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  • Cygnus311
    Aug 28, 11:14 PM
    I ordered the following iMac online yesterday and the ship date is shown as 9/12 (16 days from order date). Who knows what this means.

    MAC 20/2.0/SD CTO
    ATI Radeon X1600-256MB SDRAM
    2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM-2x1GB
    500GB Serial ATA drive
    SuperDrive 8X
    Kybd, Mighty Mse & Mac OS X
    Country Kit

    Estimated Shipped By Estimated Delivered By
    Sep 12, 2006 Sep 19, 2006

    You upgraded RAM and HD through Apple?

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  • direzz
    Aug 28, 04:12 PM
    this goes to show how behind apple is in updating.
    clearly they arent ready to adapt to an intel platform. the cant even make simple processor adjustments on time!
    all the major companies have made this transition.

    apple needs to stop being so secretive. they need to start acting like a real computer company, and let there customers know when upgrades are coming.
    i wouldnt be surprised if we didnt see these upgrades till october.. no.. january.

    this is ridiculous.

    /end rant

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  • KingYaba
    Oct 27, 03:29 PM
    Effin hippies bug off.

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  • cfanyc
    Sep 26, 08:43 AM
    if the iphone gets wifi, FAT chance of verizon carrying it, the last thing they want is to lose on their $40 month data plan.

    once this comes out it should be a good time to re-evalutate my need for my treo 650 and verizon...

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  • getBytesLoaded
    Sep 26, 02:08 PM
    Hey everybody,
    So often I hear people talk about how great the customer service is for Verizon, Cingular, and Sprint. Why are all of you in need of customer service with these companies? I'm with T Mobile and have never needed to call and straighten a bill out, or get credit applied to my account. I'd say the best customer service is the kind you don't need to use. So, I'm hoping that T Mobile will carry the iPhone 6 months after the initial release.

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  • ValSalva
    Apr 25, 02:25 PM
    Maybe this MacBook Pro update will incorporate a retina display which the high resolution wallpaper in Lion hints at.

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  • altquark
    Apr 25, 01:19 PM
    This just threw a spanner into my plans !

    I've got a late 2007 non-unibody MBP - the "ultimate" which I've been updating as much as possible (Hybrid SSD 512Gb drive, 4Gb memory, etc etc) - I love my MBP but my applecare warranty just ran out last month. Which, I thought, was plenty timely so I could get the new MBP that just refreshed - quad core, 16Gb RAM seems like a LOT more power !

    But, I didn't "jump" immediately - I always wait a couple of months to see what issues develop with the product line (the 17" range seems to have some graphics issues evidently, which seem to be resolved now) - BUT, with this rumor, do I plump down $4k for a maxed-out MBP now or wait until this new case design ?!?!?!

    My current MBP is working great. The keyboard has a sticky "D" key, but apart from that, its been the best laptop I've ever owned, and the second longest I've owned before a refresh (the prior record holder was a Sony Vaio PCG-V505BX which I used/upgraded/refreshed a full 5 years before needing to upgrade !)

    So what do I do ? I wasn't planning on buying the MBP until next month, after I got back from vacation...

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  • aristotle
    Apr 20, 01:44 PM
    Watch the video. It was happening on the guys phones who discovered it in the UK. Unless AT&T's signal is better than people let on, I doubt they have signal in the UK. ;)

    Edit: From tatonka's link below, this is Southern England.

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  • bigandy
    Sep 26, 07:56 AM
    I hope it isn't O2, that would be a shame. To be honest, any network lockins would be bad.
    My vote would be Orange if I had the choice.

    I've found that through and i can get anything sim free, sometimes even before it's launched on the network.

    that's how i got my current smartphone.

    i REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY hope its orange...

    as the choice of mobile phones they have at the moment is the poorest i have ever seen in the UK.

    ive been waiting on a p990i since march.....still dont have it on orange, was told yesterday it could be end of october now.

    i am gauranteed a free upgrade on any handset, so come one apple!!

    I got fed up waiting for the P990, and ended up getting a free upgrade to the SPV M600. I wasn't a fan (read "I loathed") Windows Mobile until I got this phone. It's fantastic.

    The only thing the P990 does that the SPV doesn't is video calling. And, to be honest, I've got a lot of friends with 3G phones, and not a single one has ever used the videophone feature.


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  • thadgarrison
    Sep 19, 03:30 PM
    I think this is a result of people testing out the service. You can't possibly quantify how successful this will be until it's been around long enough for the "newness" to wear off and for real-world usage to begin.

