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I am 24 and from Manchester and have studied English Literature BA hons. From a young age, I have been taught by my family how to make the best of life. This teaching is a blessing and I would like to use what they have taught me to help others in this world. I am a well-rounded candidate with the right qualities to strive to support good causes through which I in turn would hope to gain valuable experiences. I have had a great number of experiences in campaigning for the Pakistan flood appeals to help the thousands of victims that were hit by the worse rainfall in 80 years. Thousands lost their lives and millions more were affected - and my aim was to help raise as much as charity to help rebuild homes, help provide aids in the form of food and shelter. Helping people in need is something I have always been passionate about and I believe that this is a gift I am given from God. It is something I thoroughly enjoy and makes me feel happy knowing I am helping those in need. I look for bigger and better changes and I plan to deliver bigger and better results in what I do. I am very committed and passionate about making a difference.

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