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  • Lollypop
    Sep 10, 06:36 AM
    Powerbook G5 tomorrow!!! LOL ok, ok.. before someone shoots me .....

    I would really like a mid range mac, and kentsfield would be ideal! Everyone is worried about such a machine taking away sales from either the Mac Pro or the imac, but I still say apple should just be smart enough and feature it so that people either have to to imac, mac extreme or mac pro. 2 pci express slots, single optical drive, smaller amount of total memory, instead of having people have to go for the mac pro why cant apple make the mac pro the real high end workstation and have something smaller be a the mainstream workstation?

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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 17, 03:20 PM
    Thanks GGJ.

    What about the security sensitive files in /Library? Such as /Library/InputManagers, /Library/Extensions, /Library/LaunchDaemons, /Library/Security, and etc?

    I am pretty sure these only have system with write privileges. No?
    Sorry, I didn't see your edit:

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  • GLS
    Apr 19, 07:57 AM

    Apple has other suppliers or manufacturers lined up for the items that Samsung produces for Apple at a better price than Apple is currently getting....Apple and Samsung have pre-existing contracts that cannot be terminated by either without cause....

    So Apple files a lawsuit based on copyright infringement (questionable) and as terms of the (potential) settlement....Apple is free to go to other suppliers for the items they need....

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  • Wilz
    Oct 27, 04:44 PM
    hahaha, Greenpeace kicked out

    I was at that expo all day today and they didn't turn up

    I got free google t-shirt :)

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 12, 07:02 PM
    just before i jump between covers.... a rip from handbrake in 100% quality i had from before, DV Pal footage, 720p and 1080i footage all opened in quicktime and just gone to export for iPod all worked fine.

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  • DriveByPoster
    Apr 22, 07:20 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    My prediction: Apple will come out with a service that streams music from ITunes based on your music library using Genius playlists (music genome project) a la Pandora. It will be available for the MobileMe plus subscribers.

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 30, 08:36 PM
    Redesign please... Give Jonny Ive some chance to show his awesome work.

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  • rjohnstone
    Apr 28, 03:27 PM
    That much money selling expensive toys. :eek:

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  • CplBadboy
    Apr 30, 01:21 PM
    Really do hope the option of a fully loaded iMac is well specced and not just the inclusion of TB and the processor. For the money Ill be spending Im expecting 8Gb RAM as standard and a rather meaty GPU. Roll on tuesday!

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  • GFLPraxis
    Aug 28, 12:20 PM
    Yeah for the portables, but Conroe for the desktop.

    But Merom uses the same socket as Core Duos, and Conroe uses a different socket. So Conroe won't fit in your iMac.

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  • LarryC
    Apr 30, 11:04 PM
    Two words: Future-proofing.

    Macs are expensive, and many Mac users cannot afford or do not want to buy new Macs frequently. Such Mac users want to buy a Mac and have it work with the latest software and peripherals for as many years as possible. For such users, it makes total sense to want a Mac with Thunderbolt, even though there are isn't a single Thunderbolt peripheral on the market.

    I absolutely agree. This is the same reason why I was hoping the USB 3.0 would be on this version. I realize now that is almost certainly not going to happen. I just thought that with so many PC's (including some PC laptops) already offering USB 3.0 that maybe the brand spankin' new iMac might be so equipped.

    I was wondering why so many people are so opposed to Apple offering Blu-Ray as a BTO option. I have read where Steve Jobs spoke negatively about Blu-Ray, I wonder if these same people would be all gung-ho for BR if Jobs had spoken positively about it? I realize that he is a very smart man, but he isn't God! I always thought that BR would have been a great thing to have on a Mac for things like backing up your iTunes library. Imagine that, being able to back up your entire iTunes library on two or three BR discs. That would have been really nice. I read somewhere the other day that they either have or are getting ready to have BR discs that have a 100GB capacity. What in the world would have been wrong with that?

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  • Bertmg
    May 4, 11:00 AM
    No Blue Ray, no 30 inch monitors, no new OSX (yet), Bootcamp still requires re-start, no new included software like Pages, and prices did not come down... Waited several years to replace my TI laptop and my 30 inch external monitor (yup I still use them and they work really good).

