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Neighbors and friends of the El Presidio Homeowner's Association came together in March to clean up the property after our terrible winter season.  As you can see, life goes on and a tidy garden makes a happy gardener.  Spring also promises some wonderful surprises.....
The pollinators are out and about getting the fruit trees ready to bare fruit.....check out this bee in the Red Baron Peach tree......

There is nothing better than Spring Clean Up!!!  This property would be very difficult to manage without the help from other homeowners of the El Presidio Complex.  Everyone came together on the 13th of March and made this place sparkle and shine!!!  Afterwards, we had a potluck and meeting to go over agenda items.  These days allow me to breathe a sigh of relief and watch everything get cleaned up.  It's always difficult for me to not  play "Mother Hen" over the plants...."Be careful!", "Trim it this way!"  "Don't pull that plant!" "Watch out for that plant!" or, "It may not be dead.....don't prune."  But I pull back and show people how to do it and if something happens; something happens.....everyone did an amazing job and I was able to sleep better that night knowing that several more time consuming projects were taken care of.......and that is perfection.  Thank you homeowners and renters for all your help!!!  El Presidio is tidy again:)

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