on me... he is also accidentally head of the coperation to which Filip belongs..well Lucia got very drunk, Jana left earlier and I was more or less trying to stay together with Steffan (friend from Chile, who is also in their coperation). We all had a lot, and Mister K. cornered me unfortunately, and that did not end as it should.
Every time I see him I promise myself to hit him, and yesterday was the best occasion to do so! Oh MY GOSH! Luckily I could free myself, went home with Lucia and some other very nice guy. Both escorted me home and I was in bed around 7:30?!
Filipo already wrote me a message, since he saw a bit... and my hunk just arrived .... Mister K. also left me two messages by the way....
I need holidays!

P.S Congrats to Turkey and none to Germany ;-)

Oh fuck- that was the best game ever for me- we sent France home- this tastes so sweet- just as good as the victory over Germany two years ago.... or no - even better!
I watched the game with Assal, Funda, Jana, Stella, Merle our Italian Profs' staff, a few guys from our faculty and from El Sol. The rest- but our table- was for France- so the win over les blues was so great for us.... you cannot imagine!
After the game we went cruising with Funda's car ( and our flags) than hit the town ( met up with a few Exchange Students from Italia) had a few ( or even more) drinks and than I got home around...2 ...or 3 a.m?!
I was slightly tipsy, but luckely certain ppl did not notice and kept sleeping ;-)

Forza la nostra squadra- forza azzurri!!!!!!!!!
Pics and more coming later- Puoi festaggiare!
Missione compiuta!!!!!

Grazie a : Buffon, Amelia, De Sanctis, Barzagli, Chiellini, Grosso, Gemberini, Panucci, Zambrotta, Materazzi, Ambrosini, Aquilani, Pirlo, Gattuso, Perrotta, De Rossi, Camoranesi, Toni, Gilardino, Boriello, Cassano, Del Piero, Di Natale , Quagliarella e Donadoni <3

Trip pictures

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Under Spinnaker on Serannity heading to Australia

Crew of MagicRoundabout; Chris, James, Mel and I

Working on MagicRoundabout

Learning to fillet fish, messy!

Port Vila!

A welcome home sunset

15/06/08 Home

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We sailed down the bay and into Brisbane on Saturday but it wasn't till Monday morning when our passports were stamped that we officially entered Australia! I spent Sunday pacing up and down the quarantine dock and shaking the bars of the menacing fence that kept us from going ashore!! We were later told that customs were open over the weekend. I wasn't all too happy about that as I could have been home!

We got lucky again with the weather and sailed the 1107nm in 7days, 8hours. The last 24 hours were a little uncomfortable as were beating into 3meters of steep swell but nothing to complain about. About halfway to aus the spinnaker came out of the bag and pulled us along nicely till a cloud showed up and threatened to get it wet. I worked hard and did a few days of school work in between watches.


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(yes a French defeat tastes better than anything else, but still....) this was the best game I have seen for years! Oh MY! teşekkür ederim, sağol!!!!! That was a blast! After the second goal I was thinking , that we need a miracle- and dammit- it happened! (Gianna Nanini is on the radio by the way <3).
Than - 75th minute-
Arda Turan scores, and a few moments later Nihat Kahveci packs in two ( one note : Cech did a horrible mistake at his second attempt). Incredible!!! Of course among all this euphoria must be a black sheepor even two- and it was like always Volkan, who is some sort of idiot. He knocked Koller out and got a red card. The only problem was : they already had three new men in the game, so Tuncay had to play the goalie. And than there was Baros. Milan Baros. One of my total faves, who got a yellow card- while sitting on the bench.....
Anyways : Türkiye has won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I wish I was in Schweinfurt- that would be so effing great!

P.S Watched the game with Kai, Juergen and Robert....

Effing shit (mostly used title by moi.....)

