French Open

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...yeah it's the end of May, everything's in full bloom (hehe) and it's time for the French Open ( also known as Roland Garros) again. Of course I do believe, that Marat (Safin) is gonna win his third Grand Slam title.
Don't you think?! :).... providing he beats Davydenko in the second round :S
The draws are here to find ( I have no time to write them all down here). Hewitt plays vs Fish, Novak (Djokovic) meets Miguel Angel Lopez Jaen , Nadal plays against French Fry Devilder..and...where is Federer?! ah against Montanes.... Tursunov against Garcia-Lopez and Youzhny against Gonzalez...where is Baghdatis?! No idea... More to follow some time later. Marat's the best anyways :P.

Bene Grazie a Tutti!

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I already got so many songs- so a big huge thank you from me to you all for the songs.

I am screwed, oh I am so screwed....

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Forgot that one. In the eve we had a little (little is good..) BBQ- everyone's there- but my hunk (later he called and told me that he was in Einbeck...talking to his Ex......hmpf!). I was so freaked out- and had such a bad temper, whoa! And not because of him ( he recompensated it later anyways :P), but because of certain guys at the BBQ, who believe that I am
a.) single
b.)that I should date R. ( no way, never ever- even if he was the last man on earth)
c.)made pics of me and tried to make ME (haha) drunk
Just imagine, how much that is craving in my nerves! I was drinking beer and R. said that it looked 'wunderschön'... Oh my Fuck- since when does it look picturesque when a görl drinks beer?! HELLO?! There is only one person that knows that I was actually single, the rest thinks I am taken (but they do not know the person...tsaaa)...and R. still hits on me. Yesterday he prmoised to cook for me, and than to go to the cinema and whatever else....OH MY! Give it a go and get lost!
Than also Jörg (my big fave from the other corporation)turned up(mais sans Steffan...buhu!)...and I was like ' Holy Shizz, I am gonna kill someone this eve'. But he was so kind that eve, hardly recognised him! OH MY! Anyways, hunk turned up- and the rest (thanks God, Jesus and Maria!) went to a Party ('Sportlerparty'- I was supposed to go with them and than meet up with Giuli and Andrea), and we had the house for the two of us :P. After a cosy hour with TV Total we went to bed and were too late for lectures today in the morning- naturally :P. I hate him, he just makes it terribly difficult for the two of us to get up in the morning!!!!!!
Off to Italian History ( haha 1,5h of laughing because of Filippo and Jana), and than speeding home.... I GOTTA COOK...buhahahahaha

Lepo se imejte!


What a no-go!

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Today must be the...28th?! I have no idea- time goes by too quickly ....much too fast, really! Never thought I am gonna say that- but it's just like that!
Just came back from Uni/ Shopping- I am so darn effed up. I was supposed to do a presentation with Andrea- but allo we could find for our topic was 12 pages in a very suspiscious-looking book! Unbelievable! Just give youself that : Göttingen has one of the biggest libararies- it is huge- really huge- and than all you get is 12 pages. And I am really not the worst when it comes to research... well at least I am in the upper half.. we asked a woman, who accidentally works there to help us- til tomorrow we shall get two more books. I hope she keeps her word!
Afterwards we went for lunch- I had a craving for something green, and whom did we meet on our way to the Mensa (Cantine)?! ( it is also the person I was totally mad with yesterday)..oh I should add that I had a cigarette in my hand, which is no good (generally speaking.... well I reassured just lately a certain person, that I hadn't been smoking for ages of course..). It is a miracle, but I managed to hide it. He was on his way to his next lectures with Alex ( who is hmm... well). I was so mad at him- he was lucky that we both had company- Andrea and Alex- otherwise I would have killed him! It is okay with me, when he goes home- I would do it as often as I could as well if I had the possibility (= private jet), but he does know that I am one, who worries much (too much). Its the second time he did something like that! I have a vivid imagination- the fuck (sorry!) could have happened! Damn him! Luckily Marcel came over yesterday- so we watched House together with Calle, which was fun, since they both have this particular kind of laughter that automatically forces you to join them :).
Ania welcomed a baby boy yesterday!!!! Finally! It was high time :). He was actually to come along at the 18th (or even 17th?!), but she was told not to DARE to give birth on my birthday :P. I am awful I know . Well anyways- now he's not a taurus (which is a pity, since we are the best :P) but gemini- also quite splendid! Anyways : Wilkommen kleiner Mann!