    125,000 downloads really isn't that big of a number. Especially considering the mass media coverage of the announcement and the vast number of people using iTunes.

    The jury is still way out.

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  • iMeowbot
    Sep 14, 10:44 AM
    Because Aperture pretty much needed those machines to run it nicely.
    Eh? That last PowerBook didn't bring very much improvement.

    That's cool, I was told I was delusional when I said that Meroms would ship in mid-2006 and the eMac would be replaced by an iMac with GMA950 too. :D

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  • Creibold
    Sep 5, 06:55 PM
    Apple will release new iPods AND a movie store on the same day that nintendo releases the black DS lite for the states?

    Go-go gadget debit card.

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  • Benjy91
    Apr 25, 01:36 PM
    Hilarious to all those people who jumped on the THUNDERBOLT bandwagon. No thunderbolt devices yet and they have the hideous old case design.


    Yes because they forked out all that money for ONLY the Thunderbolt port for higher transfer speeds.

    Not for a faster, better high-end machine. :rolleyes:

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 09:53 AM
    since the iMac uses a laptop chip this should be no surprise (its practically a laptop)

    however merom (the mobile version of conroe or core 2 whatever) will drop in, so many people say ;)It's a mess to open up the iMac and take the heatsink/CPU assembly off. Even I think it's scary. :eek:

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  • magbarn
    Apr 23, 09:15 AM
    Why? The Intel Integrated 3000 graphics outperform the current Nividia GeForce 320M's found in the current MacBook Airs and outgoing pre-gen MacBook Pro's. So why is an improvement sad?

    God why don't people research, unless apple decides to not skip directly to ivy bridge, you will NOT get the same intel sb igp as the mbp 13, instead you will get one that's at least 20-30% slower. Something's had to give to get the 35w tdp on the sb mbp cpus down to the 25w/17w level.

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  • fetchmebeers
    Sep 12, 03:33 PM
    I meant return window..its just one day. Im not sure about the return but just give it a shot. If they ask, tell them you'd like to buy the new version. Be polite but firm as much as possible and you should be fine. Worst case scenario is they say no BUT you won't feel bad because you're current iPod is definately not out of date from what i see today

    o dude ;)

    that was really, really reassuring and comforting!!! thank you :D

    well yes i might try that, but even if my attempt failed i won't bother to manage to get the new one, cause as you pointed out, there obviously aren't that much of major differences, as most of us seem to agree upon.....

    right now i'm in korea, and it's 5:30 in teh morning... had to stay up all night to get the live broadcast.... it was very enthralling and stuff, all was good except that it'd hurt my productivity today.... haha

    well just saying!

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  • TangoCharlie
    Sep 14, 03:15 AM
    Finally is this it?
    No. ;)

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    Sep 14, 11:51 AM
    There is no way in hell that they will introduce laptops at this event.


    How can you be so sure?

    You are a photographer yourself, and you use a laptop as you travel correct?

    Maybe Apple just want to be present, demoing Aperture running on the MacBook Pro's, in the hope of converting a few more Windows photographers.

    Maybe they won't make a fan fare and just be there to demo the MacBook Pro with Core 2 Duo running Aperture.


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  • KingCrimson
    Apr 28, 05:26 PM
    Wow, Apple is pretty much unstoppable now. And if anyone tries to get in their way, they've got a $60b war chest.

    Cite? The latest Yahoo! financial page has them at $29 billion.

    Sep 12, 03:03 PM
    Looks like the iPods are still at 5G with some tweaks, which is weird considering they had a whole year. I feel no urge to upgrade my current model no major difference for me. Search functions would be pretty sweet though. Wonder why they didnt just give the current 5G iPods that feature with a software update.

    The new nanos look really tempting. a 4GB silver would go nicely with my PB.

    Sep 19, 01:41 PM
    I have an idea:

    Sell Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in a High Definition format to test the waters. I think a lot of people would buy it in HD since they already have computers capable of decoding it. Why the need to invest in an expensive HD DVD player?

    Sep 5, 11:38 AM
    Hopefully it's not the Extreme that gets the update because my cable modem is nowhere near my TV. ;)

    Mar 29, 11:42 AM
    What? I don't get it.

    He means CUT and paste hence the caps. Not copy. i.e. The text you select is both deleted and copied to the clipboard. I use it a lot myself in Windows and do miss it in OSX. Also allows you to easily move files around by CUT and pasting them :D

    kozmic stu
    Aug 24, 02:10 AM
    At least this gets it all out of the way, hey.


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