New Food Bag, New Chart and Last Orange

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Pic: Working away at the nav station, my favorite place to sit!
Well that's it, the last of my fresh fruit. I've just been savoring my last orange and I'm sure going to miss fresh fruit! And on the subject of food today I pulled out my first new food bag. A food bag lasts 14 days. It feels like a bit of a milestone and I'm looking forward to dinner tonight because I get first pick of meals. By the end of the week all the good stuff will be gone and I'll be back to eating all my second favorites.

Progress has been a little slower today with the wind dropping right out to pretty much nothing for a while last night, then coming round on to Pink Lady's nose this morning. But we're still eating away at the miles and getting very close to the edge of the chart. So I pulled out a new chart and spent the afternoon looking over it studying up on areas we're sailing into. It feels
like we're really getting into unfamiliar waters now, I've never sailed this far east before so it's all new and exciting stuff from here.

I'm a bit annoyed with myself at the moment after thinking it was calm enough to open a hatch and being quickly shown otherwise by a wave breaking over the deck and pouring right into the cabin. There's some wet salty clothing hanging up, but it’s all drying quickly now.

Also, sorry about the delay in getting a tracking map up, but the team will have something on the website for you all next week to follow.

Alright I'm going to sign off now because I'm off to do something brave, daring and possibly a little reckless. I'm going to open the bag labeled 'School Work'. OK, so maybe I'm being a bit of a drama queen, but wish me luck on this one!

Hope everyone's having good weekends.


What the HALOWEEN!! =.="

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What the Halloween tonight.

tonight wont be a SILENT night.

keep got peoples knock door.


they seems like wanna TAKE OFF the door.

but the kids are really cute :D

they paint over their face.

some more,

their parents also follow.

me and papa just give some chocolate for them.

(of course the cheap and nice one)

i'm not giving anyone the chocolate that dai yee bring back

from England, Turkey and Ireland

That's it :)

me and bug bunny Lol! *VAIN*

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Claire is here :D

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Claire is here, Lol :D
today got nothing special happened.

but today i first time eat ...
raw salmon ...
not a dish ...
but is a sandwitch that dai yee make one..
cucumber, bread and raw salmon...
(feel so ... *OMGGGGG*)

i don't like raw things..
really, i DON't LIKE!
but nevermind..
this is a nice try.
but a good thing is..
the salmon like very fresh..
(sure fresh la, raw one leh! GONG(hokkien))

i think i need to start revision for..
economics, marketing, intercultural studies and academic skills
(do homework.. Lols)
and make notes, maybe?
no worries,
i'm not giving myself stress and pressure :)

forgive me,
if you know me well.
you should know that i always laugh and
siao siao =________________________=!!!

83 days of blogging.
132 days been in AUSTRALIA.
(18days moer i come here for 5 months d~ i still ALIVE!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~)

Count Down :
29 days more to my 18th BIRTHDAYY!
102 days more then i can go back Penang!!
(Less than 4 months!Penang I'm COMING!!! ╭(╯3╰)╮)

Flying Along and Power

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Still overcast with a pretty bouncy sea out here but we're loving it and making some really good progress. I'm missing the sunshine a little but all the different shades of grey make for a pretty picture too. Looks like we're going to be on this course for a few days yet, with a steady wind slowlycoming around to the south east. Plenty of empty ocean in front of us for now before we start getting in among a few of the islands and reefs off the bottom of Fiji and Samoa.

Life on board is really pretty simple with all the little things filling up the day, but when the sea is up a little, then even the simplest task becomes an adventure. But the little things are keeping me more than happy. Food, talking with everyone back home, plotting our position to see how far we've come each day, music and standing behind the dodger watching the sun go down have become the highlights. Sure I'm missing everyone back in Australia a little, but mostly I'm having the time of my life out here! Bring on the next challenge!My sleep patterns are becoming a little strange as we keep going east and in to new time zones. I've got four different clocks all on different times zones, just to confuse myself! I've been sleeping less and less at night and more in the mornings and eating when I feel like it. Maybe I should call it Pink Lady time because it really is like we're off in our own little world. Well that is apart from all you guys who are out here with me!Anyway thought I'd finally get round to explaining the power systems on Ella's Pink Lady. Power is pretty important stuff because it runs the satphones, HF radio, computer, navigation equipment and possibly most importantly thestereo! But saying that we've also got to be able to survive without it all.If there was ever a power problem and when it comes down to it, all we really need is some wind (preferably 15knots behind us with sunshine lol). Hopefully it never comes to it but I've got sextant on board and know how to use it just in case.