And something really rough : I forgot Mother's Day :(((( I am such an awful piece of a child! And just give yourselves that : My brother remembered both- the Polish and the German one .He is such an idiot- could have reminded me. I am screwed either way...
I met Aneta at the Uni today- she was in my Italian Language Course, but she gave it a go. I intended to write her for.... ages?! Was cool to chat with her anyways. It was just a proof that you simply cannot go incognito to University. Sucks :P
I have moreover such a long (very much extended) to do list- and there is no end in sight. I need a secretary
( if possible : Male!), I need one so bad. Applications to my electronic mailbox please!!!!!!
What else?! Oh yes : It was Dunia's Birthday yesterday :)))). Once more : Happy Birthday Girl! And remember what you promised to do at my blind wedding next March :P.
This is all for now, my head's so empty , sucks !


Next update..I know I am slow...

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...but its too much going on here :-P

Anyways here we go :

B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b- day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so egocentric- I really am- there is nothing better than being in the centre of everything and all the attention you get! It happens at least once a year to me- on the day I get actually one day older... Went to Bavaria on Thursday... We overslept again (naturally) so I had like 2 hours to pack and get all my (done!) laundry together- take a shower and stuff..and anyone who knows me, will remember that I am extremly chaotic (= it takes a whole day for me to get ready)... I arrived @ my secondo hometown in the afternoon (ICE delayed) with the very first surprise waiting for me : Ulla did not work til Monday, so we kinda had four whole days for us! Majah! We got ourselves some sixpacks and started simply drinking on their balcony ..Abi went lavorare after eight so we had a chilly girls' eve! Was awesome- especially since we both fell asleep be4 23 :-P I am really getting old!

Friday was rough- I kept repeating everyone (= playing on their nerves), that this was my last day as a 21 year old ..we went shopping a bit with Ullchen, and than started simply a bash at their home, which was magnificent- totally splendid :-P It 's been a long time, since I had THAT much fun :-) (haha mainly due to Ser's corking rap and Bora's ENTON ENTON hahaha...and naturally Alex and Sedusch dancing Flamenco.. hrrr) at punto 12 am Kadusch came in with a teddy-flower (looks like Enton!!!) and a present (I love gifts, oh my how much I LOVE THEM!!!!!!)...I got the coolest gift from them - a brand new Italy Jersey- just in time before the ECH!!!! I was so flabbergasted! You cannot imagine!!!! Well than we started drinking Absolut and went together to a certain club...called MAD.... well went to bed at 5 or so ;-)

Birthday was cool, I was kinda either talking on the phone or reading/ replying text messages ;-) not bad.. and this is the moment, where I have to thank you ALL very much for your wishes!!!!!!!

A propos 17th- Fady did not win DSDS (German "Idol") :-((((((. Unfair and bitter!!!! ;-( WHY???????!!!!!!! Anyways...on Sunday after yet another rough loooong night went to Mena and Wolfi for their B-day dinner. Oh Lord, maybe I did really overstrain my stomache, but it was so good... I am sure I am gonna dream about this food for ages! (especially since my cooking skills are below zero..totally negative!). Kadusch had too much Rossbacher (lecka!)....Ulla too much food and I was totally exhausted... and mind had to catch the early train at four something...well I even made it, but : the train started BURNING!!!!!!! (haha and I accidentally stumbled upon my today's horoscope, which says- that I am gonna breathe bad air today! Stunning!) ... so I arrived in Wuerzburg with a one hour delay!!!!!My first ICE to Hamburg was gone, so I could not make it for Text analysis 0_o..... yeah...but give yourselves that: My train was burning!!!!well I do not precisely know what was wrong with it- but the smoke was EXTREMLY thick and I thought I am gonna vomitt in a minute...we were standing in the middle of the Bavarian nowhere and I was considering calling a cab to Wuerzburg ( not because I wanted to make it to the 6 am Intercity Express but more or less coz I was SCARED!). Well the situation cleared and the train started moving again... Grandissimo! I had to wait in WUE for the ICE til Bremen and now I am back here...
You cannot imagine - but the guys are ALL asleep and its grey in Gottinga! And I am so darn tired! I really need a break....

