Wichita Blue Juniper

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I'm not good with Junipers.  They do grow here, but it appears neglect is better and not for people who like fussing over plants.  I had to move this beautiful plant off the property to save it.  It wasn't getting enough afternoon sun on one side and it began to dry up on one half of the tree.  I moved it to full sun at a group home that needed some landscaping done and it loves the location.  Sandy and hot soil.  The ground we have at El Presidio is mostly clay and most of the plants receive some bit of shade during the day.  I tried two types of Junipers and a Cypress tree and there just wasn't enough sun.  They do need water to get established but once established, DO NOT OVERWATER.  This plant gets large and has a nice blue hue to it.  It is now located on the East side of town and has grown several inches.  You'll see more of these located in the Foothills of Tucson, around the town of Catalina, near the Biosphere and again on the East Side of town around the Pantano/Speedway area.  This part of town was heavily planted with pines, junipers and CYPRESS!!  The key word is HOT SUN on all sides.  I'm not sure I would plant this again(even if I had the space) as it also seems to suffer from a webbing parasite that can totally kill the plant. For me, this is a tricky plant and not worth the effort. I've seen it grown here for years and then I'll watch as a plant totally collapses and turns brown making business and homeowners start over again. The better choice would be to plant a native to Arizona known as the Arizona Cypress which has a similiar habit(it does get larger and wider) and has a blue hue. Here is some background.....

Wichita Blue Juniper pic courtesy of Fast Growing Trees Nursery
This Juniper retains its color year round giving you an attractive plant in the dull winter months.
Wichita Blue Juniper is an excellent specimen plant. It retains its color throughout the year no matter where you live in the country. Zones 3-9...Tucson being Zone 9. The dusty-blue color is a standout and makes a great addition to your landscape. This large pyramidal formed juniper is a great plant for windbreaks, screens and privacy hedges, or it can make a great accent plant anywhere in your garden. Virtually maintenance-free, this juniper never requires pruning or staking up. A strong vigorous grower, Wichita Blue Juniper will grow 12"-18" per year. It reaches a mature height of 15 feet within its first 10 years. It is recommended that you place your juniper in an area that is well drained and receives full sun. Add some organic matter to your hole when planting, such as peat moss. Mature Height: 10-15 ft.  Mature Width: 4-6 ft.  Sunlight: Full - Partial Soil Conditions: Slightly Adaptable(make sure that the ground is not hard around the rootball) Drought Tolerance: Great
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