Camp of the Saints: Trucking Across Europe

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Lampedusa refugees #12

Refugees from the “Arab Spring” are accumulating across southern Europe, mainly in Italy, but also in Malta and Greece. Most of them attempt to move onward from these locations to more favored destinations. France serves as the Promised Land for the Tunisians, many of whom already have relatives there, or claim to. Other migrants prefer to enrich the cultures of Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden — and expect to be enriched in return by some of the most generous welfare systems in the world.

The news story below from Dutch TV describes attempts by migrants to hide in the undercarriages of long-distance trucks hauling freight from Greek ports. By stowing away in this manner, they hope to travel all the way to the Netherlands and other northern European destinations.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

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