2011 Porsche 911 Black Edition

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  • Starfox
    May 3, 02:35 AM
    Thanks a million.

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  • macfan34
    Dec 27, 11:59 AM
    i don't think you can revert back to the way it is exactly. i have basically the same thing you have and it doesn't sync all of my various cydia apps and themes. at one point i made a mistake with some cydia stuff and it messed up my springboard so i had to restore. then i had to re-jailbreak. i'd reccomend upgrading to 4.2.1 and jailbreaking with redsn0w 0.9.6b4.

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  • Prom1
    Aug 15, 04:38 PM
    HAHA! And don't forget Skinnamarink-e-dink-e-dink, Skinnamarink-e-do

    OMG ... I seriously think that brain altering soundwaves where used in that song, if you want ot call it that. I remember being 14 and my lil' sister listening to that and I wondered what an EARTH is a Skinnamarink, or what does Skinnamarink-e-dink-e-dink, Skinnamarink-e-do really mean???

    Oh yes Tricia Helfer from BSG's Six is Canadian born.
    great algriculture, great farmers, the majority of the Great Lakes that provides us fresh water, and beautiful non over-crowded landscape.


    Thank you much for the correction and source. I'm not sure if any of our hereos that survived WWI are left alive. It would be a sad day for this world should any nation's citizens forget to remember the ultimate unselfish sacrifices that where made. I secretly tend to believe that superhereos in comics where invisioned after the hearts of those that paid the ultimate price for freedom.

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  • mrapplegate
    Mar 27, 12:01 PM
    how do i get log of it

    and i dont have acces to the developer forum

    The log should be at /var/log/install.log , and if you don't have access to the Dev forum, you are pretty much out of luck. I'm no expert so I don't know what else to tell you. Unless anyone has any other suggestions. Now that I think about it, it is not the actual install that is wrong, just your attempt to encrypt the disk after the install, so the system log might be more helpful.

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  • rozwell
    Nov 20, 11:02 AM
    i love flash sites and this one is interesting, but i defiantly agree with the accessibility comment, which is odd, because i feel that interaction, especially when its a highly immersive and exploratory experience, leaves a much more vibrant and notable mark than more static sites. i think also one other thing to point out, interaction removed completely, is that this site is very well designed visually (which is where most people fail IMO).

    a quick break down of simple tricks.
    - uses flashes drawing API
    - mimics 3d using scale, rotation and color.
    - sound architecture also aides into tricking you into depth (though i feel the pencil sounds are a bit random)

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  • firestarter
    Apr 27, 12:32 PM
    This is fantastic. Finally a sure fire way to prove that god doesn't exist and Jesus is a fraud.

    I trust that all these people will do the decent thing and renounce Christianity on May 22nd.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 24, 06:38 AM
    Tried clearing your downloads in safari??

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  • Montano
    Jul 11, 06:04 PM
    I picked up some Verbatim DataLifePlus 2x DVD-R disks, and they work great ! Finally, I can burn at 2x :D

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  • mduser63
    Jan 18, 11:43 PM
    Software update doesn't see the update on my 11" MacBook Air. The iDVD update did show up though...

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  • iamtheetube
    May 6, 03:03 PM
    Don't waste your money on some random music recovery program.. I have used Senuti and never had an issue grabbing songs off my iOS devices:


    It's free, fast, and did I mention that it is free?

    EDIT: It was free when I started using it.. now there is a trail for 1000 songs.. shouldn't have an issue unless you have more than that. If you do, PM me...

    Now if only i'd thought to use the forums when I had my issues!
    Good to know that there are reliable free progs out there.

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  • kyleaa
    Jun 22, 08:51 AM
    Haha yeah. For the iPad they opened at 9AM and I showed up around 8 and was amazed at the line - I think about 50% of it was Canadians showing up to buy it since it wasnt available internationally though. They also flew through those lines - there were at least 100 people in line ahead of me and I was out by 9:15.

    The iPhone sale process requires a bit more work, so I imagine lines will be a bit slower, but hey, who knows?

    I have a couple friends going with me so I don't mind the hanging out early :-).

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  • opak
    Nov 30, 05:21 PM
    Hey! Finally somebody else from Montreal. Im looking for a G5 myself. If only yours was a dual, I would have bought it. (so anyone from MTL with a dual G5, feel free to PM me!)

    Good Luck!