Surprise in El Sol

Okay I came back on Monday...was pretty weird that day- I mean everything. Than suddenly in the eve, Funda called me - telling me that Assal had broken her leg, and we need to visit her in the evening. Okay, first I was like : Oh well I am so tired and everything, but than eventually I agreed. Ulla called me- and Monsieur Seid got me the receiver- but he was kinda.... mad at me (and I had absolutely NO IDEA WHY!), we talked for nearly two hours (shall I mention, that we saw each others on Sunday?!Also on Saturday, Friday and Thursday...), than I took a shower and Funda called me again asking me where I was ..I really did not hear her calls earlier and had like 10 minutes to dry my hair, put some make up on and dress up..and I REALLY MADE IT..
Funda and Isy were waiting in fron of the National Theatre- they needed to go to the EL SOL, to check their timetables (they both work there)...we were chatting a bit and than arrived at ES.... and there was a decorated table and around it my friends!!!!!!!! I could not believe it!! That was THE surprise within!! I was so speechless! Words and everything failed me, I did think that we were under way to Assal WHO HAD A BROKEN LEG!!! and now she was sitting all grinning on the right side of the table... But what was actually on the table was magnificent- a red and white rose- italian colours, a book about football, a cake- with strawberries, green gelee and cream (italian colours again), a huge lollipop with a whistle (also the same colours), a card (red card :D ), and candles- on each was a letter- and they were all forming one word : HAPPY BIRTHDAY. That was so glorious! Amazing!!!! I got free drinks and the company was ace!!!! Love you girls!!!!
Well than it turned out, that Jana also invited Philipp (hehe), and he was supposed to tell Seid etc..well actually Philipp called Seid, telling him that he was out of town, and could not come to SONJAS PARTY...well Seid did not know anything about a party (neither did I of course), but he thought I was throwing that bash on my own- and did not invite him :). Guys are so funny :P
Yesterday we went eating together and he forced me to Saturn ( I hate that kinda shops since my Dad forced me to join him... bleee)... than we both learned again :P. Later Joerg and a friend from a different coperation came over ( I will slamm him today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joerg du bist faellig!!!!). I am the queen of playing on ppl's nerves- but he seems to be as good as me! I could hit him with a baseball bat! Damn! Of course he is coming over today... (Champions League final tonite!!!!!!!!!!).. we watched "Rambo" together... such a ... WONDERFUL and deep and moving masterpiece...never seen one like this before ;-) but it was fun anyways. Joerg and his friend (after mocking Seid and me every now and than) got lost soon after the movie and the rest of us (Robert and Calle joined us) played table-soccer til 1 am. Well than we went to bed..some alone and some not ;-)

Mom and Darek are here
Yesterday we (Seid, Marcel and me) went to Media Markt to buy a home cinema system (it took us HOURS ....MEN! but luckily I was rewarded- we went to Toys'r us as well :-P), than we had a BBQ a la maison... and watched il finale della Champions League ...there were so many ppl around-but suddenly i was of course Seid and me and American History X ;-).
Today we had - as always our lil difficulties with getting up- well I actually managed it (eventually...though being late AGAIN!!!), while le monsieur prefered to stay in bed (and afterwards he complained that he did not go... MEN).
After Italian Country Sciences I had to hurry, since my Mommy and Darek arrived !!!!!! I am more than over the moon to see them!!!
Now its time for me to go to BED!


Good one...

