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Mmmmm......basil.  It's fragrant and makes for a beautiful bushy plant in the garden.  I went crazy this year and experimented with several varieties which include Purple Basil, Dark Opal Purple Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Napoletano Basil, and Lemon Basil.  I placed these seeds in the semi-shaded yet mostly sunny tree wells of the garden.  Most people begin their plants indoors but because I have cats who love plants and dirt, I had to place them outside.  They were placed into a special garden area around the last week of March. 
Here are some basic tips for growing basil in your garden.  This is an excellent choice for your Tucson herb garden. Make sure the soil drains and that the roots can move outwards.  If the plant sits in water, it will die.  It needs bright sun and will thrive during our summer months....just protect from afternoon sun.  Pinch the top leaves off of the plant to create a bushier looking basil. I would place this plant in a pot or planter as it does not like our clay soil. As for getting started, many gardeners begin their seedlings inside the home and place near their windows that get some sun.  Once they have popped up within the 5-7 days, let them grow a bit before placing outdoors. The recommended time is 6-8 weeks indoors.  Once they have matured, you can place them outside once the threat of frost is over and now is fine as frost no longer lingers.  When it comes to watering,  keep the soil moist but not soggy.  You can let it dry out a bit as the plant gets older and larger.  Normally, I water this plant every 2 or 3 days in the high summer depending on our monsoon rainfall.  Water less if in more shade and water more if in that 6 hour sun spot.....especially June! There's a trick to it....just don't overwater.  Basil looks fantastic in terra cota pots and is definitely a plant for your herb garden.  It's really quite lovely.......and easy to grow!  Some Tucson gardeners give their basil away because they have so much of it!  Until tomorrow.....

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