“The Ones Who Are Not Happy Should Just Leave”

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The following video concerns a demonstration that took place last Saturday in Paris. Culture-enrichers had assembled to protest against the implementation of the burqa ban, no doubt expecting to be able to hold their usual riot and rough up the kuffar with impunity.

But it didn’t work out that way. Things are changing in France, and the police did their job, arresting demonstrators who broke the law and hustling them off the street.

Many thanks to Riposte Laïque and VV&D for compiling this report, to Gandalf the Younger for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The video and a transcript are below the jump:


0:05 Forsane Alliza, sharia for Belgium and Islam in the UK
0:09 three Muslim extremist organizations
0:13 wanted to come to the Place of the Nation April 9 2011
0:17 in order to denounce the law against the burka and brandish the flag...
0:21 of jihad in the middle of Paris. Because of the action of counter protestors...
0:25 for freedom the police prefect has forbidden this...
0:29 manifestation. And 61 Islamoterrorists and Islamofascists from France...
0:33 from Belgium and the UK were detained.
0:37 For once the French republic has held on when facing down the Muslim extremists.
0:41 These exclusive images were filmed by...
0:45 our special investigators at Place de la Nation.
0:57 Ejection of pro-sharia Islamist family.
1:01 Ejection of pro-sharia Islamist family.
1:07 Comments of bystanders concerning the burka...
1:11 “Even these little girls?!”
1:15 “These girls? Yeah, caution, ‘Sex Symbol’”
1:27 Go! Here we go!
1:31 “Hey quiet, cousin, we are ten million in France. That’s it.”
1:38 “We are ten million and in 20 years we will be thirty million. That’s it”
1:50 Comments of passers by concerning Islamists...
1:54 “The ones who are not happy should just leave. That’s it. Voila.”
1:58 “They leave, that’s it, we will not change the law ...
2:02 we are not going to change our rights for these dumbasses. No way!”
2:14 “If you see those young people...
2:18 you steal their right to speak, how can they express what they think
2:26 They use freedom of expression to promote sharia
2:30 Fate brings me here
2:38 “OK Let’s go! Hurry, hurry”
2:50 “You see this flag?
2:54 Soon he will fly over the Elysee Palace (residence of the French President)
3:02 A coordinated action from
3:15 The Alliance says, “Stop Sharia”!

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