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..Tita should really start a new profession as a fortune-teller- first Neva's wedding, and now the weird thing btw Seid and me... Fortune-tellers earn a lot of bucks for sure :P



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A little update (this time not in Italiano, I
am too tired to think :P or no- it is too late for me to think- more accurate!). Today is already the third of May- Mon Dieu- in two weeks I turn 22 years old. Kinda shocking. I have celebrated however yet another anniversary- it has been ten years since I have stopped eating meat! This is a bummer! Ten whole years- a decade without meat. It is not the achievmentitself , that makes me shudder most- but the length of having done this! Ten years is a long couple of years, meaning THIS (not my 22nd b-day) is the proof, that I am growing OLD! Good Lord!

I have finally made myself more or less comfortable in my brand new accomodation, and I must say that I do enjoy it tremendously! I live in the very city centre- meaning I have as good as everything my heart desires right under my nose! The house I am living in is huge, beautiful and last but not least (and most importantly) I do share it with a bunch of GUYS! Yes, GUYS! As Tita called it- I have a SixPack at home. Nothing could describe it better..but I may come back to them later! As I have mentioned- the house is big. My room is on the very top- well it is actually one and a half rooms- I have something like a living-room and a very small bed-room.
Absolutely fab! Four ( sticking into a big whole) windows giving me a view on the Deutsches Theater ( National Theater ),the Alt-Betlehem
( where my Mom used to work ) and the old defending wall of the city. My window goes right into the garden guaranteeing me complete silence even at rush hour (though nothing like that does not really exist here). Officially I so share my bathroom with the rest- but I can freely say it is MINE only :P. Not bad. The kitchen is on the second floor ( I am on the third, on the attic), it is fully equiped- we have everything the heart desires, even a dish-washer!!!!!!!! There are more rooms on the second floor (the guys' bedrooms) , and one more bathroom. On the first floor- is a PC room, a studying room (with a big table, that can host up to 20 people), and a ..hmmm well let's call it "fencing room" (typical coperation sport!). Than on ground zero is a BAR!
Yes!And when I write bar, I totally do mean it!Looks like one, smells like one, works like one! A bar and a big party-room. Behind it we have something like :) . Inside : a snooker-table, a dart-corner, a soccer-table and behind that room is the tv-room :). Well it is a room with two couches and two sofas and a big tv :). Already watched two footie games and one movie innit ( avec la biere!). In the basement - washing machine and a dryer.... Moreoverly a terrace , with enough space for a juicy BBQ and a garden. This is it... It is so impressive! I still cannot believe how lucky I was/ am to get right here!
The guys are all great! Even after not a week I can freely say, that living with men is less complicated and more fun than with chics (okay of course, it does not refer to my dearest girls out there!). They are damn helpful (especially Robert, who is like the head of the coperation this semester), funny and good to talk to! Yeah and of course some are hawd! :).

I moved in on Monday ( Rudi helped me with my stuff ). On Wednesday the guys held a BBQ ( I heard they
have one every week -majah!), and I got my first grand tour ;). Laters went out @Alpenmax ( you do not really miss anything by not going there...),and I must say it was really nice ! On Thursday the coperation went hiking, so I was home alone ( though later a friend of Robert- Marcel came over for snooker etc), and later we all had some beer in the garden (after the lot came back). The day was darn long and ended more or less in the TV room with Alien3 (Seid and me last ones 2 survive).
Today I met up with Conz, Rudi, Nadja, Rene (Conzi's boyfriend) and Mario ( met him on New Years' Eve some five years ago....). It was so amazing to see Conz again! Haven"t seen her since my last high-school year! Happy to have her back here! There is already one big bash coming in July (hope Katsch will come as well!).
Laters talked 2 Caroli via cell, though an estimated 80% was laughing only. Haha , I loved her vision of le marriage and the snails haha. Hillarious :D haha :D

Tomorrow (today...) I am going 2 Majka&Caro. Majka offered her help in dying my hair (it's colour is dangerously close to blond again...prevention is the key 2 success), so I am gonna kindly thank her for her gesture and let her do it :).Today's also DSDS on TV :P.
Better not embarrass myself in front of the guys ;)
Off to bed, even though Tita scared me ( = when claiming that this house looks like inhabited by Dracula or ghosts or similar :P). It is late indeed. I have to get up earlier , since I am planning to walk to Rosdorf!
YES WALK ( no cigarettes 2morrow!).