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Allrighty, I have no idea where to start- it's been indeed a longer time ;). It's Sunday- the next game starts in
approx.one hour, and I have no nerves to go out for Public Viewing. Ulla just left today (after no sleep at all, coz we went out ..). Yesterday was pretty cool- we meet up with Assal and her friend, Anna and went to El Sol, where we got Cocktails for as good as for free (plus extra liquor- I had Zombies... !).Than we went to Savoy, definately the best club here in town- I thought so til yesterday. They played house almost all the time. I was so pissed. Saw Kai and his buddies (who are accidentally also in some corporation), and we greeted each others as though we hadn't seen for ages :). He told me that my hunk left the feast after a short time and disappeared, which was very odd for me. Since I was a bit...tipsy I thought it was very wise to call him (it was after 3 am). Than I noticed a missed call from him on my display :/ . He already had his cell switched off at this late/ early /regular hour, so all I could do was being once mad with him and than with myself! When we came back home I went into his room, where his radio was still on- but he - he was nowhere to be seen. OMG! Luckily I wasn't that drunk, coz I would have done something really stupid! I went upstairs to Ulla than. I was calling him names, which was pretty unfair and mean. But I couldn't help myself.

As said before- Ulla went back home, and now I feel like being left outside alone! Even though I could go and join the girls or the guys downstairs. I feel like doing nothing and just go to bed and work on my bad mood. Just called him, and he told me that he went home, coz his parents came back from Serbia. Okay, tomorrow I am gonna say- he was absolutely right to do so, I would have acted exactly the same way. But since today I am
more or less very pissed and stopped thinking reasonable- I did not say no more. Just asked him, when he's gonna come back and ended the call. He drives me mad. And he makes me smoking cigarettes (nonsense, I know..coz he is the one, who hides my cigarettes and tells me to give it up...).

The last week was really odd and tough. I had this fucked up presentation on Thursday and - well it did not go wrong- but I was so angry afterwards. Yeah of course I am mostly to blame, since I started too late (on Thursday.... ). Anyways- for me the only positive feedback was one : it's over. Our tutor talked for another hour, and we could not start in time, so we had to shorten it, which was pretty shitty, since I could not talk about the run of the events- which
was essential for the whole presentation and the topic itself. What a retarded b....
Anyways, we went to Nautilus (bar- very close to my place), whose owner is accidentally Polish, to watch the game Pologne versus Austria. Everything was pretty great for 92 minutes. But than Austria got a penalty, and imagine- we were like 70 Polish ppl- it felt as though somebody had slammed you! Rough! Totally rough! One day later we went to El Sol, to join Funda and Assal- and all our Italian Professors and tutors (!!!! if only somebody had told me that earlier!!!!)- and all we could do was a thin draw with Romania (and we were lucky, since Buffon managed to hold a penalty- you are so golden Gigi!!!!).
Apart from that we had a lot of fun with Ulla- I just gotta see her- or hear her voice to have one whole day of laughter! We went shopping on Saturday- I spent so much money on lingerie, I am realy done! But it's so pretty ;).
Anyways, I gotta get myself together I guess- the next gameS are due to start (two at once- that hurts!). I still haven't missed a single match- so I am keeping to myself- incredible- since 1998- I haven't left out a single Championship game! I love footie!

A bientot
and this is for Mister Z. : Merci beaucoup France hi hi hi ;P



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Ye Ye, KiK aSS
I Am..
My bEsT fRiEnD wAs hErE iN GoTtInGa,
sO I hAd LiTtLe- oR eVeN NoNe tO wRiTe- MoRe CoMiNg SoOn!
I need some sleep y'all!

Countdown... Nadal's fourth time!!!

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Nadal slaughtered Federer in the French Open Men's Final today. Roger stood NO CHANCES! Rafa's really incredible- fourth title in a row- and the one today equalized him with Borg, who also won Roland Garros four times. Legendary. Meanwhiles Federer has to wait yet another year for the Grand Slam- he has never won the French Open. Oh oh...
Congrats Rafito!

haha priceless... yet another part...

