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Hi friends!! The first winner didn't claim the prize before 9pm tonight, so that means I pull a new winner! Here we go... The new winner of the $20.00 GC to Magnolia-licious is...........................

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The Dog of Peace

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Back in 1961, Pablo Picasso drew this iconic image, “The Dove of Peace”:

Pablo Picasso: The Dove of Peace

Fifty years later the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, creator of the infamous Modoggies, has made his own contribution to the cause of world peace by drawing another peace-loving animal, “The Dog of Peace”:

Lars Vilks: The Dog of Peace (small)
(Click to enlarge)

The occasion for this latest work is today’s announcement that Mr. Vilks has been nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. The drawing above is his depiction of the Peace Dog with Picasso’s olive branch, standing outside the Rådhus in Oslo, ready to receive the prize.

Below is a news report on this historic occasion from UPA:

Lars Vilks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

By Oleg Shabazz Eriksson
Staff Writer, Universal Press Association

Oslo, 1 April 2011 (UPA) — The Ladonia-based Lars Vilks Defense Offense Committee circulated a release today stating that the beleaguered Swedish artist had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Since he first published his drawings of “The Prophet as a Roundabout Dog” in 2007, Mr. Vilks has been repeatedly harassed, threatened, and assaulted. He has also been the target of an assassination conspiracy that included the infamous “Jihad Jane” as one of its alleged conspirators. Despite all these hardships, he has remained dedicated to the cause.

“The basis for Lars Vilks’ Nobel nomination has been his remarkable success in furthering the causes of peace and human rights,” stated the release from his support group.

According to the website for the five-member Nobel Peace Prize Committee, which is located in Oslo, Norway, their letters of nomination, names of nominees, and other information about nominations cannot be revealed to the public for 50 years. The committee reportedly sends out 1,000 letters each year inviting qualified people to submit their nominations.

“Even though the nominations are not revealed, we have it upon good authority that Lars was nominated this year,” his cousin and chairperson of the LV-DOC, Tamika Lateef Carlsson, told UPA.

The Nobel committee will cut their list to 10 names later this month, and will announce the winner in mid-October. Ms. Carlsson said they have not been told if Mr. Vilks has made it to the short-list. “We’ve never been able to find that out,” she said.

A 2010 letter to the Norwegian Institute from a former member of the Ladonian Parliament, Osvald Lagerhus, has surfaced on the Ladonian Independence Movement (LIM) website in support of the artist’s nomination: “The Nobel Peace Prize in my view is the only key that can fit the lock to rehabilitate Lars Vilks. All the aboriginal artists of Ladonia await his elevation.”

The LIM website mentions several projects that Mr. Vilks has worked on since going into seclusion nearly four years ago, such as playing a role in getting people from different genders and species to come together as he advocates for peaceful resolution of all artistic issues.

It is also estimated that Mr. Vilks has raised millions for charities through sales of his art work.

In his 2009 manifesto “Writings from Ladonia: My Life is my Lawn Chair,” Mr. Vilks states: “We are all in this together — the rich, the poor, the dogs, the pigs, the Red, the White, the Pink, the Green, and the Purple. I believe in the good of all animal kind.”

For previous posts on Lars Vilks and the Roundabout Dogs, see the Modoggie Archives.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/31/2011

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/31/2011Bashar Al Assad, the celebrated (by Hillary Clinton) “reformer” of Syria, has decided not do any reforming after all, at least not yet. He declined to rescind the country’s state of emergency, and his security forces are continuing their violent suppression of street demonstrations against the regime.

Meanwhile, the rebels in Libya are retreating from an offensive by forces loyal to Col. Moamar Qadafi, who have retaken several cities in the last two days. Reports from Tripoli say that a NATO bomb attack killed at least 40 civilians.

In other news, U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump says the world has a Muslim problem.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

Thanks to AC, C. Cantoni, Fjordman, Gaia, Insubria, JD, Nilk, Paul Green, Steen, Takuan Seiyo, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

Commenters are advised to leave their comments at this post (rather than with the news articles) so that they are more easily accessible.