Oh and by the way : Einbecker is the new beer!

(One week to go.....aaaargh).
okay, I KNOW- been a long time since I last been writing here...and indeed- it should be said, that a lot has happened! Its Saturday- been here for almost 2 weeks...lets just start with yesterday.... side note : guys- but for one are all in Coburg (Convent) so I am kinda (nesten) home alone :). Yesterday was the first really hot day this year- really warm! Anyways, went to the theatre avec Seid - the piece was called "Andorra" and was excellent- naked men on the scene and music de Bushido included- awesome! I am really lucky when it comes to theatre- never seen a boring piece! Anyways- afterwards went for Pizza and than back a la maison- watched "No country for old men"- and now attention- on chairs we placed on the snooker table!!! (we have a big roll-screen in the play-room)... that was classy!!! CLASSY! Never done that before, but now THIS IS the way you deffo watch movies at home! that was good...haha sitting there in our chic outfits on the royale! Champagne was missing, but we had beer..also very good! I loved the movie- absolutely my style- one more to my very fave-collection. Something totally smoothing for my soul- it was Reservoir Dogs, it was Western, it was good! Damn good! Golden!

Afterwards we went upstairs chatting- into da kitchen- til 4 am :o. I really do have to find a way to shorten these conversations dans la cuisine, getting too little sleep lately! Was cool anyways ;)

(Just texting Tita about it).

I managed- by the way to attend my first norsk classes on Thursday- after three weeks. If it was not Hildegunn, who is the coolest tutor out there I would have been thrown out for sure! She as amazingly nice to me, asked me after the course whether the date's were okay with me! She just reminded me, why I really love Norway and its people- for they are the people they actually are! I had written three essays the day earlier, so I could hand her something in after the lessons- not bad at all. Plus we have classes in a different building and room- seventh floor- you can see the east- north side and fields- superb!And the course-takers have changed a bit- was sitting next to Christina and two med students, who were such good company. But I was more or less dead anyways- since I had only two hours of regular sleep...

On Wednesday they traditionally hold a BBQ eve here- and some guys from a different Corporation came over... when I entered the terrace I nearly choked and swallowed my own tongue- there was this guy from one of my Courses, Jana and me..well were amused about :). And there was a guy from Chile and one German and "our" clan naturally. It was such a splendid eve- with a hell lot of beer and Berentzen...haha... The guy from Chile, who's name is Stefan by the way, was so amazed when he learned that I loved footie :). We have a shopping rendez-vous...haha.. The other one was also fun- hmm charming ;). He talked in French - I could have killed him :P. We went indoors than , played dart and table-soccer ( I SCORED A FEW GOALS!!!!) and had fun overall ! Than went to the kitchen for a chat with Robert and Seid- and ended up in bed AT FIVE SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah at five something... I was still a bit tipsy when I got up and shaky on my legs!
Went to the cinema with Roberto on Tuesday- I wanted to see Juno (finally), but they did not play it after six p.m so we watched Iron Man (yeah I WATCHED A MOVIE LIKE THAT). I kinda liked it even- Robert Downey Jr. (if I remember his name never know avec moi) was smashingly HOT!!!!!!!!!! HOT! And I even accepted Gwyneth Paltrow innit- really liked her, and even though this was and still is
absolutely NOT my Genre- enjoyed it! Went 2 Nautilus for a few drinks and than 2 beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Shall I mention, that on Monday- I went to bed at like....4 or 5 a.m as well?! I really do need to work something out, that will FORCE me to go to bed earlier,
otherwise I will sleep at Uni!
Uni was more a chill-out matter last week, no Italiano due to certain circumstances, so I did not have a lot of work. Well okay, I did not have any work at all- on Tuesday they gave away beer for free so we (Funda , Assal and me) ended up in front of our Faculty with beer and Wasa and older editions of "In Touch" . Well what can you do, once the weather is soooo great?!
I have so much stuff 2 do before leaving for Schweinfurt next week (on Thursday!!!!!!!), and I still haven't answered Marjorie. I NEED TO DO THAT!!!