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haha they just asked a few people (I heard it on the radio) about their favourites for the title (ECH).... this was so fucking priceless! Oh and may I emphasize two things - it's an EUROPEAN Championship, and England (hehe) does NOT take part?! :
Person 1 : I am sure the English team's gonna make it. They are so strong ( ha ha ha).
Person 2: Maybe the Argentinian equipe..or no..I do not like them.. I am holding my fingers crossed for Brasil!! (hahahahaha)
Person 3: I think it's high time for an African team to win the title. They bring in fresh wind, thanks to them the atmosphere at the tournament gets some multi-cultural flair. (HA HA HA!).

I heart these people, really ;)

Queen of Paris!

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Ana Ivanovic (one of my very fave players+ one of the most beautiful women on this world) has won the French Open!! Ana won against Dinara Safina 6:4 6:3 to claim her very first Grand Slam Title!!!!!
Additionally she's the new numero Uno in the WTA ranking! Congrats!
P.S :Thanks Gawd it's not Sharapova !

Fever pitch...

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Today is THE game- since I have to show true colours- I am gonna try to do it... al'angelo ;). Which team did NOT qualify because of Poland?! Yes- Serbia ;P. I am not a huge fan of the Serbian team (my friends from the Balkans would kill me otherwise :P), but I totally fancy Mateja Kezman. Point!

Okay, talking about footballers-of course I fancy Nesta and Maldini as well (both absent as well) ...

Cristiano Ronaldo (surprise, surprise)

okay, more coming later...
I gotta watch a few more vids now (before my hunk arrives :P he hates CR...tss)
A tres tres bientot!

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Day One Done

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I am too tired to relate every single detail of today's matches. Firstly- both my teams won- as I predicted- Czech vs Switzerland one zero and Portugal nailed Turkey 2-0. Secondly Baros did not play, the Czechs are missing a Nedved / Rosicky leader-type-person and last but not least- Cristiano was quite brilliant- but man of the day was definately Pepe- or not?! And Deco needs some more... vitality, or he is simply getting old.

This is all for now.


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Nadal versus Federer in the Final of the French Open.
I saw it coming ;).

Today is the big day !!! Finally! It's always so hard to wait for yet another footie-highlight (two years- WCH or ECH). But finally today it starts! Czech plays against Switzerland for starters. It is a pity Nedved retired ;( . Luckily we still have Baros!

Yesterday the guys had some gathering here, where they had to wear tuxedos. Every guy looks good in one, but some...irresistable! I was talking on the phone with Caroli, when he passed me. For one second the world was the sun was spinning around the earth. Really!
Than after I finished talking to Caroli on the phone, I went upstairs to have a shower and put on some different clothes. Some minutes later - after meeting my hunk - we were on our way to his hometown ;). There is nothing better than being spontaneous. It was so great there! It felt like being home again. His house looks so much like the one of my Dad and has something of my aunt's and Mommy's. We visited Alex (who also lives in the same town, he is such a cool bloke!) and than watched - back at his'- Simpsons ;) and went sleeping. Believe it or not- we woke up for the first time a few minutes after 4 am :o. Than after five and than at seven something. And got up. Since we hooked up, unbeliavable things are happening ! nooo MIRACLES!!!
Anyways, he got a call in the morning from J. that some people in the corporation think, that he's not sticking to them, disobeying notoriously and doing what he wants. Well it sounds(ed) to me- as though some have something against it, that he has his own will. This is indeed something.... negative...
Anyways, today's the first game, and I am not sure where I am gonna watch it?!
Too many possibilities...far too many....

7/6/08 Vanuatu at last

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After hundreds of all the usual delays that come with boats we left Opua New Zealand last week. Felt great to finally do some sailing! Trip was another of those perfect ones, mostly sunny, good wind behind us and we made good time, 7 days! A few days out we got lucky with the fishing and pulled in a Mahi-mahi and 2 tuna. James showed me how to fillet them and they tasted great! We got into Port Villa yesterday and since then I`v been discovering how nice it is to live on a boat that is`nt jumping all over the place. Maybe all my aches and pains will heal?! Would have been nice to spend a few days over here but instead of flying home in few days I`ll be sailing with a couple Ann and Lew on their boat. Will be off again tomorrow, Hardly found my land legs!