Caveat: Articles in the news feed are posted “as is”. Gates of Vienna cannot vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of the contents of any individual item posted here. We check each entry to make sure it is relatively interesting, not patently offensive, and at least superficially plausible. The link to the original is included with each item’s title. Further research and verification are left to the reader.

Lighting Out for Lampedusa

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Lampedusa: boatload of refugees

I posted last weekend about the ongoing refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, which was triggered by the recent upheavals and rebellions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

The brunt of the exodus from the Maghreb is being borne by Italy, with most of the migration flow landing on the shores of Lampedusa, and, to a lesser extent, Sicily.

Lampedusa map

According to AGI, at least 423,000 people have fled from Libya since the uprising began, with 20,000 more departing every day. The majority of these refugees end up in Egypt or Tunisia, and most of the rest escape to adjacent countries south of the Sahara. However, an estimated 2,000 have crossed the Mediterranean to Malta and Lampedusa.

The new wave of migrants from Libya can only be expected to increase. The Libyans are being added to an already overwhelming refugee crisis on the island of Lampedusa, where 6,000 to 10,000 refugees have accumulated in the last several weeks, arriving too suddenly to be processed quickly and shipped off to other parts of Italy.

The situation on Lampedusa has become so grave that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi felt compelled to visit the island and reassure the residents that the crisis would be addressed promptly, and that most of the refugees would be removed within two to five days. Sure enough, 1,700 Tunisians were carried by boat today from Lampedusa to Manduria. Additional batches of Tunisians will reportedly be relocated to the refugee camp at Ventimiglia, near the border with France. Migrants held at the Ventimiglia camp routinely escape and attempt to cross into France.

Mr. Berlusconi has complained to the Tunisian government that escaped Tunisian prisoners are among the arrivals at Lampedusa, posing as refugees.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Up until now, Italy has faced the refugee crisis virtually alone. France turns back any refugees that attempt to cross the border, and has warned the Italians not to prevent them from returning to Italy. The EU has repeatedly promised financial help, but says it can do little else. According to the EU’s immigration affairs chief, Cecilia Malmstrom, the EU wants its member states to help, but cannot compel them:

(AGI) Brussels - EU member states must step up efforts to help Italy cope with the immigration emergency. The EU’s immigration affairs chief, Cecilia Malmstrom, said that the EU countries must step up efforts to help Italy cope with the massive influx of migrants who have fled unrest in North Africa. “EU states want to show solidarity, then they have to make this solidarity a reality “ Malmstrom said. Then, she added: “The European Commission can only encourage them. It cannot force states to take in people”.

Remember: this is the European Union we’re talking about — a huge authoritarian bureaucracy that assigns the size of doughnut holes and the density of cheeses. It can force its member states to restrict the height of signage, but it can’t force them to accept refugees…?

Funnily enough, however, it can force them not to turn away migrants, as Brussels has repeatedly reminded Italy. It can also mandate in exact detail how the refugees are to be treated.

Today Ms. Malmstrom promised new talks and more “help”, but this is all that Italy can expect for the foreseeable future. The Italians are unhappy with the situation, and have responded by daring to mention the “R” word — repatriation:

(ANSAmed) - ROME, MARCH 31 - The migrants who have arrived in Italy “must be repatriated to Tunisia or distributed among other European countries,” said Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on the eve of a cabinet meeting on the emergency situation as concerns immigration.

The head of Italy’s foreign office underscored the “scandalous” nature of the lack of solidarity shown by European countries, including those to which many Tunisians would like to go. A lack of solidarity shown by, “to begin with France,” a country to which the minister yesterday accused of rejecting Tunisians and sending them back to Italy at the Ventimiglia border crossing.

Mr. Frattini is at pains to emphasize that despite the EU’s human rights laws, the proposed repatriations will be forced:

(ANSA) - Rome, March 31 - Thousands of Tunisian migrants who have landed in Italy following unrest in North Africa may be forcibly repatriated unless the burden of hosting them is shared with other European nations, the Italian government said Thursday.

