130nm off Clarence Heads

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 12.00

Position at 0600 hours 1/1/09
29:41:2 S
155:54:9 E
We have a 15 knot NE breeze.
Heading at 140 degrees.
We had winds of 20 knots during the night.

Seas calm with a slight gentle roll

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Position report at 1800 hrs 31/12/08
28:48:9 S
154:56:2 E
Heading 130 degrees
Winds 12 kt NE
Seas calm with a slight gentle roll.

Earlier in the day we had no wind and if there was a puff it was on the nose.
We have been motorsailing and not feeling like we are making much progress.

We are only slowly getting our appetites so have decided to celebrate New Years tomorrow night and pretend it is the real new year.

65 nm directly east off Fingal Heads

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At 630 hrs 31/12/08
Position 28.09.3 S
154.40.4 E
Puts us 65 nm directly east of Fingal Heads
We have less than 15 knots of wind from SE with a big SE swell.
We are heading at 100 degrees
We changed course during the night because of the wind change. During the night we had gusts to 30 knots but have covered 80 nm so have made good progress. Everyone pretty quiet and settling into a routine.

Cleared Customs and off into the Tasman

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 13.56

We left Bongaree early and motored across the bay to Scarborough. A beautiful morning with hardly a breath of wind.

Coast FM interviewed Mum and I over the phone, live on their breakfast show.
The alternator was not charging so Dad organised to have someone waiting for us at Scarborough, in the end it only needed a new fan belt. We cleared customs with the same guys that cleared me into Scarborough on ' SV Serranity' earlier in the year from Vanuatu.

We got away just on 11am into the NE breeze and beat into it all the way out of Moerton Bay.
Position at 1800 hrs
27.03.1 S
153.31.1 E
NE winds gusting to 25 knots, seas 1.5 metres to 2 metres.

The afternoon storm front passed behind us but we still got plenty of squalls.
We are all sitting in the cockpit and enjoying the more comfortable temperatures.

Everyone is pretty quiet after all the preparation and excitement of getting away, it will take us a few days to settle into the routine.
Next scheduled contact is for 6.30am 31/12/08.

Sailing out of Mooloolaba

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I’m off on ‘Magic Roundabout’ to NZ.
Magic Roundabout is the Oceanswatch 34ft Sweden that I sailed from Opua to Vanuatu last year.
It has arrived in Mooloolaba after a season of work in the islands and I’m taking it over to Whangarei with Jim and Ricky. Jim is technically the skipper for insurance purposes but I’ll be the practical skipper.
We left Mooloolaba this morning, Channel 7 met us there to see us off, Mum and I had a 5.30 am interview over the phone with Radio Kaitaia NZ, together with Chris Bone the CEO of Oceanswatch. So it’s all action!
We are sailing down to Bongaree, for the night and then clearing customs tomorrow morning at Scarborough. After that the Tasman.

We will be using a satellite phone to give position reports and trusty shore team Mum will publish short daily updates on my blogand will keep in touch with everyone.

Here's to fair winds!


My stomache collapses every now and then on Xmas...

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...when I am thinking about food alone, I feel slightly sick. My boyfriend told me, he feels the same way when picturing fish etc. I am so tired, it was a very intense few days, plus I forgot that all shops are closed today- meaning, my Mommy will have to buy me the coat I have been dreaming off for days. I just hope she picks the right one ;-).

Apart from that, spent Boxing Day with my Dad's family and than with Mommy, Darek, Neighbours, Uncle and Aunt and of course..my Hunk.
It was great!

Loads of (Christmas-)Love!

Merry Christmas!!!

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A very merry Christmas....

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 02.40

I wish you all a very merry Christmas.
Have a wonderful few days with your families
and beloved ones!

gëzuar Krishtlindja, sretan Božić, весела коледа, veselé Vánoce, glædelig jul, vrolijk Kerstfeest, gojan Kristnaskon, hyvää joulua, joyeux Noël, fröhliche Weihnachten, kala xristougenna, mele Kalikimaka, boldog Karácsonyt, gleðileg jól, buon Natale, seun-tan chu-ka-hae-yo, felix dies Nativitatis, priecīgus Ziemassvētkus, su Kaledoms, schéi Chrëschtdeeg, sreken Bozik, god jul, Wesołych Świąt, feliz Natal, baxtalo Krečuno, un Crăciun fericit, Срећан Божић, vesele vianoce, vesele božične praznike, god jul, Noeliniz kutlu olsun, Z Rizdvom Hrystovym, Nadolig llawen !!!!!

