Easter Bunny Tips for the Desert

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I may have found the Easter Bunny hiding out in Tucson:)

Pedro Cola de Algodón needs to be careful in Tucson while hiding his eggs.  Hawks, coyotes, cats, and many other predators find his kind very tasty and necessary for survival in our desert climate.  But I think Pedro has some magical ability going for him.......
Here are some tips he recommends for hiding eggs in the desert and keeping your children/grandchildren alive......
1.  Don't hide chocolate....it melts in our heat.
2.  While hiding eggs, keep your eyes out for rattlers. It's that time of year.
3.  Do not hide eggs near spiky cacti or other similiar plants.
4.  Use eco friendly products that break down in our desert climate in case a forgotten hidden object remains hidden.
5.  Keep foods, like eggs, out of the direct sun and place in complete shade.
6.  If a child comes back with a Gila Monster attached to a limb, take child immediately to the hospital where both child and Gila Monster will be saved. Do not allow Gila Monster to turn upside down as that is how it poisons its victims.  Do not kill Gila Monster as they are protected.  Instead focus on the positive. Gila Monsters are known for their brilliant pretty Easter colors:) and look like baby dinosaurs.
7.  Javelina eat everything so don't hide eggs the night before:)
For those of you who celebrate this holiday, Happy Easter!  May you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. 

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