“They must be repatriated or distributed around other European countries,” Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said in a telephone interview with a TV show following the arrival of around 20,000 mostly Tunisians this year.

He added that the hypothesis of “forced repatriation is an extreme measure but it cannot be excluded”. The minister then repeated his criticism of the “flagrant” lack of solidarity Italy’s European neighbours had displayed in failing to help with the migrant crisis in a significant way, “starting with France” after it blocked thousands of Tunisian migrants at the French-Italian border.

And the destinations for the relocated migrants are causing internal political problems in Italy:

Interior Ministry Undersecretary Alfredo Mantovano tended his resignation Wednesday evening in protest at the number of migrants being moved near his home in the southern town of Manduria and several protests were staged in the areas of migrant camps in other parts of Italy. Frattini, meanwhile, added that an agreement struck last week with the Tunisian government to stop the wave of migrants from there in exchange for Italian resources, training and credit was starting to bear fruit.

Some of the new arrivals will be consigned to the care of the Northern League:

(AGI) Rome - Maroni has said all regions, except for Abruzzo, including those governed by the Northern League, must host immigrants. After a Cabinet meeting held today, Roberto Maroni said, “Should Tunisia take back three, four or five thousand Tunisians, we will not have a problem. Should this not happen, the plan is ready and no one can avoid helping in managing this emergency, including regions in the north and those governed by the Northern league.”

And there has been trouble at the detention center in Turin:

(AGI) Turin - Immigrants hurled plastic bottles, shouted and caused damage at the Turin detention centre last night. At around twenty past midnight, immigrants being held at the centre mounted a loud and unruly protest, during the course of which bottles were hurled at staff and one of the housing units was damaged as well as a bathroom door. Things got back to normal around 2.30. The Police are currently ascertaining who was to blame for the unrest and the ensuring damage.

The migration crisis in Italy is only just beginning. As the civil war continues, more Libyan refugees can be expected, and renewed turmoil in Tunisia or Egypt could add to the flow of new migrants. The total number of migrants is expected to reach the hundreds of thousands before long.

If the EU continues to drag its feet, and refuses to share the burden with Italy, what will happen to the much-vaunted unity of the EU?

What will become of the “ever-closer union”?

Hat tips: Insubria, C. Cantoni.

First time in 3 years.

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I got my first appointment to consult the doctor at 11.15am this morning.

it pretty "COOL" the doctor put a stick and stuck it into my ear.

and HOLY S. It was freaking HORRIBLE!

and .. = =..

I still half deaf and cough like a cow now.

well, I forgot the get the medical certificate from the doctor,

then i need to stay in the library to wait their call. = = ...

and the "Coolest" thing was.

I don't even sure that I can get the medical certificate or not. - -..

Well, still waiting them to give me a call about go to the health center and pick the medical certificate up.

I still need to go pharmacy to get all those medicine later.

If they don't phone me until 2.15pm.

I'm going home and buy the 2 kind of medicine while I'm on the way driving home.

Keep raining for the day.

The rain is like never end.


So cold.

Not-So-Subtle Electioneering on Finnish State TV

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The Finnish state TV network YLE decided to air a documentary on “populism” in Europe — you know, those dangerous neo-Nazis, fascists, racists, and xenophobes, people like you and me. And they just happened to broadcast it two weeks in advance of the next election.

A mere coincidence, mind you.

KGS summarizes what the documentary had to say at Tundra Tabloids. The bolded lines are quotes from the program. See the original article for screen caps and links:

How timely of them.

The first half of the 55 minute documentary, Populisitien Eurooppa, (viewable until 6.4.2011) sets the stage and tempo with the Hungarian Jobbik movement, who really are indeed, statist, ultra-nationalist Socialists. The Jobbik though, are still classified in the film as being “right-wing”, a highly superficial and nefarious label if there ever was one.

