3 Days Holiday with SHOPPING and FOOD :p

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 19.24

Hello, New heels. :)

Hello, New Boots for winter :D!

I'm soooo SHY :P

White - I own it :p
Green/yellow - Kevin own it (Looks so BRAZIL feel huh? :p)

Hello, New Adidas Watch ! :)

I'm wearing it, Hehe :p

Watched Paul with Iris @ Harbour Town :]

Cinema 11, 11am, Paul - Comedy and Alien .__.
really nice ehh :D

Two GIANT ice-cream.
Mine one - Vanilla + Chocolate Mint
Kevin - Chocolate cookies + Chocolate Mint
YUM! <3

Spicy Ramen! :D

Traditional Ramen!

Well, I got a new Levi's Jeans too :p
a new Jacket :D

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