Rudi's gotten in the wrong lane, even though he should have KNOWN, that this is a one-way street! There is a boarder- where friendship ends and relationships start- and some people should absolutely NOT cross it, since there is NO land for them on the other side..simple as that. It will never work out, when one side's in love and the second not. It's just as logical as maths!
Okay just came back from a lil coffee break- and was online for a second.. or two :) Anyways, gotta move my asset/ do some homework and than shopping (need los drinkos and pane) and than..well we will see.. have the opportunity to go to a party to Hannover... hmmmm je ne sais pas...

Tita just wrote me, that Dima Bilan (Russian Singer) will compete for Russia for the second time at the Eurovision Song Contest (held in Serbia this year..). He is a really, really hot hunk!

Back again, after a really eventful weekend! A lot has happened, or better- a lot of good things've happened :). Went indeed to Hannover- what was just perfect! Well I was not really sure about it, meaning - to go or not to go?! I was kinda forced anyways- so at eight I was sitting in da metronom til (ahhhhh Norsk!) Hannover- we also met Stella there :). Well we arrived
some time later in Hannover - and went to Said (Seid's friend, who was hosting the bash. It was fun and great- we went meanwhiles into the city (DER KIEZ haha), and we had some alco and everything was just great overall :). Folk over there was more or less fun and good company..okay mainly guys, just a few chics..but still...lot of laughing and drinking and Seid et moi were the first ones to dance y'all!!!Best part as naturally, when Said asked us- Seid and me- whether we were a couple..I just wanted to say something idiotic (in my manor u know..) when Seid actually said YES!!!!!! Capisce?! Additionally: since a week!!!!!!!!BAH! If you leave out the fact that we did not sleep both for like almost 40 hours, it was really perfect. Came back yesterday at eight (you cannot imagine how very peaceful this city IS at this early hour on Sundays..)..Seid made some Pasta for us ( haha yes Pasta con funghi e frutti di mare in mattina..) and than we watched a few episodes de SPONGEBOB , learned a bit, slept for two hours, learned, mocked, watched Spongebob, I COOKED (yeah... o_0), Spongebob, supper, than Spongebob and than we watched " Shot 'em all" or something like that- good movie with Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci (two beauties in one movie, must be goodie :P). Was cosy, and because I was so cosy I stayed in his room for the night. Genau.
Today is amazing, sun sun sun- talked to Ulla (they call me ENTON in Schweinfurt), Rudi, Maman (haha Mom called me in the early morning while I was still laying in bed)... did some norsk oppgaver...peace is over me. I just want it to stay like that, because I am really happy...just about it as it is!
Fady made it into the final of German Idol (jippiiiiiiii), Massa won in Türkiye, my room's still neat and tidy (but still no internet and still no desk...hrrrrr),I am to turn 22 in a few days (BIG SOB)...
The world is mine as for now, and for that I have to thank!
Lepo se imejte!

Yesterday...we did watch another movie- "There will be blood"- again in the same manor naturally :P.
Once you tried the same out, you gonna LOVE it :).
Well I slept in Seid's bed again ( I SLEPT!) and I tell you- waking and standing up was never so difficult as today in the morning- instead of getting up at seven - we stayed in bed for yet another hour- I was eventually fifty minutes late for Uni, Seid some... 20?!Well Monsieur escorted me to my Faculty- I guess it was thx 2 the kiss I got through the day so good.. Went also shopping today, I just could not stop myself...I spent so much money, I really should start to sort out my priorities.... :/

Well at two I had finally an opportunity to chat with Funda, Assal, Stella and Jana (I saw Jana in the morning, so we already had our 20 minutes of laughing about Filippo haha hrrrr)...Haha I guess next session we will be all thrown out... Assal fell asleep, Jana was chatting with Funda, Funda was chatting with me, I was playing some games with Stella and threw papers ( Yeah I am 21...) at Jan... I nearly fell asleep in lectures about Scandinavian Literature( text messaging kept me alive)...than went to Coffe Bay with Assal and Funda ( did not have a single Iced Chai this week! Scandaliscious..)..than went back hjemme... had a shower and fell asleep while combing my hair :s . I am really mad.. and you know what woke me up?! ME COUGHING! Insane! Seid came over just so (he is meeting up with some guys.... whatever...due to the Influence from Kadusch I am more or less sceptical.... well well we gonna see!!!!!by the way haha now he is running around with lipgloss :P Selber Schuld..). Went also out (said "hi" to Afghani and than back again..)..Ulla just called me
( Stahnke!!!!!!) on my cell, and of these 22 minutes we talked some feeled 18 were pure laughing... OMG..I just cannot wait till Thursday (even though I am gonna miss someone?!)!!

