1983 Renault 11 Tse Electronic

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  • cooknwitha
    Aug 12, 08:17 PM
    It loads as it's being opened. However, you can choose how to limit this. Pre-loaders can make the page hold until the whole file is loaded or a percentage is loaded. Alternatively, if you break the scenes into seperate swfs and link them then the viewer will only load the files they want.

    Hope that helps.

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  • illustratorDavi
    Oct 9, 01:50 PM
    thanks for the quick reply... that guy lost me quite quickly


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  • theheyes
    May 5, 10:33 AM
    Last time I checked I couldnt find a MR team either.

    Shame, because since then I've racked up 400,000 points.

    Oh well. :D

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  • illustratorDavi
    Oct 9, 01:50 PM
    thanks for the quick reply... that guy lost me quite quickly


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  • videoed
    May 2, 11:45 AM

    thinking about upgrading the RAM in 3 towers. Wondering what the consequences would be as it relates to AppleCare if I were to install it myself.

    Or should I simply have a certified tech install it?



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  • NickZac
    Jan 6, 02:14 PM
    Keep the people who work in 2 buildings for the State of MD in your thoughts, 2 package bombs went off although it isn't clear what's going on yet. I have a lot of friends in the MDOT building and I've spent a lot of time their.

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  • penfan82
    Mar 24, 08:13 PM
    If I already have all of those products that they are telling me to lose (iPod, GPS, etc) why should I "lose" it? This article is pretty useless.

    I LOVE my smartphone.... sorry peeps i am an android owner and i did try it as a mp3 player and still use as one in a pinch however i did find myself going back to my trusty classic it holds everything whereas smart phone cannot... no matter what they say i wont lose my ipod

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  • Qanbar
    May 3, 09:02 AM
    Try snappy or tap-to-snap from cydia

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  • lia77
    Mar 14, 10:10 PM
    I�m from Sweden so sorry about my english (although "ration" was just my typing..)

    I was perfectly happy with the help you gave me though, it really helped!
    The istopmotion comment was just because I was so surprised a program like that, which is really expensive in the first place, would do such a strange thing as just crop the image like that. I was just very surprised to see that..

    Anyway, cropping my image in imovie, making it 16:9, then exporting it using HD and uncompressed format and then reimporting it turned out good. (I did a check on a 21 inch screen and it looks quite good. I never managed to get that quality on 4:3.

    And another thing, I also looked into Dragon, but they won�t let you important any photos that you have already taken imported with another program. That�s also kind of crazy I think, but nevermind..

    Greetings and thanks again!

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  • chakraj
    May 4, 10:45 AM
    No unfortunately you can only send text messages to phones of the same collor. You may want to jailbreak it and see if there is a cydia app that will allow for this:o

    Uhh, just kidding, you just send the text to her phone number.... Sheesh...

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  • JackAxe
    Mar 18, 06:20 PM
    But the PS3 is a computer ;)

    I had to...sorry,it just fit so well. There just wasn't a spot like this in the war thread

    It clocks in at about a 1.8Ghz G5 from linux benchmarks, so pretty cool. :)

    If only it could legally run OS X, than it would be an awesome investment, but Linux... :o


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  • bmms8
    May 6, 02:02 PM
    im getting "this device isnt eligible for the requested build" error in itunes. any takers? thanks

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  • patrickj
    Apr 7, 08:12 PM
    PDF Expert seems like it has the best / most PDF specific features.

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  • godette
    Apr 20, 02:34 AM
    Hello everyone...does anyone use the wii video 9 program that's supposed to convert downloaded movies into a format that will playback on the wii? I've downloaded the program and at the end of all the clicking it tells me that the video has been converted, but when I check, the format is still .avi. Is there anyone familiar with the program and how to use it? Thank you so much.

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  • AndrewLGP
    Apr 29, 05:20 PM
    That's interesting. I was there when it first opened (saw Rahm Emanuel), but I haven't been back since.

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  • Sploosh
    Sep 25, 04:32 PM

    I have a double screen setup and often end up moving the mouse around just to find the pointer. Is there a little app around that makes the pointer :p wave at you or something to attract the eye?

    Many thanks

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  • mrapplegate
    Mar 27, 12:01 PM
    how do i get log of it

    and i dont have acces to the developer forum

    The log should be at /var/log/install.log , and if you don't have access to the Dev forum, you are pretty much out of luck. I'm no expert so I don't know what else to tell you. Unless anyone has any other suggestions. Now that I think about it, it is not the actual install that is wrong, just your attempt to encrypt the disk after the install, so the system log might be more helpful.

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  • Spinnaay
    Apr 27, 05:29 AM
    Big help thanks!

    I will use the search tool next time.



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  • crazycat
    May 4, 11:00 AM
    I have all my videos on an external hard drive. I have it setup so that all movies are in "Movies", my tv shows are in "Tv Shows" and so on. I find placing movies that i ripped in a folder is faster to find and watch, i do not think itunes handles +500GB worth of movies very well.

    Oct 13, 12:51 AM

    may want to check this thread:


    Oct 19, 01:34 AM
    Anyone want to meet up at the Woodfield Mall store in Schaumburg?

    Mar 3, 11:31 PM
    You're installing the wrong version. Try "MyWi." It's $20. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

    Mar 24, 11:25 PM
    its a common problem deal with it

    Oh, I'm so sorry to bother you with my silly little Wii problems. I suppose I should be just fine with controllers that don't always control. While I'm at it, I should be just like you and accept that my mouse doesn't always click, my keyboard doesn't always type, and my TV remote doesn't always change channels. :rolleyes:

    Jan 21, 01:08 PM
    maybe you should focus more on gaining contract work and be less worried about people trying to copy your work.

    Most companies are willing to pay for the work they like ... removing your watermark is more trouble than it is worth.

    I totally agree. People waste more money and time trying to protect work without realizing that the value is NOT in the actual work, but the idea that goes behind it. The legitimate people that you want to work with probably won't steal. The others will, and there isn't much you can do about it without turning off the former. If I were to receive a heavily watermarked design, I would think... "gee, this guy has trust issues".

    That being said, the only way (without involving attorneys, watermarks and low-rez crap), is to print out and photograph the work. Though, if done poorly, it will have a negative reflection on the work.

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