Welcome back (a bit late I know...)

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I have been waiting for this day for...TWO YEARS..............
back! Guille is back, and I am more than over the moon.
Of course- he stood no chance against Robredo- but he was off for two years.
Now he is back. And that is all that actually counts! An interview is here to find.
And mind- it was a really good first rounder (played on center court!),
four sets- Coria won the first one! Anyways- welcome back and enjoy tennis!


Interesting Semi's.... (there is still a Safin in France!)

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This is the Men's Single Semi's of Roland Garros. I must admitt, they are quite interesting. And as much as I wish Nadal the best, I'd prefer to see Novak in the final...

Roger Federer SUI (1)
Gael Monfils FRA
Novak Djokovic SRB (3)
Rafael Nadal ESP (2)

Well and this is the Women's Single draw (with four of my fave players... amazing!) :

Dinara Safina RUS (13)

Svetlana Kuznetsova RUS (4)

Jelena Jankovic SRB (3)

Ana Ivanovic SRB (2)

I really do feel sorry for you!

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No SEX for Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of the Portuguese Squad. For one whole month. This is tough- but Scolari's words are the law- and if that brings the guys closer to the title..well you can't have everything.....


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Excuse my French... but look here... Djokovic versus Nadal... OH MY!

Between- I have finally Internet!!!!

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Come mai???

Come mai means as much as why- you can also say perche - naturally. Why I am asking come mai?
Because I really have to.
Yesterday I came back from Uni after a short stip at Assal's (we cooked together and than had a soap-opera block..OH MY!), and went over to my Norsk Stuff ( "Apelsinpiken" by Jostein Gaarder), when someone knocked on my door. I was more than delighted to see my hunk being already back! I was more than sure, he'd gonna be back on Tuesday. We went downstairs into the kitchen, and talked a bit (he was still asking me about the Chippendales haha... I told him on Friday that I had been invited to their show for the last weekend hehe).We had a strawberry fight (I still have some on my skin! Hrrrr) Well than after I finished my chapter and he made some food ( he is nearly as bad as me!), I came up with the idea to go for a walk (it was 11 p.m). After ten minutes we were on our way through the old fortress of Gottinga. It was so darn dark- I was scared as hell- our way loaded with fizzy-dizzy mosquitoes. I think he was at least three times very close to kill me for my brill idea ;). Anyways we met even some friends of him (in front of my old Orientation School) and than came back (just in time be4 yet another thunderstorm). Than we joined some of the guys on the terrace. And this time I did not hear a single word about me going out with R. (meaning that I should....)... Even Para's best buddy was present ( I like this guy so much, he is one of the only really normal ones here as it seems!). Than at around 2 a.m (finally! After Paul and Her made their ways home) we (R. plus the two of us) went into the kitchen , where we sat for a while (and my mood got worse and worse)...and than suddenly Graf had the idea to sleep in the kitchen- and switched the lights off. Sometimes I really doubt he is older than me ;). Well after a few minutes ( R. annoying me immensely- he told Para what he did the day before yesterday- when he stormed into my room in the even, even though I asked him to stay out since I had to put something on- and he totally ignored it!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily my hunk was holding my hand, so I had no chance to hit R. for this comment!), R. went into his room...and the two of us followed suit- mais un autre lit...naturally ;)
Well we overslept so badly- I missed Norsk (so my fierce reading was totally pointless..or not..not really)... I missed also the next lectures. Luckily I am in for Italian Literature. At least something. He also missed his first two ones. While laying in bed we listened to Ndr24 ( You can get addicted to it easily- it's the same scheme like with CNN), and they said in the Sport's Section... that Fabio Cannavaro- il capitane- il eroe dalla nostra squadra azzura- got INJURED AND WON't GO TO THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!! I would have felt better if somebody hit me hard on my head. .... una notizia funesta.... COME MAI?! Come mai FABIO????!!!!!!!!!!! E il nostro capitane! Than after somebody knocked at the door ( pff!) we got finally up (it takes twice as long when it comes to me) and I discovered a Serbian booklet about Islam, so I started reading (typical..) that when he suddenly went on the balcony and said some prayer. I never saw him doing that before so I was really surprised. Well than he told me, that he just got the news, that his uncle died :( . It was around ten something, and I asked myself for the second time this day (already) Come mai?!
Well, I gotta get ready- Literature at two, and I need to take a shower ( I look like a total mess)...
A tres bientot!

