Paraguay Niteshade

Diposting oleh alexandria joseph | 02.00

A really green and lush bush for the Tucson area is the Paraguayan Niteshade.  This plant needs a little bit more water than some of the other shrubs I've written about over the past several days, but it's a great plant for a planter or pot.  It has a lovely open habit that will produce small beautiful purple flowers.  I put this plant in morning sun with afternoon shade.  During the winter, it loses its leaves and doesn't look very attractive.  Many people will cut it down to the ground, and in spring it will come back up again. It can dominate a space so be careful where you place this tropical looking plant. It loves the heat and will grow in full sun(no strong summer afternoon sun)....just make sure it gets regular watering. The niteshade can grow up to 6-8 feet tall.   Do not let this plant sit in water as it will die quickly......good drainage is important.  It's a great plant for your pots as a bush.  It's a great plant trained as vine on your trellis.  Or it can make a great tree if pruned properly(in a pot).  It's one of those unique plants that you can trim into whatever your heart desires.  I grew it as a bush and vine and it looked great both ways.  One more bush/shrub to go......

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