Mom just went to the Balticum- I do envy her so much! I would love to be there right now as well! It's been a year since the last time..this is really rough. It just proves how fast time passes by, and how very little we actually really got of it! There is simply no time. And when someone stops by telling me, that I simply gotta take some- he talks nonsense in my eyes! Snoops is much better..luckily!
Gotta do my laundry 2morrow, hardly any socks least my room's tidy as me props! Franzi just sent me a link to teh songs Fady and Thomas (Tomasz do cholery!) are performing.. yeah maybe it is a bit embarrassing, but I am kinda into it...

Okay this is all for now, gotta find much time tomorrow- wanna meet up with Stella and Finja (keys..), laundry, pack- plus we have yet another BBQ in the eve.. my brain's too small to remember all these things :s And call Majka!!!!!!!!!! and Rudi...ahhhhh

Oh I just remembered : You know Seid said something really great on Saturday , when we were out in Hannover city- he (and he was sober as I was today in the morning- meaning : very sober) told me that I looked like Angie J.!!!!!!!!! You know- when I am tipsy- I am everything but never ever speechless- but he made me that with his statement- I was just somewhere among the stars!
Well anyways- just read that Youssef has finally applied for the Visa- so I am holding my fingers crossed my two Angels- and certainly- as promised be4- Dunia- my thumbs belong 2 you on the 20th!!! Since Jürgen won 800 Euros, I really believe they can do magic :P
I do not know how and why- but my skin's very brown! Roma...hrrr
Okay, this is all for now! Hope Seid's soon back, I am so sleepy...

P/S Just browsed some pics- and still the pic from Vicky of David et moi is my fave.. well still my fave and I guess will always be...unless I get a new one :P
PP/S Hope Kadusch's free on Friday
PPP/S Why does Vodka make me feel sick even once I only see it?! HOSPITAL!!!!
PPPP/S My blanket and Spongebob are both in Seid's room :s

Okay no more P/S's - but I was just thinking- what about Seid and me- I mean how are the guys gonna react- especially M.- whom I have dropped more or less?! Heh?! I really have no idea how it is gonna look like...
Okay Le fin!
Well Seid woke me up at 2 something- I tried to be mad at him, but failed totally :o.
First wanted to sleep in my room, but somehow...I woke up in his again... What can we do?!
Met up with Stella and Finja- went than shopping and again SPENT MONEY!!!!! Verdammt!But the earrings were so amazing- you can't say NO!!!!! Okay gotta run now, or in some few minutes- Robert's gonna show me how to do my laundry, I gotta pack, wash my hair , Norsk lekse and last but not least : BBQ :s
Bisous et a bientot!


Just wanted to give an update....

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...but ta-dah ..... I forgot my USB stick :s I am simply living in a different dimension right now...
Update coming tomorrow than..... ;)
Thx @ Vicky for reminding me :D

P.S I am indeed still alive!!!!!

8/5/08 New Zealand

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Hi all,
Less than a week ago when I heard that Oceanswach (which is an environmental/ humanitarian/ aid organization, were looking for people to crew on there boats this season I jumped at the chance as I am desperate for as much sailing experience as possible. Here I am in New Zealand! For the last few days I`v been working to get the boat (Magic Roundabout) ready for sea with the other crew; James, Mel and the Skipper, Chris. Working in the cold and rain of New Zealand (lol!) is something new but I`m learning loads already. We plan to leave mid next week, weather permitting and head for Port Villa, Vanuatu. The trip should take about ten days. Cant wait!!

Have a look at the oceanwach website;

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