Obama gegen die Republikaner?!

Finally?? Yes? Is Mrs. Clinton finally pulling back?! She asked her most important sponsors to come around to NY, for a imperative speach, she is gonna hold this evening ( do they broadcast that on NDR24?! I hope so!).
Now I am really off!
A Bientot


Safin's OUT! BUH!

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Darn it! Marat did not make it even into the third round..
Naturally it is quite impossible to succeed once your opponents' name is DAVYDENKO...
Only Djokovic (well well.. 'ONLY' ), Nadal and Federer left...

to make this bitter tragedy a bit sweeter- a few great pics du Monsieur Safin!
Et voila :

La mort d'Yves Saint-Laurent - talent et qualite

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The best- from my point of view naturally- fashionista of all times has died yesterday in Paris! He already retired ( I guess I wrote it in here as well) last year from the fashion industry.
I know, that in France YSL was an incredible powerful symbol, which is totally obvious for me- since he was had this unbelievable sense for fashion and beauty! He designed my favourtite perfums (=Baby Doll )...now it'll be more than awkward for me to wear them.....

Here is a nice article from CNN :
PARIS, France (CNN) -- International fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent died Sunday night at his home in Paris, longtime friend and business associate Pierre Berge said. He was 71.Saint Laurent was the last of an era of fashion designers that included Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, for whom Saint Laurent worked until Dior's death in 1957. Berge, chief executive of the fashion house, told France Info Radio that Saint Laurent died at 11 p.m. (5 p.m. ET).

"There are not that many people in the pantheon of fashion," Berge told the station. "There will be two who will undeniably remain -- one who symbolized the first part of the 20th century, and that's Chanel, and the other one who will symbolize the second part of the 20th century, and that's Yves Saint Laurent."
Saint Laurent's became synonymous with the glamour of the Paris catwalk and the elegance of haute couture.
He took Paris by storm in the 1960s and 1970s with his masculine, yet elegant, trouser suits for women. He also popularized tight pants, the trapeze dress, smocks, thigh-high boots and tuxedo jackets. Saint Laurent often used ethnic themes in his designs, as well as bright colors contrasted with black.
His jackets, "le Smoking" in French, featured for the first time on the catwalk see-through shirts that shocked and delighted the public.
In a 2002 interview with CNN, London-based fashion designer Ben de Lisi called Saint Laurent an inspiration for a whole new generation of designers.

"Way back in the '60s, he was doing, for couture, crocodile biker jackets based on Marlon Brando. He was doing alligator trousers. And that was just unheard of," De Lisi said.

Saint Laurent introduced his "Ligne Trapeze" after Dior's death, when he became chief designer at Dior. He left Dior in 1961 and opened his own couture house, financed by Berge, in 1962.
In 1969, Saint Laurent pioneered designer men's wear, with media stars such as Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Andy Warhol in mind. Out went the pinstripes -- in came fashion modern men wanted to wear.
Vogue magazine editor Diana Vreeland mounted a retrospective of Saint Laurent's work in 1983 at the Museum of Metropolitan Art in New York, the first time a living fashion designer had been so honored.

But after 40 years in the business, Saint Laurent, increasingly dogged by ill health, was slowing down. He retired in 2002. Some critics said his work was becoming repetitious.

