Beloved, Grandma. ♥

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Hello, my Beloved Grandma.

Today is the 91th day you leave us,

you're so bad.

You leave us aside and go to find grandpa on your own :'(

7,862,400 seconds

131,040 minutes

2184 hours

13 weeks

I know that you sure complaining that, "I don't know how to read English".

Don't worry, Grandpa can read English, I know he will translate to you.

I miss you,

I really miss you,

I really miss you badly.

Among 3 of us,

I'm the one who spend the least time with you.

I starting to live with you when I'm in Kindergarten,

when I'm small,

you will always hold my hand and bring me to downstairs wait for the school bus,

you will bring me to "Latok Gong" there pray.

when I'm sick,

you will apply those egg white to my face and body,

you say it will help me to reduce the heat from my body.

you also said that,

when you're young,

after knock the egg with a hole then you will SLURP the egg yolk and use the egg white to put on your face.

*Maybe this is the reason that your face is always so smooth in my memory since when I'm small.

When I'm in primary school,

you will always cook for us.

You cook the best things in the world.

(Even 6-stars hotel's chef will never exceed your cooking skills)

The best steam egg, even smoother than the Japanese Chawanmushi. (茶碗蒸し)

you cooked all the best Salted Fish dishes,

Salted fish with pork mince, steamed Salted fish with with oil.

The best porridge as well,

you love to put corn, dried prawn, dried scallop in the porridge.

You said that it will make the porridge more sweet.

Pork mince, egg are also the choices that you love to put into the porridge.

although all this dishes are not expensive,

but, even you have the money, you CAN'T get it.

That's why I love and miss my family so much.

my FAMILY is the BEST.

they always give me the best things to build up my life.

You always teach us how to become a good people.

You also will say a lot of stories to us,

tell us about your past.

You even will tell us a lot of proverb to let us know the meaning of people to live in this life.

I will never forget any of them.

You did all the housework at home,

I still remember you sweep the floor when you are still young.

You like to wash clothes by hand and not machine.

You hang all the clothes out to the balcony,

You keep all the clothes from balcony,

You also fold them neatly,

You have a pair of magic hand.

Clothes fold by you will even neat than using a iron to ironing those clothes.

During June 2009,

I leave Penang and came to Australia study by my own.

I still remember that you have teach and also told me before I leave.

You’re so naughty,

Everytime when I skype with you all.

You like to hide inside room or hide behind people that sit in front of the computer.

Everytime when I phone home,

Then I only can talk with you one-to-one.

2010, October when I went back to Penang,

At least I spend totally 4 months with you,

I went to shop with you.

Since then,

I feel that you starting to grow old …

You body start to be weak …

You started to make us feel worry …

I remember that the first time I heard that you say your heart is pain …

You say you feel cold …

You’re really a brave and tough woman.

You endure the pain by yourself.

You will never tell us how much pain that you suffering from …

Until the day,

The medicine for the heart attack,

Starting to be cureless to you…


We sent you to the hospital.

You’re so suffering.


You don’t want to let us know.

You prefer to be suffer by yourself and you also don’t want to let us know how much pain that you’re bearing.

The 3 days in Lam Wah Ee hospital is so hard to past …

Seeing that you’re suffering from pain,

My heart feels so pain as well.

When you lying on the bed in the ward, you’re so weak …

I feel that I’m so useless,

I can’t help you.

What I can do is only can accompany you.

Sit beside your bed,

Seeing you suffer and I’m so helpless.

The second day morning,

We went to hospital at 9am.

The doctor told us …

Less than 24 hours.

I cried and my tears drops off without knowing.


How I wish all those things are fake,

How good if wake up and everything is just a dream.

After that,

You’ve been sent to CCU.

Coronary Care Unit.

Everytime when I look at your photo,

Tears drop off.

I just can’t control my emotion.

I miss all the time that I spend with you.

I even think that,

If I didn’t come to Australia study,

Then I could spend 2 more years with you…

Or even longer …

Thank you for being the one and only grandma in my entire life.

You will always stay in my heart, FOREVER.

You're the prettiest, sweetest, greatest and the one and only Grandma in my entire life.

Thank you for living with me for this 19 years.

Thank you for everything that you gave me.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a good people.

Thank you for the time, the love and everything.

I love you.

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