From there it touched briefly on Romania and then on to the Netherlands, where Geert Wilders is featured prominently, and in the TT’s opinion, one of the main targets of the documentary. However, it actually contained some good exchanges with both politicians, academics and people on the street, of whom the latter came across rather well.

Clearly though, the voice over of Geert Wilders’ giving his speech in Copenhagen at the Danish Free Press Society, while panning the streets of Amsterdam filled with Muslims was meant to convey a more sinister message.

The more Islam we have, the less freedom we have.

We have to be tough to criminals, we have to expel criminal foreigners,-

The real message wanting to be relayed by the YLE crew, was that “populists”, regardless of the validity of some of their points, were needlessly spreading hate and fear, while the Left are stumped what to do about it since they are the ones who created the mess in the first place.

Oh yes, we “populists” are definitely the ones spreading all the hate and fear.

The representatives of the Religion of Peace would never ever do that. Not Mohammed Atta, nor Taimour Abdulwahab al Abdaly. Nor Maj. Nidal Hasan. Not even Arif Uka.

No, those luminaries just spread mass murder, maiming, and mayhem. But no “hate” or “fear”. Only Islamophobes do that.

KGS continues:
Here an Iranian immigrant, obviously secular, a socialist, and playing up the fear, topped it off with the statement that she’s leaving the country due to the racism of the present day Danish society. She’s seen watching Geert Wilders’ speech in Copenhagen on a laptop provided by the Finnish YLE documentary crew.

I congratulate Pia and Morten Messerschmidt with their success

There was also a brief appearance of Kent Ekeroth, a Sweden Democrats politician and good friend of the Tundra Tabloids, who I know for a fact has no problem with law abiding, loyal-to-the-state-of-Sweden immigrants. What he has a problem with however, is the ideology of Islam, deeming it contrary to European values.

Having the expectation of foreigners giving common courtesy and respect to both Swedish culture and its traditions for accepting them into the country and taking them as citizens, is not asking too much.

Kent Ekeroth: “We share core values about fighting against Islamization and opposing Turkey’s accession to the European Union.” (Note: The Finnish text says “We fight against Islam and…”)

Read the rest at Tundra Tabloids.

KGS predicts that YLE, by attempting to discredit the True Finns, may very well help them succeed in the upcoming elections.

Let’s hear it for state television!

Eat the Rich!

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Bill Whittle channels Iowahawk in the following video about sticking it to the “rich” in order to enact Barack Hussein Obama’s very expensive agenda for the United States during the coming year.

Iowahawk and Mr. Whittle use the demagoguery of Jabba the Hutt Michael Moore as the jumping-off point for a scheme to soak the rich and pay for Hope ’n’ Change in America:

Hat tip: Wally Ballou.

Mister Trindade & Martim Vaz 2011 - Rodolfo Paes

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Mister Trindade & Martim Vaz 2011

The rugby player Rodolfo Paes represent the islands of Trinidad & Martim Vaz, located about 1200 km from Vitoria (ES) in the 2011 Mister Brazil.

Rodolfo began his career in the sport in football, and has had teams like the Guarani and Ponte Preta, Campinas both. Recently he discovered rugby, rugby and play for the Winner, a new team that is playing in the access division of the Paulista Championship, which sponsors the candidate in the national competition.

Mister Trinidad & Martim Vaz is 1.88 m, 23, and includes the casting of the box "Wacky Races" Program of Gugu, da Rede Record.

Rodolfo will compete for the title of Mister Brazil 2011, May 7, at the Hotel do Frade, Angra dos Reis.

Special thanks and credits to


Mister Pernambuco 2011 - Diego Lemos

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Mister Pernambuco 2011

The entrepreneur and physical education teacher Diego Lemos, 29, born in Recife, Pernambuco is the Mister 2011.

The most beautiful of Pernambuco, 2011 has 1.85 m in height and also works as a model.

Diego will compete for the title of Mister Brazil 2011, May 7, at the Hotel do Frade, Angra dos Reis.