In 1999, he sold the rights to the YSL brand to Gucci for $70 million, retaining control of Sanofi Beaute.
Saint Laurent was born August 1, 1936, in Oran, Algeria. After winning first prize in the International Wool Secretariat contest for his asymetrical cocktail dress in 1954, he went to work for Dior.
Berge said the designer was intensely shy.
Like all creators, he had two faces -- a public face and a private face. The public face, everyone knows about it. And the private face, people know it less," Berge told the radio station.

"He was shy, introverted ... had very few friends. He was hiding from the world, and was seeing very few people."

Here- but only for those who posses a more or less good command of the French langauge is a great article about his vision....
And here a comment (also in French) about his death... which says is probably all :
".....le depart d'un tres grand
YSL etait probablement avec mr dior le plus grand des couturiers francais.l'elegence,la classe et le charme YSL.rien de plus beau.
bravo mr YSL,pour votre magnifique carriere...."

Some guys need to sort out their priorities....

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Last Thursday

Ahhhhhh okay, Filippo was missing today in the Italian History (of Society) course, but it was fun anyways! Well it was more or less 1,5 h of pure laughter. It started with me being late (like always, I do not recognise myself anymore! I used to be too early and now I am notoriously TOO LATE!!!!), and than we started shaking with Jana hehe, mainly because of Sir Shirt (= P.) haha. Well in this particular Course we talk about the Inquisition in Italy and about the church, which is maybe not the most interesting however also not the dullest thing on earth! Each single course two or one of us has to introduce his presentation to a topic. This time it was time for Monsieur Intellectualist et son ami! Monsieur I. is a guy , who spent like 7 years i
n Italy, and whose accent is so damn bad that even I feel embarrassed for him! Morevoerly he is just a darn nerd- one of the worst, he prefers to joke and flirt with our tutor and do jokes that are absolutely not funny (or maybe we, the average, thick students do not really get them?!)... anyways, he is out of this world, and Angelo ( smart, but egocentric and so much in love with himself that it hurts....)infected Jana, Me and Rou with his mad laughter... horrible :P.
Afterwards we had a blast with Jana (we walked through the Campus) about Sir Shirt- who was absent. Well while talking and laughing about him we suddenly...stumbled upon him!!! Ahhhh we were both so shocked, that we did not realize that he might had heard US!!!!Ahhhhhh I hope he did not...and surprise, surprise- he was standing in front of some faculty (no idea which one?!)- with Marco...HRRR HRRR... Marco is an Italian Exchange student, whose hotness is impossible to measure. It is good to know, he's still here. Well Mister Shirt ( aka Pinky) asked us about an Erasmus Party...well if Marco is there...why not?! I mean, looking at him is enough ;). We shall give it some hard time of thinking.... After leaving the hunks we wondered how mucho Shirty heard of our conversation (accidentally about him of course... blah!) and came up ( we are geniouses) with nicknames for him and my hunk... (Graf Para haha- word game from Paragraf... :P).
Next weekend's the Balkan-Bash, and I still do not know how to dance like they do?! Shirty tried to teach us, but it looks so riddiculous- I cannot believe anyone could dance LIKE THAT! Not even down there!

I wrote an Email to Eve yesterday. Today I got a notification from her mailbox- she is out of office- maternity stuff. I was so flabbergastred- I did not know that my cousin was preggers, not to talk about the fact she was back in Cameroon !!!!!!!!!!!! (If I got it right..). I should write Dee Dee one more time ....

