Happy Mother's Day ♥ 8.May.2011 ✿

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Today is Mother's Day again :)

Hello, Mama!

Today is your day again! :)

Mama, I love you like I always do! ♥

You are the BEST in the world that can never be replace by anyone.

You spend most of your life with working.

Working to earn money and raise us up.

You and papa gave us the BEST life :)

We grew up in a family that full with Love and Care.

Which is the most precious things in the world,

because no matter how much money a person own,

they will never get the real Love and Care from MONEY.

Being children of you and papa are the luckiest thing since when we came to this world. ♥

You and papa fulfil everything that we need, we want and we demand.

Whatever that I want to get,

you and papa will get it for me no matter how expensive it worth.

When I'm still a little girl who studying in Kindergarten and Primary school,

You and papa always buy those things that I say I want it.

Eg. Boxes of Lego, Soft toys, Teddy bears, Winnie The Pooh, alot of toys, and all those cute stuff.

When I got my first mobile phone after UPSR and those time in Secondary school,

I almost get a new phone every year.

Once I say I want to get a white colour PSP,

you bought it for me without saying "That wont help in your studies" , "Don't spend time on game, GO STUDY!", "Go TUITION!", "No computer, no online-games, only STUDY"

(All this sentences usually come from other's parents mouth, but not US.)

I've been lucky because I never been force by you and papa for attending those tuition class that crowded with students before. ♥

You and papa also will never compare us to the next door kids. ♥

(99% of parents will say "who who who's son/daughter exam is better than you" "they got how many A's in their exam, and why are you so stupid and can't even go to the first few class")


and yea, you gave us pocket money every week when we're in Primary and Secondary school.

We never asked more money from you and papa just because,

we only need to spend those money to get food in the school's canteen.

Seriously, those canteen food is really cheap.

Well, you and papa even buy MOL points for me and korkor to buy cash in MapleSEA.

both of you will asked us "do you have enough credit in your mobile phone? do you need to reload?" at least once a week since I got my first mobile phone.

When hanging out, you also will gave us extra pocket money just to let us get whatever we want.

All those money you pay for us, and why do we need more and more money?

Since when I came to Australia,

I never asked money $$$ from you and papa before,

because you and papa are the one who asking me "Do you have enough money to use?" ♥

(Almost every time when we Skype :D)

When I say I want to get a Nintendo DS,

both of you will even ask me "Do you have enough money in your bank to spend ?"

After the Nintendo DS, followed by the iPod touch, Crumpler bag, etc.

And the next one will be MacBook Pro when I go back to Malaysia end of this year :x


I'm really lucky to be born and grew up in this family. ♥

I'm proud to say that I'm your daughter. ♥

And yes,

I'm not from a super rich family,



I got the BEST from my family. ♥

I got cares, loves and everything from my PARENTS without making any words from my mouth. ♥


You got a pair of magician hand that can do everything.

You can cook the BEST dishes without looking at a recipe book ! ♥

You can sew and even make clothes with the sewing machine!
(Papa, time to repair the sewing machine LOL!)

You are the most AMAZING, GREAT, FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT mum on this earth.

Super mama ♥

Random 1 :

I remember when I'm small,

everynight I want to brush my teeth with you together!


I even remember that I will angry you if you didn't squeeze the toothpaste on my toothbrush or you didn't wait for me to brush my teeth together.

(Angry in this sentence doesn't mean that THROWING things to floor or etc. It just kind of KID's emotion. like "Hmp~ I don't want to talk with you" and after 10 seconds, started to talk again.)

Random 2 :

Mama, do you realise or know that ...

everytime when you make cream puff, I will steal some to eat ...

I mean those dough just after you mixed them up ... -____- ...

I also don't know why I love to eat "RAW" dough.


(It's kind of weird, but this is in my head now and I just feel that is funny for a person like me to do this kind of things out. Lol)

P/S : I only do that when I'm in primary school, I didn't eat any RAW dough now. =__= ..

Random 3 :

I really love when you're not working.

Because when I finished school and reached home,

you will prepared a table of dishes for us to eat ! ♥

Random 4 :

When I'm in primary school,

every morning mama will help me tight all my hair up before I go to school. ♥

The main point is, I never see my mama with long hair before.

I mean in real!

although mama's photo when she's young all LONG HAIR! ><~

Random 5 :

When I'm in primary school,

I love mama spoon feed me. I AM SERIOUS.

I like mama feed me, I just like it. ♥

(Not everyday, not every meal, just SOMETIMES.)

Random 6 :

When in Secondary's school.

Form 3,

The heart part in Science is my mama taught me.

Those arteries, Veins, where the blood flow in and out.

I can still remember that you drew me the heart and explain to me! ♥

Random 7 :

All my Kemahiran Hidup's homework is mama did for me.

Those sewing things. LOL ♥

Well, I still love cross-stitch :D

Random 8 :

Mama, I want to eat your home-made ice-cream cake!

I want to eat homemade mooncake, especially DURIAN one!

I want to eat home cooked TOM YUM PRAWN!

I want to eat herbal egg that cooked by mama!

I want to eat alot of things that mama cooked!

(AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. okay, you gonna cook for me when I go back to Malaysia :P) ♥♥

Okay, I gonna stop those random things.

I'm just BLAH! every secret out. Lol

Dear mama,

I really wish to spend all the time to be with you and by your side.

Although I can't make it now, but I will study hard and no more fooling around and giving myself alots of crap reason for just getting a pass to pass all my degree courses.

You never force me and this is what I feel that I should get a better result then I can only get a better carrier, and at last I can take care of you and papa.

Everytime I know that you don't want to tell us things just because you don't want us to be worry.

But, I'm your daughter.

You should tell me everything instead of saying "I don't want you to worry me"


worry you is a kind of my job since when you bring me to this world.

Why can you worry me and why can't I worry you?

Just let me know everything when we skype, okay?

If you hide everything up and don't want to tell me, it only will make me more worry about you.

I hate those who BULLY you.

You're just too kind and you will never attack back when other's attacked you.

but no worries, I will be strong and protect you!

I'm not going to kill the person or do anything that lead to crime.

But, I will use my brain and knowledge to let them know bully you = bully me and give them some lessons without making a crime scene or lead them to dead.

(LOL. studying too much law nowadays and I know I sound weird :x)


I really hope that the time can stop to make you growing old.

After I finished my studies,

is the time for me to take care of you and papa.

and it is also the time for you to stop working and enjoy the colour of this world.

Enjoy your life with papa,

you two should really go to travel without worrying us that much.

I promise,

once I finished my studies.

It is also the time for me to take all the responsibilities up and take care of you and papa.

Once again,



妈妈,我爱你 ♥

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