Special thanks to


Mister Paraná 2011 - James Zwiener

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Mister Paraná 2011

James Zwiener, 26, an international model from Curitiba, Parana is the Mister 2011, thus succeeding the former BBB Rodrigão recently cleared of the eleventh edition of the global reality show.

The new Mister Paraná was elected in casting led by Sergio Mattos, the agency's 40 Degrees. After interviewing several models of Paraná, James was chosen as the most complete to enter the fray for the title of Mister Brazil.

He is 1.84 m tall, blue eyes and speaks English and Spanish and has traveled the world working as a model. Take care and feeding is a fan of healthy living. Mister Paraná 2011 enjoys reading, biking, surfing and being in touch with friends.

James will compete for the title of Mister Brazil 2011, May 7, at the Hotel do Frade, Angra dos Reis.

Special thanks and credits to


Mister Anchieta Island 2011 - Diego Uchoa

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Mister Anchieta Island 2011

Diego Uchoa, 22, 1.82 m, represent the Anchieta Island paradise, located on the northern coast of São Paulo.

Former professional soccer player, Diego has passed through Portuguese, Guarani and Corinthians, and played for Portuguese football, where he became deputy national champion. Back in Brazil, discovered rugby and today maintains a Winner Rugby team that sponsors the candidate at Mister Brazil.

"I fell in love with rugby and I hope one day to get to play in the national team," says Mister Anchieta Island.

Diego will compete for the title of Mister Brazil 2011, May 7, at the Hotel do Frade, Angra dos Reis.

Special thanks and credits to


Mister Sergipe 2011 - Andrew Aragon

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Mister Sergipe 2011

Mister Sergipe was replaced and the new state representative is the model Andrew Aragon, 1.89 m tall and currently lives in São Paulo.

Andrew will compete for the title of the 2011 Mister Brazil Hotel do Frade , Angra dos Reis, between January and May 8. The final will take place on the 7th.

Special thanks and credits to


Mister São Paulo - Vitor Franceschini

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Mister and Miss São Paulo in Ribeirão Preto in 2011 were elected on Saturday night in Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo 2011 Miss World and Mister São Paulo 2011. The winners were Ana Cecília Cunha, Miss Capital, and Vitor Franceschini, Mr. Luiz Antonio.

Twenty candidates competed for the title of Mister St. Paul, having stayed in second place with Mister Ribeirão Preto, Thiago Scatena, and the third with Mister Serrana, Kellton Viana.

Candidates for Rifaina, Eduardo Flores, Sumaré. Geancarlo Ribeiro, Igarapava, Rafael Machado, San Sebastian, Levy Santos, and Sertãozinho Maxwell Garden, completed the group of seven finalists.

The Miss and Mister Saint Paul 2011 was presented by Caius Lucius Ribeiro, Sao Paulo and Mister International 2010, and Jeanine Castro, Minas Gerais Miss World 2009, Vila das Flores in space.

Mister Brazil 2011 will take place at the Hotel do Frade, between January and May 8.


Mister Santa Catarina 2011 - Ralph Santos

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Mister Santa Catarina 2011

Ralph Santos, 27, 1.85 m, is the Mister Santa Catarina 2010. Although currently residing in Brasilia, Ralph spent most of his life in Santa Catarina state will represent Brazil in the 2011 Mister.

If one part of the Santa Catarina humble origins has always dreamed of a modeling career, only now can invest in this project since early age had to battle to ensure a good standard of living for himself and his family. He has worked in the trade as a seller of gas, and since 2008 working as a congressional aide in Washington.

He graduated in Business Administration.

But never forget that the state so well received and is proud to represent: "Whenever I'm in Floripa or other cities of Santa Catarina, a state that lives in my heart," says.

Participate Mister Brazil means the realization of a dream for Ralf: "I dream you dream alone is only a dream. But that dream you dream together, always turns reality, many people embarked on this project with me and supports me unconditionally," says the most beautiful man in Santa Catarina.

He will compete for the title of Mister Brazil 2011, between January and May 8 at the Hotel do Frade, Angra dos Reis.

