Our inaugural trip to Ikea

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As most young couples setting up home know, Ikea is a great place to start. Affordable and you can get some pretty decent stuff too.

Initially we tried to get most of our stuff off ebay or craigslist, but apart from our pink Louis XV sofa, we couldn't find anything we liked. And after browsing the Ikea website thought we'd give it a try. However... the closest one was 2 hours away in Pittsburgh!!

Sunday morning, we set off on our inaugural trip to Ikea! A step that most couples will take with each other to really test the patience of one another, both in-store and back home while trying to set up the flat-packed furniture.

Once we arrived, it was as expected.. PACKED! First on our agenda, a coffee table! Andrew was extremely patient with my back and forth to 3 different coffee tables trying to decide if we went over our allocated budget for the one we liked, or settle for an okay one within our price range. And guess which one we chose? Yes, that's right, we fell for Ikea's spell and spent a tad more than originally planned.

Item 2: An ETU. This was surprisingly so difficult. They were so expensive for something just to sit a TV on. But Andrew saw a bookcase, turned it on its side and BAM! There was our future Entertainment Unit.

While we were in the bedroom section picking our Dresser out, I decided it would be fun to take a rest on a kids bed while we decided. Without thinking, I fall back onto the bed, and CRASH! I fall straight through!!! I could feel the redness spreading over my face! I literally just wanted to crawl up under the covers and hide for a bit. The Ikea staff member turned to me and said, "Oh yeah, sorry... we haven't put the slats together properly on that bed yet" as he continue putting together the bed I had just collapsed. I guess that'll teach me to look before leaping!

We also picked up a LOAD of pots, pans, cups, plates, cutlery and 2 beautiful yellow flower lamps that really tie the room other nicely, and after the 30min wait at the check-out, we were ready to head home (in the rain!!).

Once home, Andrew set to work on putting together all the furniture. He did it so quick!! Here are a few pics. What do you think?

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