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  • Mikel30
    Mar 28, 05:37 PM
    I'm trying to write an Applescript, but I'm not quire sure how to do it. Basically, there's a web page that I want to keep checking on. It's not live yet, and I want to find out when it's up.

    The tricky part is that the webpage redirects if it isn't up yet, so I can't simply reload the page. I want the Applescript to go to the webpage, check to see if it got redirected somewhere else, and if so, load it again. So I need to check to see what page it's currently at, and that's what I can't figure out.

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  • iSaint
    Nov 17, 05:20 PM
    Old School...

    A Charlie Brown Christmas (Vince Guaraldi Trio)

    ditto...love it!

    Also, George Winston's December

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  • savoirfaire
    Oct 24, 10:03 PM
    Since you're asking whether it would be moral rather than whether it would be legal, I would say YES, since you did pay for it and since nobody is being adversely affected by your downloading it.

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  • superericla
    Apr 12, 04:48 PM
    When opening any High Profile HD h.264 video in the new Quicktime Player, opening the file results in very bad graphical issues. Opening the same file in any other video player (such as VLC or MPlayerX) results in no such issues. Here's a screenshot of the issue I'm having.
    This is on a Base 15" 2011 MacBook Pro with no upgrades running the latest Mac OS X 10.7 developer preview.

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  • alphaod
    Apr 25, 09:53 PM
    Sounds like you need a new PRAM battery.

    Just pick up a new CR2032 Lithium battery from your neighborhood drug store and replace the one in the machine.

    Thought, I guess you could try reseting the PRAM first and that's holding [Command + Option + P + R] on the keyboard before the gray screen pops up.

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  • 2GMario
    Nov 15, 12:26 PM
    you may wanna brush up on your CSS a little edesignuk, you would be surprised what CSS can control

    mind you, IE doesnt support some tags, but CSS can do everything from onfocus to simple IF statements (firefox supports on focus of textbox while IE doesnt, inwhich case you would check the browser version and implement javascript for onfocus where IE doesnt support it from CSS)

    i have had a hard time controlling form elements in safari, but i havent spent much time with safari as my primary concern. we dev primarily for firefox, then for IE and check to make sure stuff works in safari. thats just the way we have prioritized the browsers

    il stop here as to not turn this into a flame war, but theres quite a few books on CSS if your a bit behind times. you should also know theres different CSS versions.


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  • Montano
    Jul 10, 07:21 PM
    I have yet to find any DVD-R's that will burn at 2x in my 103 Superdrive. I bought some TDK 2x media, and for the first time ever, I was given the 'option' of burning at 2x. However, as soon as I clicked on 'burn', I was given a 'media error'. So I chose 1x and the TDK's burned fine. I know someone has found media that will actually burn at 2x !?!?!? Please share the brand name........

    Sky Blue
    Mar 16, 11:50 AM
    GTA just has a level of humour that doesn't seem as contrived as Saints Row, and personally I'm not keen on the future style of Crackdown (note my fave GTA so far is Vice City).

    aye, thats what puts GTA over it's competitor's for me...the dialogue, the radio ads, the billboards, item and location names all awesome...soundtracks are aleasy good too.

    May 6, 09:50 AM
    If it is a concern, iMac handles games well too, but I would also suggest getting a PC for gaming if iMac is out of your range.

    Apr 24, 07:12 PM
    I hate scrolling and moving windows to work with all the windows open at one time in X-code. I bought a MBP 15" for working code. Kind of wish I got the 17" for the increased area but more to carry around. External to come soon.

    I'd want a 17" or 15" HiRes ideally. But the weight is a killer. I drag this laptop around on my motorcycle, hanging off in my backpack, full of gym crap in it. The MBA is literrally "a load off my back". Of course, my Targus backpack has **** for restraints and bad ergonomics to begin with. I need to look into a better bag.

    A question though...my mid-2009 MBP does 1440x900. I'm confused by your stating the MBA is better because of extra res.

    I was referring to a 13" MBP of course. If the OP is looking at the MBA, I assumed he'd compare it to that model and not the 15" or even a 17".

    Feb 19, 09:11 PM
    Oh dear!

    Out goes porn, now gambling making a start on the iPhone!

    What a mess!

    I was just thinking about that... hmmm I need to get that some thought..

    Apr 30, 04:03 AM
    I'm really looking forward to the opening :) Excellent location, and that'll better access compared to the Chermside store.

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