Special thanks and credits to


Mister St. Peter & St. Paul 2011 - Magryno Ricardo

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Mister St. Peter & St. Paul 2011

Where the sun rises first in Brazil, the Archipelago of St. Peter & St. Paul is a wildlife sanctuary located 870 km off the Brazilian coast. Mister Brazil in 2011 it will be represented by the model Magryno Ricardo, 20, 1.80 m.

Mister St. Peter & St. Paul will compete for the title of the 2011 Mister Brazil Hotel do Frade , Angra dos Reis, between January and May 8. The final will take place on the 7th.

Special thanks and credits to


Mister Roraima 2011 - Ferreira Junior

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Mister Roraima 2011

The model Ferreira Junior will represent Roraima in Mister Brazil 2011. He is 1.90 m tall and has appeared on several magazine covers and fashion editorials.

Junior will compete for the title of the 2011 Mister Brazil Hotel do Frade , Angra dos Reis, between January and May 8. The final will take place on the 7th.

Special thanks and credits to


Mister Rio de Janeiro 2011 - Caricchio Andrew

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Mister Rio de Janeiro 2011

Caricchio Andrew, 27, 1.83 m high, is the Mister Rio de Janeiro 2011. Professional soccer referee, Andrew stays in shape by swimming in the sea of ​​Leme to Copacabana Fort. Mister Rio de Janeiro also enjoy hiking the beautiful landscapes of the Marvelous City.

Mister Rio de Janeiro will compete for the title of the 2011 Mister Brazil Hotel do Frade , Angra dos Reis, between January and May 8. The final will take place on the 7th.

Special thanks and credits to


The Vines

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It's going to be April and time to think about the warm weather and getting your vines established into the garden.  There are a lot of vines available for Tucson gardeners.   This blog has covered Catsclaw(dependable), Algerian Ivy(tricky; but all over Tucson), Wisteria(questionable), and the Passion Vine(edible for our butterflies and a fast grower in full sun).  Of course, there are many more vines that people use around town with some being more popular than others. I have a native for our Sonoran desert along with several other exciting vines.  Before beginning this series, we need to examine the types of vines that are out there.
Morning glory twines up plant branches.

Some things we need to consider before choosing a vine are whether or not, we'd like a clinging, twining, or trained typed plant.  Vines, like other plants, come in all shapes and sizes.  Some cling to the side of buildings without support while others will spiral around string, fencing, or other structures, and some need support and training by the human hand.
This cereus nightbloomer crawls up trees like a vine.

Twining Vines. Twining vines naturally curl or spiral around anything that is close by and reasonably slender, including neighboring plants. Good choices for supports for these plants include thin pieces of wire, cord, or rope, or wooden or iron stakes or poles, and trellises.

Algerian Ivy frames these townhomes nicely in our neighborhood.

Clinging Vines. The stems of clinging vines, sometimes called holdfasts, have small tendrils with either suction disks, aerial roots, or claws that grab onto surfaces, especially those that aren’t completely smooth. Typical clinging vines include Boston ivy, Creeping Fig, and Cat's Claw. Because they cling so tenaciously, you won’t need to provide supports. However, you will need to keep an eye on them, as in the long run they can damage building materials such as wood and stucco.

Bougainvillea frames the entrances to homes at El Presidio.  Hooks, into the building,  keep these plants upright and in place.
Freestanding Vines. Some vines, such as bougainvillea, must be physically tied in place, although they may also wind their way through other plants. You can train them on a freestanding trellis or wire grid, using soft plastic ties(extremely cheap to purchase) or twine to hold the branches in place. To train freestanding vines on walls and other structures, insert eye screws into the support and tie the branches to the eye screw. Another approach is to stretch wire between eye screws and tie branches to the wires.  This approach is utilized at the El Presidio Gardens where hooks have been screwed into the building to help support our large bougainvillea. We have a lot of vines to explore and I'll share with you how they do in winter and what to expect from them in summer. Stay tuned for more from the Vine Series this next week.