Just came back from dinner, went out with Graf Para and unfortunately he also asked R. out (I could kill him for that)... I was slightly annoyed, and it was so damn difficult for me to hide it. When someone annoys me (and that happens indeed) I simply cannot do as though everything was fine- I try my best not to show how much someone annoys me (could hurt that person), but I am neither very kind towards the one....but today I tried my best, just because.... and than I had a special mission ( given my Graf Para and his buddy I guess...) so I had to get myself together.....
There is a party going on, one of the guys' sister (who is also the gf of another one here) celebrates her bday, and I should have been down there ages ago, but somehow I do not really feel like doing this, plus I had to do my Italiano Homework ... that reminds me of something really funny- usually when you move in a corporation house, you start to party (even ) more, drink like hell, you smoke and fail to study efficiently. In my case (Graf Para the same) the total opposite has happened : I drink less ( OH MY !), I party..okay not less, but smarter (?!) , I stopped smoking (just one cigarette from time to time) and I study more ( I have already filled my pensum in Norwegian- written more essays than the rest alltogether!). I am shocked- and so is the rest..since I seemed- according to them, like one who will drink every day ( I have a natural talent for that), party hard and forget university....either I am really growing up (help...) or it is someone's good influence on me... I have the impression its a mix of both these things?!

Oh and - not that I need it to boast around- certainly not- but my Norwegian Professor asked me to stay after classes, since she had to talk to me.. I was so scared.. ( you know, I also fear the worst)...well it turned out, that she gave me some good advice- concerning a different course, for what I am totally grateful (and Michi - I owe you something!), plus she asked me whether I had Norsk classes earlier , since I have- according to her- a sensational sense for languages. She liked my essays- telling me that, compared to those of the rest- they are outstanding. Believe me I was more than mildly surprised- I started the course this semester with a 2,5 week delay, and than THAT! She really made my day, and I am so happy she told me that- since this was another motivation-loaded ass-kick for me! Incredible! As though wings have grown out of my back :). I should go for it!
Be4 heading for my Italo Course today I went on a certain blog. And just because I hoped that the lady (since I sincerely doubt a guy could write such nonsense...after all gossip is generally a girlies domain)stopped her activity. Unfortunately she has not. Words just failed me all over again. But I was surprised to see an entry (in the comment's section) from Teija- a really nice one :). Well the rest is more or less- simply pitiable!
Okay, finishing now...I am just wondering whether Safin played (s) against his buddy Nikoshka today?! I forgot to look at the schedule / timetable. I am such a clumsy oaf! Anyways- Good luck....
I am done and out for now... maybe I should have at least one small cocktail... at least Graf Para's there.....
Ciao Ciao a tutti!

Okay Graf Para came upstairs to me :). It's these signs, that show me that he cares after all/ well I hope he does ..really! Anyways, he came upstairs and went straight into my room- and we talked a bit- well more or less made fun, and he made me jealous- I am jealous about him- he is such in love with one person! Any time you show him a pic of Ibrahimovic, I swear- you can see little hearts in his eyes :P .Than we had a brilliant idea, since we both felt the need to practise our English, we simply started to speak it med hverandre!Brillz!! It is so much fun, I tell you!
Well than he forced me downstairs- Gudi was already mucho mucho drunk, so it was fun! Calle sans Girlfriend was there, Flo, Jens ehm..ah Hermann (Gudi's BF, he is accidentally also in the co-operation)... well someone else...and luckily (heldigvis!!!!!!) R. was NOT!!!!! Graf mixed me a drink (you could not call it a drink by all means! It was vodka dyed with a tiny little bit of sirup and coconut butter!). Well I drank it, just because... than we played some game, and the person who lost a round, had to drink either a big shot
(= vodka), one bottle of beer or a drink mixed by Para ( =suicide!). Well guess who lost six times in a row?! Yeah... MOI!!! Well I must admitt that I was slightly tipsy :P. Well than Gu left her party (she was
like..half-dead), con Hermann, and the other guy also went somewhere- Paul went to bed (he was sleeping at the house this night, he was ...too drunk to walk long distances), so only Calle , Jens , Flo, der Graf and my modesty were left.. I was just praying and praying and praying for him to give up the (generally very much) boring conversations, so we could go upstairs. I could had done the start, but senza keys there was no sense. Than, suddenly he said he was going to bed. And since I am a good girl, I told the rest, that I should do the same, since I had to get up very early (LIE!) for university! Hehe I was by the way really tipsy and hardly managed to get undressed quickly.... (by the way- I discovered the next morning that I missed to put the left contact lense into the thingy, where the liquid was- so one lense was all dried out, and I faced a major problem, since I was sitting there on Friday a quarter to two- running late for Italiano- with one lense in my eye, and the second one- dried out as a roisin on the inner side of my hand- close to freak out.... well imagine, that it is actually a lie, that you should give up a dried out lense- such bullshiz- you simply gotta put it into the contact lense liquid for a few minutes- and its like NEW!!!! HA! I have learned a lesson for life one more time!). Anyways, we went to bed and I fell asleep really fast- alcohol makes me sleepy as it seems... :/
Well on Friday a little tragedy happened- we woke up like a few times in the morning but agreed democratically too continue sleeping..than suddenly at around eleven something in the morning he got up . I was just thinking to follow suit, but something made me to stay in bed. Well it's as simple as that- all of a sudden R. came into the room- seeing a scene like that..me in his bed- him not even fully dressed. Yes. Exactly like that.
Well just picture that he really still believes we did not hook up. Either he is blind or thicker as anyone I have ever met in my entire life. Of course it wasn't the nicest way to tell him, but I hoped it'll make it clear as the today's sky to him. But he still does not see nor understand it. Maybe one in-flagranti would do?! Though I am not really keen on that one! Well he even started to hit on me again- two hours later. Unbelievable.