Thank You Jody for the GREAT Cut File

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 19.44

Jody P of the Cricut Message Board shared her lovely cut files for Gift Card holders. Her designs were inspired by something she saw in the December issue Paper Crafts Magazine, though I believe she expanded the idea as there are three designs in her cut files. I used Basic Grey Wassail Christmas paper (for TOBY), ribbon, pearl embellishments, and glaze stickles to make two of Jody's ornament design.

Thanks again Jody!! My family members should love these!!!

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Half dead, and half alive...

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 13.12

Was at the hair-dresser's, shopping, had my nails done, shopping,
doing some sightseeing, shopping, showing my Love around, shopping.
I am so much cheesed off. Even though I am on the verge of losing all my vital powers,
I am happy.
And I am gonna buy that creamy coat.
I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBTB Weekly Challenge - NA Presents

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It is a busy time of year for everyone, but a fun time of year too. Over at Bitten by the Bug, Regina is keeping the design team busy with weekly challenges. This week's challenge was to use the Presents cut from the New Arrival cartridge. I decided to merge my busy season and my challenge entry together. I made a 9" x 7" tag for my son's very large package. The package is 4 ft x 2.5 ft, so it needs a big bow and a big tag. I also used a printable stamp which I purchased and downloaded from the Cuting Cafe (http://reginascutterdesigns.blogspot.com/), and a 2" circle punch to pop out the to - from stamp. This gift tag is going to be perfect. I cannot wait for ds to open this gift... He is going to LOVE it!! And I do love making my children happy!!!

Speaking of being happy, please drop by the Bitten by the Bug blog (http://regina-bittenbythebug.blogspot.com/ ) and check out the projects and the contest that is currently underway. You could end up with some happy, happy prizes!!!

The next few days may be an especially busy time at each of our homes, so I would like to wish each reader a very Merry Christmas!

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Ich bin endlich in Polen....

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 13.07

Finally :). Managed to survive my voyage til Polen, mainly thanks to my Love! He is here with me, and you cannot imagine, how much that means to me! It makes me ptobably the happiest person on earth! We already once hit the town and had it cosy at home. Tomorrow we are again out and about in Wrocław-City, I want to show him a bit around.
As for now he shows incredible resistance- when it comes to my family.
Adorable :P.

I am so much lookign forward to the 23rd.
- Time for a new cut!


First exam done! ;-)

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 03.13

Done, done , done! It was so freakin' difficult. But the relief you sense afterwards is simply priceless. I am so glad. Now I can really concentrate on getting ready for my voyage! I have to buy a few things, do the laundry (ahhhhh good that I reminded myself, I have to put the dryer on!!!ta!).
Okay I am back. It's done.

I will have to sit a second exam in this very subject, but this time I want to do it really properly. And because of that I decided to write everything down, so I can directly start learning.
I hope I keep to that...

I still have to:
- buy some presents
- buy a new bag (for luggage, my old one's dead)
- do laundry
- get all my university stuff together
- write a few profs' an e-mail
- make a list of things to take with me ;)

Okay back to imperare !

Rapping and Wrapping and Tags, OH MY!

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 18.23

Thanks Shirley at http://www.paperscissorsinc.com/!! I used Shirley's tag cut file and made THE CUTEST package tags!!! Between Regina's Cutting Cafe and Shirley's tag cut file, I am all set with tags for our Christmas packages! Now I just need to finish wrapping..... (I usually make a rap music joke at this point [RAPPING vs wrapping], including rhythm sounds, at which point my son groans and rolls his eyes. It's so fun being nerdy enough to bug the household teenager)!!

Anyway, are not these the cutest tags that Shirley designed?? I think they are adorable.
Thanks Shirley.

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I had a dream....

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... I dreamt about my dog. I was standing on some path and Snoopy was running towards me. All I thought in that moment was, Thanks God, he is still so lively and healthy. Even though he seemed so happy it was a sad dream. I suppose because this will never happen again. It wasn't easy to get up after such a dream :(.


Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 06.01

Did you hear about the new Russian Party called "Solidarnost"?!? I guess every single Polish citizen heard the bells ringing :), at least I did. Chairman is naturalmente Garri Kasparov (who else?!), who also organised an inauguration last Saturday. Or he tried, since the rally was denied by Russian police (....) . Actually none really arrived at the meeting place, since police detained more than 90 people on their ways there, and the rest was simply scared away.
I have always appreciated and respected people like Kasparov ( people may know him as from former times, when he used to be the world's best chess player) and Limanov ( he is the founder of another opposition party), who have been fighting a war beyond recovery against the Russian juggernaut. Their determination is worth admiring!
I am sitting my first exam tomorrow, and decided to start learning for it. I suppose getting hold of the right part of the stick could be of advantage. This T
hursday I am heading home with my Boyfriend, who was waiting for two weeks or more for me to ask him, if he wanted to join me. I am an idiot indeed. I felt so sorry when he told me that ;o . We just bought the tickets ( "regards" to the German Railways for the loss of reality they are suffering from... I am asking myself, how an average citizen is supposed to cover THESE costs?!).

Last weekend we were busy, since my boyfriend's corporation held their annual christmas meeting (in German it's called "Weihnachtskneipe"). At such an event all the older members are coming and they're celebrating xmas by....drinking incredible amounts of beer. 3 days long. Even though I once considered myself as a strong drinker (auf gut Deutsch- Kampsaeufer), this still gives me the creeps (though I am more or less getting used to it). Anyaways, we have survived it and now I am off, listening to Tracy Chapman ("Talking about a revolution" - amazing song!) and STUDYING! (devo imperare!).
Warm hugs (it's the 15th already!).


Ta-da!! More Printable Stamps and Holiday Fun!!

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 18.24

Happy Saturday everyone! You know how I love Saturday: PJ's as long as I want, coffee and breakfast with my hubby (M-F our schedules are off by an hour), a movie or two with my guys, and lots of scrapping!

Today I had this big plan - bake Christmas cookies all day! Well instead THAT became tomorrow's big plan!!! That's right, I did not bake one cookie today. Yikes.

I did, however, take a few photos of my printable stamp projects. Remember the not-yet-photographed tags from yesterday? Yep, they're here. And, one of Regina's AWESOME printable stamps that I make into cards for my neighbors! Joy to the World. Who doesn't love that. I know I do.

I hope your Saturday was more productive than mine... though I bet I am more rested than you!!!

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Fun with Printable Stamps

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 20.34

Recently, as I have broadened my stamping fun, I have purchased several sets of printable stamps. Two of my favorites are from THE CUTTING CAFE (http://reginascutterdesigns.blogspot.com/). I used the Cafe's printable stamps and made some awesome package tags. I decided that it was silly to purchase package tags when I have a zillion scraps and the printable stamps. The tags turned out so cute! But where are the photos you ask? My faithful camera let me down. Well, technically, the batteries let me down. It died while photographing the following cards.

As many of you know from an earlier post, I made most of my Christmas cards this year. I will confess that we had a cute family photo and I did have two dozen photo cards made also. But back to my point. Having made so many cards to mail, this afternoon I decided I needed something fun and cute for the amazing women with whom I work. I used my Pink Petticoat printable stamps (which are similar to Bella rubber stamps, only larger - http://www.pinkpetticoat.co.uk/) and made varying versions of these adorable cards.

Now, sadly, I must go and clean my scrap room.... What a mess!!!!

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Bitten by the Bug Birthday Girl

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 06.10

Regina thought it might be nice to take a time out from all of the holiday hoopla so this weeks challenge was to use the BIRTHDAY GIRL cut from the Cricut Storybook cartridge. I used one of my Stamping Bella stamps along with the Birthday Girl cut to create a Happy 21st Birthday card. The other projects for the week can be viewed at http://regina-bittenbythebug.blogspot.com/ You can check out the variety of Bella stamps (because Bella has A LOT going on) at http://www.stampingbella.com/index.php

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When my Mom goes into town...

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 13.07

...she meets people, the Dalai Lama for instance. Yesterday, some time after midday.
My Mommy's on a shopping spree in the very city centre.
And who crosses her way?!
The Dalai Lama, who just had had lunch in Wrocław.
She waved at him, and he waved back.
This is plain mad!

Whom did I meet?!
My annoyed professors...

