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  • h1r0ll3r
    Apr 25, 01:06 PM
    Guessing it'll just be a lot thinner. Maybe SSD's or Flash storage instead of HD's. Perhaps we can kiss the Superdrive goodbye? Either way, curious to see what they have in store :) Bringing back the blackbook would be pretty cool too.

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  • xUKHCx
    Sep 10, 04:34 PM
    I have the oringal iMac G5 bought on the very day they were announced. (well i dont have it as it is in for another replacement midplane - total worth of applecare to me so far is about the £1400 mark). It is feeling rather old and very slow for my tasks. I am now wishing i had that display so i could connect it to the mini or a mid range tower. I long for upgradable graphics as a not so proud owner of the geforce 5200 or whatever it is in my mac so such a pitiful perfonace it is not listed as Aperture capable. It really is a shocking video card. I have upgraded the harddrive that was a snap in the iMac, i have even replaced the logic board 30 mins no fuss. THings i liked about the original iMac ease of replacement parts. Things i didnt like: the non upgradable parts - processor and graphics.

    I truely long for the Mid range tower.

    double height Pci graphics slot ala Mac Pro with the X1900.
    Space for two harddrives for Time Machine mostly.
    Pretty beefy processor, preferably with some sort of upgrade path
    Option to purchase a bundle display 17" really cheap option.
    1 gb ram - 8 gb provided by 4 ram slots

    Cost: £700
    Cost: £850 with the 17 inch mointor
    Cost: £1000 with the 20 inch mointor

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 15, 08:32 PM
    Cram 1GB? Have you seen the 8GB iPod Nano? What are you talking about? Isn't flash memory capable of being used for running processes, or is it too slow?

    It may raise the price of the phone, but putting 8GB flash memory into an iPhone would be awesome. I just held one of the new nano's at my local Apple Store today and it's size is perfect as is the weight. The storage portion of the phone is not going to be a problem from that perspective.

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  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 22, 03:03 PM
    Every time I get ready to pull the trigger on the 11' something holds me back :D

    I don't really need one but I sure want one

    My wife and I each have a Refurb 11" MBA 4GB 64 SSD, and we are so in love with them, We each have a OWC 360 GB SSd awaiting the release of LION, we are each replacing 2007 /2008 BMB's, and each adding a 27" ACD when tethered. Wicked machines, make my /our BMB's look like model "T"'s:cool:

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  • miamijim
    Apr 4, 12:38 PM
    I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often. Applestores must be filled with cash. I would think one would be a bit easier to rob than a bank.

    I see no reason why anyone would carry cash...

    You do not have to have a credit card you can have a debit card and pay with that.... cash has no place in retail anymore. This would solve a hell of a lot of hold up issues.

    The only people who need to deal in cash are drug dealers.

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  • aafuss1
    Aug 31, 10:30 PM
    Different regions, different distributors and laws.
    Lost-7 in Australia
    Invader ZIM-Nickelodeon UK, in the UK, Nickelodeon Australia (XYZ Networks/Nickelodeon Australia own it here)

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  • aafuss1
    Sep 1, 03:45 PM
    Blu-ray in a laptop can be done, as Sony did with the AR Vaio (but more expensive, here $5400 in Australia), but probably for Mac Pro and MBP 17".

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  • andy721
    Mar 29, 12:42 PM
    Why do you guys keep posting your crappy Market Share records they're not even close to the other leading OS's
    Are you guys morons or just smoking crack? :mad::confused:

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  • jiggie2g
    Jul 14, 10:06 AM
    Why does the high-end Conroe cost more than the high-end Woodcrest?

    Because the mulitplier is unlocked , making it very easy to overclock.

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  • ~Shard~
    Aug 31, 11:48 AM
    I've been putting off a new mac for YEARS! Gief Core Duo 2 iMacs!

    Yep, that would be nice! Being that Apple touts the iMac as being their "flagship model" in many respects, you think that they would ensure it is always as up to date and competitive as possible. I think a Conroe iMac would be great, but perhaps Apple is holding off due to a redesign. I don't know how much they could change the iMac, or if they'd want to right now but who knows...

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 4, 07:03 PM
    Unless it's just the 23" iMac I have been hearing about, then it's ok. But if it's a totally new iMac that'll fire me off pretty good.

    Same imac with more disk space, faster processor, 23'' screen, better wireless, maybe a second disk drive, and the same price as the old 20 Incher.

    Happens every 8 to 12 months, more offten now with Intel.:cool:

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  • ericmooreart
    Mar 30, 01:29 PM
    As posted above, "RoomStore" is trademarked, however.