First off we've got four 80 A/Hr gel batteries and another for starting the engine, I find that I'm almost constantly checking to see how full they are and how much power is coming in and out. Then for charging the batteries we've got two 80Watt solar panels, a 60Watt solar panel and a Rutland windgenerator. The solar panels give me plenty of power when the sun’s shining and the wind generator constantly works away trickling in a little power. Then for the days when the sun is not shining and the wind is down and I've been playing the stereo too loud, I can run the little Yanmar engine (out of gear!) to give the batteries a little extra boost. So far everything's been working great, probably thanks to Neil the electrician who completely rewired Ella's Pink Lady.

So it's pretty cool to be completely self sufficient, just think how great it would be if everyone used and produced there own power? Sorry if I all that got a little boring and technical but lots of people have been curious about the power!I'm off to go pull a reef out (pull some more sail up) as the wind is just dropping off a little and I should probably turn the computer off because we are a little low on power today with all the cloud around.


Thank You Jessica - For the Blog Award

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I received this cute award from Jessica.  But you know, there are ALWAYS strings with a blog award.  I have to answer a series of questions, and then post them here.  I also get to share this award with five other blog owners.

So here goes:

1. Where is your cell phone? In my purse..

2. Your hair? Used to be another color…

3. Your mother? Sylvia is learning to use her cricut.

4. Your father? No longer living.

5. Your favorite food? Chicken picatta with capers!!!! Mmmmmm

6. Your dream last night? Had my hubby and kids in it.

7. Your favorite drink? Iced tea & good wine.

8. Your dream/goal? A month in France….

9. What room are you in? Scrap Room.

10. Your hobby? Scrapbooking .

11. Your fear? Failure.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here!

13. Where were you last night? Having dinner with Doug.

14. Something that you aren't? Shrewish & mean.

15. Muffins? Vanilla Raspberry from New Moon!!

16. Wish list item? Scrap storage cabinets.

17. Where did you grow up? Southeast Michigan.

18. Last thing you did? Cleaned the kitchen.

19. What are you wearing? Sleep pants and a tee.

20. Your TV? Is off.

21. Your Pet? Duncan the sweet Pomeranian boy.

22. Friends? YES - Kathy, Peggy, Suzanne, Andrea, Pat, Beth, Sally (!), Ruth, Debbie, Toby, Mary, ….

23. Your life? Is really quite nice.

24. Your mood? Peaceful.

25. Missing Someone? Aaron, Bethany, & Ian.

27. Something your not wearing? Socks & shoes.

28. Your favorite store? Only one favorite – PLEAZZZE!

29. Your favorite color? Pink.

30. When was the last time you laughed? 1 hour ago.

31. Last time you cried? ?????? Can’t recall.

32. Your best friend? Oh no… not going to hurt feelings….

33. One place that I go to over and over? Hobby Lobby.

34. Facebook? Yep, but not as faithful as I could be.

35. Favorite place to eat? Paris???

And the five blogs with which I plan to share:




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Tired sia today :(

today morning the train did'nt been to SouthBank..
cause there's a train go into the wrong way..
then my train just straight away go to Roma Street railway station.
Roma street train station looks nice!
it have 8 Platform.!
means can have 8 train in the same time.
4 in same direction,
and the other 4 in the other direction!
there have escalator!
looks so nice and huge!

okay, come back my story.
then i get down the train at Platform 7.
and i go to the Platform 4 to get train back to SouthBank.
and i reached uni at 8.30am zhun zhun XD"

today first 2 hours my class is in 4.06/4.07.
WTH i want to say is..
academic skills class is F*cking huge.
today got 41 person include me in the class =__=!
i feel like..