Yaaaaawn...Yaaaaaawny Yawn

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 06.00

and Impressive

I am on the verge of passing out. Climate change does indeed affect me. And do not tell me I am t
alking / writing nonsense . It's the truth. I have been feeling dizzy and weak for three days at least. And my head aches. Usually I do not have them. It doesn't even feel like winter outdoors, but a thing between autumn and spring, with some cold breezes from time to time.
Sitting in our studying room, reading Oscar Wilde's "Lady Windermere's Fan" for Literature classes. I most honestly admitt, that I was quite annoyed at the beginning (or with the vision of reading it), but I must say it is indeed a very good play. I have never been much into Wilde, had once a liasion with "The Picture of Dorian Grey" and that's it.
I guess I am even gonna read the whole play at once, and not only the first act we had set as homework. Than I am gonna read some...many pages in my Norwegian Course Book, which is the best I ever had (even compared to other languages). It is simply interesting. It tells you everything about Norway, the Society, History, Geography, Politics etc. That kind of book really does attract me! I used to put away my course books, since they were dull and I prefered to learn on an individual line. Wasn't bad, but it did not always cover the material the teacher wanted us to do. Egal.
And there is no end in sight. I have to write two papers for one Course! One for the lecture- around five pages (possible to mae it) and the second one- about 20 pages (!). Hello there, I am a Bachelor Student, and NOT writing my Seminar Thesis! Both topics are more or less dull. Though the second one (luckily), the 20-pages-monster is about Africa, marked as the "black" continent, left alone and about journalism. I opted to write about the massacre in Srebrenica, since I already had the complete list in my head (books and articles) or about Chechenya. But since we have to do it in groups, and no one was eager to join my ambitious plans, I was left alone and had to join the Africans :(. Not that I am not into it- I am ! But I am so much interested in the Balkans and Chechenya, I guess my papers could be far better! Well next time I s'pose!
Watched a fantastic movie on Friday when being with my Lurve at his parents' house. It was Norwegian, in German "Die Tote am See". It reminded me at once that in my Videothek des Vertrauens ( you simply can't translate that into English, so it makes sense- it's simply my fave place to borrow dvd's), there must still be at least 5 Wallander movies I haven't seen. So I went there yesterday and took home the only movie I had already seen.

This is so much me.

Today is a new try.
But first I am gonna finish my homework.
Loads of hugs!

I am gonna try out to bake Finnish bun's- they are called "Pulla" and there is hardly anything as tasty!

Tree Trimmin' Time.... O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree....

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 18.30

So here it is Tuesday night and I am FINALLY sharing my weekly project from the Bitten by the Bug blogspot (http://regina-bittenbythebug.blogspot.com/). We were challenged with using the Christmas Tree Box from the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge. I was especially excited about this challenge as I had just purchased TBBM and had not yet played with the features.

For my tree box I used SEI paper embellished with the bow and snow flake cuts from Joys of the Season. I also embellished the red berry print on the paper with gemstone bling!

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Competition, Latest and Time line

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 20.11

After receiving hundreds of emails about fellow sailors Zac Sunderland and Mike Perham. I thought I’d take the time to explain where I stand and of course how I feel about all this competition! Firstly Zac’s record is different to mine, as he’s been making stops and I plan to complete my voyage non-stop. Mike Perham, sailing an Open 50, departed on his voyage only a few weeks ago and doesn’t plan to stop, if all goes to plan we’ll both finish our voyages at something close to the same age. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one with such a big and possibly crazy ambition. Both Mike and Zac are great inspiration and it will be great to add a female name to the never-ending list of young male solo sailors.
Well this is it, with school finished for the year, its time to throw my energy into pulling together sponsorship for the voyage, Although I’ve only had turn downs at this point some of my responses have been very positive. The last week has been distracting as I have been away in Brisbane sailing as crew on a 23ft SB3 in the Sail Brisbane Regatta, as always it wasn’t till the last day of racing we finally managed to pull it together and start doing ok.

Caught on camera without the kite in the water!

As for an update on the time line, everything is going to plan and departure is still set for late next year in-between now and then there is sponsorship, a boat and setting the record as youngest to cross the Tasman solo to work on.

Lastly I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who has been offering support and encouragement.


Youngestround Website Up and Running

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 15.47

Just a quick post to announce that thanks to the team at Red Lid Advertising and Design the project website is up and running, the address is www.youngestround.com and a link to the site can be found on the right. The site looks amazing and is already moving up through the google ratings


Den førsten .....

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 11.09

Today is the first of December, most importantly my dog's birthday. He would had turned 12 today. Twelve years. But he won't. He won't ever turn 13 or 14 or even 15 years old. My Love lit a candle for him. I am so sad. I miss him, more and more with every day that passes by. I am thinking so very often about Snoopy. People do not understand. They just don't see it. And I can't make out, why people think so. Even now, writing I am crying, because I feel such pain in my heart. I spent 11 wonderful years with him. I know nothing lasts forever, but this is something I still cannot accept.