    Notice how its 1 word. "RoomStore". Room Store wouldn't fly. Its the little things

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  • technicolor
    Sep 12, 03:15 PM
    why are you confused??? video play got extended, what do you expect more than that??

    i'm just glad that my 5gen didn't get outdated so fast
    Because they use the same battery, how can videos play longer and not music?

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  • skunk
    Apr 18, 04:07 PM
    If you want a job with more vacation days, FIND ONE! no one owes you a darn thing, certainly not pay for days off.From your own assertion it would seem that some firms think they owe their workers a vacation.

    1. If you are on Salary, you contractually agreed to get the job done regardless of the typical "work week". If you don't want to work long hours, don't accept a salaried position. Just because you contractually agree to do something does not change the fact that the conditions of your employment should meet some agreed minimum standard. Otherwise, in times of high unemployment, it would just be a hell-for-leather race to the bottom.

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  • TheKrillr
    Aug 28, 12:58 PM
    I just want them to bump up the Macbook so then I can go ahead and buy my fist Mac. I just want to buy it when its the most current.

    Ya, that's that I'm hoping. For the same reason too. I've used macs forever, but never owned my very own (other than an old PowerMac 7500). I also hope they update the ipod soon, I want to get the latest and greatest but I need to order by wednesday :-p

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  • prady16
    Sep 14, 08:51 AM
    Will there be a keynote at the special event?
    If so, is Steve gonna address that?

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  • SuperCompu2
    Sep 12, 04:08 PM
    that new shuffle is HOTT!


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  • Counterfit
    Oct 27, 03:53 PM
    i mean isnt it normal in the US to have an 8litre car? here <2 Litre is normal:D
    Uh, 8 liters is huge ANYWHERE. Aside from trucks, the biggest production engine I can find in a sedan from a U.S. company is the 6.1L Hemi in the Dodge Charger/Magnum/Chrysler 300C SRT8, and those are still big by U.S. standards. The vast majority of engines are sub 5L, and even most of those are under 4L.

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  • satty
    Sep 14, 08:51 AM
    Whether the iPhone, if/on release, is in two models (similar to the nano/video relationship) or not, here's a mockup I've just created, depicting what I would expect of the device at the moment.

    I don't usually do mock-ups (this is in fact my first one) but with all the numpad/touchscreen/slide-down ideas in the works, I wanted to show a solution which is based very much on what we have right now. It would make sense that the devices would sit snugly in line with Apple's other mobile products.


    Did you ever use a B&O phone?
    I have this little beauty: BeoCom 4 (

    There's also a scroll wheel you have to use to insert the contact names. It's nice but not as good as the keypad of a mobile to type text.

    I wouldn't buy a phone without number pad, that's for sure.

    Apr 20, 10:32 AM
    Good work buy this group. Hopefully Apple addresses this.

    Sep 14, 09:19 AM
    There is no way in hell that they will introduce laptops at this event.


    Mar 16, 09:19 PM
    It this utter ignorance and false sense of security in the Mac user base that I would use to my advantage if I were a cyber-criminal.
    Many have tried. Most — probably all, but I'll leave that open — have failed. I can be completely ignorant or completely aware, but my options remain the same: perform system updates as they become available.

    AV software is an unnecessary expense both monetarily and computationally. It offers no additional protection beyond that provided by the OS, and if some day some one does develop a successful virus I'll probably download the patch from Apple long before the virus ever attempts to compromise my system, so even then AV software is still a waste of money and computing power.

    By the way, I've been using OS X since "Cheetah (" in March of 2001. Ever since then I've been told that I need to prepare for the day when the OS would come under attack. Here we are ten years later and I'm still waiting. I will not be surprised if I'm still waiting in 2021.

    Mister Snitch
    Apr 4, 11:48 AM
    A mall cop having to shoot someone in the head...he'll probably need some counseling.

    Yes, this experience will probably be very traumatic for him. Having killed someone is tough enough, but the second-guessing and accusations might go on forever. Unfortunately.

    Lot of stress for little money. Actually, it would be nice to see Apple step in and help out here. They do after all have other stores in other malls that need protecting, and the guards might be comforted to know Apple has their backs.

    If you read the linked article you will see that the guard exchanged gunfire with the 2 male suspects. It's not excessive to try to save your own life...

    A point unfortunately missed by many who immediately presumed 'excessive force'. As I say, the accusations afterward can be as stressful as the incident itself.

    Was It really necessary to kill him?

    And the cheap, easy moral posturing begins. Sad.

    Apple Shmapple
    Sep 12, 04:19 PM
    I have a 30 GB video already, but these new ones look good to me. I think I will have ordered one by the end of the week.

    Why in the name of all that's holy would you replace your current 30 gig with the "new" 30 gig? You'll end up paying $100 for a search function and a slightly brighter screen. Wow.

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