sumore the class is super boring..
keep teaching the same things as i learned in Communication Skills I..
the academic class sibei many those CHINA people.
kana tulan.
noisy like WTH -.-

the first two hours lecture is Erin Barclay.
she keep saying those TurnItIn.. ProQuest..
searching skills. etc etc.
walao eh,
QIBT really suck money one keep teach same things =.=
then i at the back drawing with Cecilia.
luckily we two choose the same class if not im going to sleep all the way.

i starving sia -.-

then the last 2 hours is Christine Eckert class.
(she is my Communication Skills I lecture)
she so EXCITED when saw me..
keep say "Claire, you're the GREAT student"
make all those diploma student keep staring at me -.-
she also suck money sia.

keep teaching In Text-citation, Reference list, summary. etc etc
sumore keep "Claire, what's your answer"
walao eh,
luckily my marks not fake one lo.
(i know answer all)
but then those CHINA PEOPLES keep look at me -.-"
i feeling like
"you all kana beh yong, so easy nia XD"!"
not i chuen,
but i really do hate CHINA people (most okay. not all XD")

then after class i accomp Yvonne been to m28 cafe makan
cause tomorrow she is going back to Sabah, Malaysia.
then when Feb come back she's going to study in QUT le T.T

after makan the lunch.
when i reach home d time ady 4pm
and i online, bath then go to SLEEP!
sleep from 5.30+ until 9.30+ ~"~

now feel like i'm a AH MA.
whole body bone pain
and my eyes red like rabbit.
looks like zombie liaos =.=
gonna sleep again -.- (PIG SIA!!!!) @@

82 days of blogging.
131 days been in AUSTRALIA.
(19days moer i come here for 5 months d~ i still ALIVE!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~)

Count Down :
30 days more to my 18th BIRTHDAYY!
103 days more then i can go back Penang!!
(Less than 4 months!Penang I'm COMING!!! ╭(╯3╰)╮)

Ashley Tisdale Long Blonde Highlights

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Ashley Tisdale may be a natural brunette, but i think the blonde highlight style fits her beauty and bubbly personality perfectly.

Checkout these photos of her fabulous hairstyle.

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Happy Friday everyone! Today is my oldest daughter's birthday! Happy Birthday Nicki! I love you so much and we're so proud of the beautiful woman you've turned out to be! Hope you have the best birthday ever!! I fell in love with this adorable image of Cinderella by Mo Manning when I first saw her on Pam's blog, and had to immediately purchase her! Nicki is such a hard little worker, and I just thought it would be too cute to make a birthday card for her with Cinderella! I even cased the sentiment from Pam too! Thanks Pam!! :) She's colored with my copic markers. The tag, scalloped circle set, and scalloped frame for the stamped image were all cut with the Cricut Expression using the Storybook cartridge and Tage, Bags, Boxes, and more cartridge. The inside says "may all your birthday dreams and wishes come true".

This next adorable card is a new mitten shaped card that is available at The Cutting Cafe'. I just think this is the cutest mitten card ever!! And it even comes with an envelope template that is the perfect size for the card! I used Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses which I got from Hallmark Scrapbook, and cut the card with my Pazzle Inspiration. The word circle is also from The Cutting Cafe' from a set called Christmas Circle Set 2. I just cut it out using circle Nestabilities. The snowflake on the inside was cut from the Winter Woodland cartridge.

That's it for today ladies! Hope you've enjoyed the cards and have a wonderful Friday! HUGS!!

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Freebie digi image from Fresh Brewed Designs if you hurry!!!

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My friend Heather, owner of Fresh Brewed Designs is giving away a freebie digi image if you hurry before she takes it down! It's an image of Mr Corn and I love it! Be sure you head over there and take advantage of her generosity, and please don't forget to leave her some love on her blog! Her digi images are adorable! Click HERE to get it!

Thanks and hugs!!!


Will talk on international terrorism on October 31 when George W Bush comes to Delhi

At a conference in Delhi on October 31, Kareena Kapoor and beau Saif Ali Khan will share the platform with former US president George W Bush. The couple intends to broach the subject of international terrorism, which is also the theme of their ready-to-release film Kurbaan.

While Saif is preparing his points for the big day, Kareena will go with the flow at her meeting with Bush. "I'm a very spontaneous person. It's like that with my acting. It would be like that when I meet Mr Bush. Jo dil mein hai woh bolungi."

This is the first time that Kareena will be addressing an international summit. But she isn't the least bit nervous.

