Eating Gluten Free in Erie

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I'm coeliac so finding places that stock and serve gluten free food is really important to me.

My favourite grocery store to shop at is Wegmans
They have a huge selection of Gluten Free food- seriously pretty much ANYTHING you can imagine, as well as amazing organic meats, fruits and cheeses, beauty products and more! They also stock all regular items you need for your weekly shop too, and are fairly competitive in price. Just be sure to go to the Customer Service desk first to sign up for a membership to get the cheaper prices. It's free!!!

Giant Eagle is a cheaper option for gluten free food. They stock the basics, like bread, pastas, cereal, basics snacks and treats. Most supermarkets will have a small gluten free section, and GF products mixed with regular items.

I know it sounds corny... but I loved 'Outback'. It's actually an Australian themed restaurant, but I love it because you can ask for the special gluten free menu. Makes ordering so much easier and exciting because of the choice. Also, my FAVOURITE dessert is here. Seriously better than anything I've tried in Australia- The Chocolate Thunder Slice. Totally GF but absolutely delicious!!!! Ahh... now I'm having some serious cravings!
Now that I'm speaking of desserts I'll quickly mention Dairy Queen. You can actually order any of the Sundaes on their menu as the ice-cream and toppings are Gluten Free. Just be careful with the toppings incase they change. But their website has a comprehensive list of which toppings are GF (which currently all are).

The Cove has my favourite salad! It's a chicken, almond flake, lettuce, cranberry and strawberry salad- totally gluten free! And it's only $7.
Latinos Restaurant is a Mexican place that can prepare GF food. But you do need to ask.

There are a couple of places that serve gluten free pizza too: Maria's Pizza, Boston's Pizza and Oasis Pub. Good idea to call ahead and check they have the GF crust in stock though.

If you're into sushi, Aoyama at the Millcreek Mall is amazing! The Filet Mignon sushi platter is incredible and would highly recommend it.

Sadly there is only one Thai restaurant in the whole of Erie. It was okay but not the greatest... but serves pretty good (gluten free) Pad Thai. It's located Downtown- called Khao Thai.

As I explore more of Erie, I'll post up some more places that I find great for gluten free options.

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