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Today is the last bush/shrub that I am going to write about for this month.  Okay.  I've written a lot about yellow and orange bell plants this past week.  This is a yet ANOTHER plant that produces beautiful yellow bells with lush dark green leaves.  HOWEVER, this plant is not as hardy as the Tecoma Stans or Trumpet Vine.  I have seen people place this into their landscape but this past winter killed many of these plants along with the hibiscus bushes.  This plant for me grows similiar to that of the hibiscus and therefore, I recommend that you only place this very lush and green plant in pots or planters.  It loves sun and heat and grows quickly, but do be careful as freezing temps can kill this plant to the ground or entirely kill it.   It sometimes is called Yellow Bell, Golden Trumpet or Buttercup Flower. It is part of the dogbane family and is considered a weed in tropical countries.  Here in Tucson, it makes a nice ornamental plant for your garden.  I have written 2 posts on Tecoma Stans and Trumpet vine because they can confuse gardeners....especially newcomers.  This is yet another one to add to the group.  Many times people think they are buying a Tecoma Stans when in reality they've purchased the Allamanda.  If you have a hard time seeing the differences in these very beautiful hummingbird type plants, read the label as they all grow very differently.  Tecoma Stans is usually used for the landscape.  Trumpet vine is used as a sunny vine. And Allamanda should be used for pots and planters.  Did you get all of that?:) All of these plants are loved by butterflies and hummingbirds. I hope you enjoyed this series.  We will take a break this week from the garden journal and get into some fun I had with my camera several weeks ago.  Our focus will be on the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.  I was really happy with the pics...especially the hummingbird close-ups which was a first for me.  There's a lot more coming up so stay tuned to Las Aventuras Garden and Travel blog.

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