I was running late (as written earlier ) and just wanted to say au revoir to Para, when he came up with a stupid saying (at the end when I was already on my way downstairs) like : Behave (im Original : Bleib anständig! ) with a warning sign. What a jerk! I am always behaving!!!! (oder etwa nicht?!).
I was late for Italiano, and everyone was laughing about me, the girls were asking (as always) in a choir about Digi digi, which caused the rest to laugh even wilder- they are umulig! :P. Everyone thinks now, that I was late because of THAT, though I did it on purpose ( hot outdoors, I was like- be as late as possible, so you get out of the class as fast as it gets). Smart solution, if there wasn't them laughing :P.
Went a la maison after the course and than packed, since I planned to spend the weekend in Rosdorf- hadn't seen Maika and Caro for ages. So it was high time! Oh man, everyone was still at home! I packed a few things together, put on a dress and left.
The weekend was cool, and it passed by so immensely quick! We emptied three bottles of white wine (Riesling, I am improving... I am getting ready pour Septembre :P ), and even succeeded to do a more or less tasty BBQ :P ( in that state it's like winning a gold OL Medal!). Arthur even came over, and today we were chilling on the terrace, baking ourselves under the sun ( I am broooooooown!), than had some food and back home . Well everything's goodie, Rudi just called me , and I managed to make him believe that I am gonna have absolutely NO TIME for the next year. Of course I'd like to go out with him- but as friends, and not as lovers-to-be! As long as he won't understand, I am not eager to meet up with him!
Than R. called me ( I was close to not answer it), inviting me for a movie, they (good sign, not alone) were watching, but again I was kind but bestemmt- I told him that I had to learn (well partly true), and once I finished doing my stuff I would probably join them. Dost!
Well my aunt (who lives close to Cracov - one of the most beautiful places on this planet by the way) told me to be pracautious. All in all it is indeed easier to share a flat, or in my case- a house with a bunch of guys, than with a girl (or even worse : a bunch of girls), but things may get complicated, once more than one of the guys show interest. I hate to say it, but she was so right. I will always be surrounded by problems and complicated situations, and there is absolutely no end in sight! Though for me it is an easy matter- I am into
my hunk- and no one else here!
It is already a quarter to ten, and I feel so exhausted (must be the incredible heat), I am listening to Jose Gonzalez, the ECH are due to start, and I have a very uneasy feeling in the stomache area. Okay I should start really...to learn..or something similar at least... Gonna listen one more time to "Heartbeats" and than off I am!
A Bientot! Grosses Bises!
P.S Heute ist KINDERTAG!!!!! No matter how old you are, du bleibst immer jemanden sein Kind :P Also : Happy Kindertag für UNS!