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Simple Pages in a Flash for a Multi Scrap Page Event

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Today I want to share the idea of using simple layouts to help you deal with a multi-page scrapping event.  As part of my 50th birthday celebration last year we went to the Aiken Spring Steeplechase on my actual birthday.  After the Steeplechase we had friends over for a party picnic/party with games.  It was a wonderful birthday!  But scrapping the day took many pages.  I had the elements of the Steeplechase as well as outdoor and inside photos from the evening.   I had previously scrapped four pages of of the evening party, but I had not yet attempted to scrap the Steeplechase.

I began by dividing the photos and memorabilia into categories:  Intro, family and friends, carriage parade, and Steeplechasing.  I combined the memorabilia with two photobooth looking photo strips and a photo of a single horse and rider.  I used two coordinating pieces of black and white print cardstock, white cardstock matting, and a white pen for doodling and created the first two pages. 

Above, I had saved an extra copy of the invitations we sent to family and friends to join us at the Steeplechase, matted it on white cardstock, and combined with the photo strips to create an intro page.

Page two includes my admission badge from the event, the actual event program, a single rider photo, and bit of ribbon and a cardstock sticker.  Easy peasy yet nice looking.  The print cardstock was a great touch.

Pages three and four contain five of my favorite photos from the many taken during the carriage parade.  HINT:  Do not feel like you MUST use every photo.  You can select photos to represent the event/location (I chose my favorite of the Grand Canyon too, and did not scrap all 70+ photos).  The largest of the photos is a 5x7, three are 4x6's, and the smaller photo is 2.5x6 inches.

I chose a simple black cardstock background and cut a single sheet of traditional equestrian looking plaid paper in half to decorate the page.  I chose a pale yellow color from the plaid and matted the five photos on yellow.  I added chipboard brackets and a chipboard sticker, along with layered flowers.  Again, simple and easy - let the focus be on the photos.

Pages five and six were the easiest.  I had enlarges some of my photos to show details of the event.  I had four photos - an 8x10, a 5x7, a 10x4, and a 4x6.    I matted the photos on white and light blue cardstock.  The 8x10 and a title fill the first page - with a "take the jump" sticker. 

Page six is a bit crowded, but I did not want to spread the "Chasing" photos over another two pages... So I squeezed it all in.  I have very few embellishments, again, because the photos are the focal point.  I felt that too many embellies distracted from the photos.

Pages seven and eight are the final two Steeplechase pages - family and friends.  And while I added a little detail to these pages, again they were quite simple.  The pages were created with a speckled navy blue cardstock base, a sheet of blue and green print cut in half, and a blue and white print.  I picked up on the green in the print to use as base matting. 

The letters were cut from the M.S. Seasonal Art cartridge.  And the final embellishments were the layered flowers, in blues and whites. 

And that is how you make eight quick pages of the same event using a limited number of photos to represent the overall event.  I broke the event down into phases - and scrapped two simple pages for each of the four phases. 

Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of the Custom Crops gift voucher - Not an April fool's joke!!!

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Road to Mrs. World 2012

Vanessa Tan was crowned Mrs. Singapore 2011 last weekend. The 1st Runner up was Cara Wee and 2nd Runner up was Nur Afni. Mrs Singapore Globe was Melinda Hu, Mrs Singapore World – Vanessa Tan, Mrs Singapore Queen of Hope was Nimfa Tingala Su. Vanessa Tan will compete in Mrs. World 2012.

From left to right: 1st Runner up was Cara Wee, Mrs Singapore Globe was Melinda Hu,
Mrs Singapore World – Vanessa Tan, Mrs Singapore Queen of Hope was Nimfa Tingala Su,
and 2nd Runner up was Nur Afni.

Special thanks and credits to

source: (Thank you and credits to
and all sources for the information and pictures)


Road to Miss Universe 2011

Latest photos of Chanyasorn Sakornchan, newly crowned Miss Thailand Universe 2011. Chanyasorn was crowned on March 25, 2011. She is 20 year old and stands 1.73m. Chanyasorn will represent Thailand in Miss Universe 2011 pageant.

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