"By now I've gained enough confidence to be able to speak at such summits with some amount of confidence.

Nowadays, you can't afford to have your head buried in the sand. You have to know what's happening in the world around you." Kareena admits Saif is a better talker. "In fact, I've learnt a lot of new words from him. But even otherwise I think I speak quite well."

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Ajab Prem: Katrina and Ranbir

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Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor walked the ramp at the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week in New Delhi for designer Rohit Bal.

Katrina is going all out to promote the film with Ranbir, and she isn’t very keen on promoting De Dana Dan, her other film with Akshay. She has been frank about the fact that she did the movie because Akshay requested her to be part of it and she cannot say no to him.

The Brit-Indian likes spending time with Ranbir during the promotions and has said that she likes him because they connect with each other and he is her age. Now which ‘old actor’ is she making a dig at?

Like most other co-stars, they sing praises of each other. Katz recently said in an interview, “Ranbir is a very cool, chilled-out guy and a terrific actor, who helped me in my scenes. He is pretty different from my other co-stars, and I connect with him.”

Meanwhile, Katrina refused to walk the ramp with Gudda’s original munda and opted for Ranbir instead. We are referring to Katz’s Rajneeti co-star Arjun Rampal (Rohit Bal’s prodigy), who had requested her to walk the ramp with him at the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week but she turned him down in favour of Ranbir. Katz fancies Ranbir and, like a love-struck teenage girl, she is making it quite obvious. In the film, Katz’s character Jennifer doesn’t care much for Prem, but she is making up for it in real life. The two make a good-looking pair and have great chemistry.

If Katz has the hots for Ranbir, it is obvious that there are cracks in the Ranbir-Deepika relationship. Deepika hasn’t taken very kindly to Ranbir’s friendship with Katz and their hectic schedules have affected their relationship.

Sources inform us that the Salman-Katrina relationship is over though they both are very good friends. That is why Katrina was seen hanging out with Karan Johar at the GQ Awards and Pinky Roshan’s party. She was also chatting with SRK at the birthday party.

It will be interesting to see how this ajab prem ki ghajab kahani progresses. Is the romance just a publicity stunt or is something actually brewing between the two hotties?

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London Dreams vs. Aladin

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Two big budget films are releasing this weekend. Whose wish to be successful will come true? Celebrity astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi helps us decode the answers.

“The title LONDON DREAMS adds up to Number 41 (5) – the symbol of this number is controlled power and success. So, going by this description, it seems the film would sail safely,” predicts Bhavikk.

He continues, “Of the cast, Salman is in his 44th year and the title, adding up to Number 5, does not really work in his favour. He might receive extreme reactions for his work. Like the year 2009, Ajay is also a Number 2 person, but he being in his 41st year will receive mixed reactions too. On the other hand, Asin also has just entered her 25th year (26th October, 1985), which is not great news either.”

“It seems the film’s run may be short-lived, but it will not be a losing venture,” is Bhavikk’s last word on London Dreams.

“The title ALADIN adds up to Number 15 (6) – this octave of Number 6 is fine, but does not support Number 4 and Number 8 people. The title role is being played by Riteish Deshmukh, who was born on December 17 – that makes him a Number 8 person. So, the vibration of the title does not go in sync with its main lead. And that’s bad news,” predicts Bhavikk.

He continues “Even Mr. Bachchan is a Libran partially ruled by Number 8 ( Saturn ) and hence, his role and enactment may also come under fire. Even otherwise, the year 2009 does not support people, things or work associated with Number 8. So, the chances are still bleak.”

Bhavikk concludes, “It seems Bollywood will have to churn out some more ideas from its dream factory to ‘fantasize’ the audiences. Unfortunately, Aladin isn’t the winning idea!”

The London Dreams cast is no less than neck-deep in promoting the film, though only Friday will tell if it has been able to entice crowds. London Dreams has a Dubai premiere, and Aladin could have done the same, but chose to stay put on home ground, perhaps because it has a more 'Indian dream' of conquering the nation's box office, unlike London Dreams, which has international aspirations.

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In Pics: Katrina Kaif promote Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani in NDTV

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Wills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 Images

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Wills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 ImagesWills India Fashion Week 2010 Images

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