Mr. Big and the Walkabout Trail

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Mr. Big
Continuing with my photo shoot at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, I couldn't help but notice this incredibly huge Eucalyptus known by the staff as Mr. Big.   This tree is located on the Australian Walkabout Trail and cannot be missed. This is a Red Gum that was planted as a sapling in 1926.  Today it is over 100 feet tall with an 8 foot diameter.  There is a bench nearby to enjoy the tree's shade and beauty.   Mr. Big is located in the very magical Walkabout Trail and it transports you to Australia.  Today these large Eucalyptus are outlawed in Tucson, but apparently you can "possibly" grow them up in the hills if this tree is far enough away from your house. Just be careful.....this trail can inspire you to try and grow an Australian garden.  And it will work because most Australian plants love our Sonoran forewarned:)
The windmill lets you know that you are on the Walkabout Trail in Australia.  Many Australian plants do well in Arizona.

Adding to the theme of the Australian Outback

Creating a theme for your garden is important and makes a statement.

Bring your lunch as there are places all over for you to sit and take in the beauty.

I heard people ooh and ahh at this place and can see why they would get excited about growing Australian plants in their yards.  My advice, plant a couple here and there, but be friendly to our Sonoran landscape and use plants that are beneficial for the wildlife here.  There are several Australian plants that do encourage wildlife use.  For example, the Cooper's Hawk likes to build their nest in the strong limbs of a Eucalyptus.

This was on of my favorite themed trails at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

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