    Very, very disappointing. :(:(:(:mad:

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  • Ugg
    Apr 11, 08:04 AM
    All those monthly bills add up. I'm glad I never bought an iPhone, for example, when they first came out. I've saved a ton of money not buying the required data plan that goes comes with it. I don't want to put words in your mouth but it sounds like our priorities are all wrong and I agree.

    If you live in a city and are highly social then an iPhone might be a good thing for you personally. If you live in suburbia and have high transportation expenses, then you might not be able to afford it anyway.

    Are you referring to the public-sector unions that workers must join and must pay dues to? Because Unions exist everywhere in just about every field. How would the recent push against public sector unions collective bargaining effect this private company? It seems IKEA has the power to mistreat its employees because they're desperate for work. They've even hired a firm to "convince" the workers not to unionize.

    yes, but I'm looking for evidence that the workers are unable to unionize due to a law that the "right" has passed.

    My statement was made with a broad brush, not a specific one.

    Perhaps another way of getting my point across is to ask you to point out labor friendly laws that the Republicans have passed in the last 30 years.

    I don't see what your point is...how does that respond to the person you quoted? He was saying people made bad choice due to keep oil and you say "I'm glad I didn't get an iPhone right away"

    The price of gas living in suburbia is much more of a drain on a household then an extra 20 dollars for iPhone data. 20 bucks is nothing in a month of gas. And for the amount of usage iPhones often get(like in my case) it is well worth the money for many people.

    Don't criticize people for making different choices then yourself

    The point I was trying to make is that high commuting costs means people have to make tough choices about their discretionary spending.

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  • Floop
    Oct 28, 02:38 PM
    ...and by the way yes this thread has gone off topic, partly my fault because I couldn't believe some stupid posts and felt obliged to respond. I won't drag the thread any further down this path because it's not the right place to do it.

    I saw the Greenpeace activists today at MacExpo. There were two outside the venue, and about six at the train station nearby.

    They were quiet and calm, but I do actually agree with the Event Organisers that kicked them out - if you break the rules, you pay the consequences, and they admit they broke the rules, so boo hoo to them.

    I also question the 'environmentally friendliness' of them handing out thousands of flyers to anybody who walks past, so the flyers end up strewn across the street at the end of the day, or chucked away.

    I think their argument has also been shot to pieces by counter evidence.

    I have respect for people who take a stand on principles, but not people who take a stand because they want to be subversive or outspoken for the sake of it. I believe Greenpeace have lost the plot.

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 18, 03:37 PM
    The very fact that people think they "deserve" vacation days is mind-boggling. Why should you "Deserve" to get paid a single dime you did not earn?

    I work about 60% self-employed free lance, and 40% at my old "day job". Guess what. Neither one offers me "vacation days". Am I miserable? Hardly!

    If I want a vacation day, I simply do not work. That also means I do not get paid. It would seem mighty pretentious of me to be expect pay for work not done.

    If you want a job with more vacation days, FIND ONE! no one owes you a darn thing, certainly not pay for days off.

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  • TheManOfSilver
    Sep 5, 04:47 PM
    I think this is totally feasible, but one question that many of you haven't addressed is: "Do you see this interaction and interface happening for the Windows users?"

    I know we're all Apple fans here, but in order for the iTunes Movie Store to be successful, it will have to include "them."


    I agree completely. iTunes was ported to Windows to sell more iPods, and music. The iMovie Store (or whatever) will be included for Windows to sell more video iPods and Airport AV (or whatever it will be called). The living room box will have to play nice with PCs in order for this whole thing to have the same impact as the iTMS/iPod.

    It may just be time for Front Row to be ported to Windows too. Wouldn't that just chafe Gates' butt?

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  • URFloorMatt
    Apr 25, 02:48 PM
    As far as reducing thickness goes, you have to kill the Ethernet and Firewire ports before you have to kill Superdrive.

    Ethernet and Firewire are toast. Smaller bezel/smaller footprint, higher resolution screen, additional Thunderbolt port, possibly additional USB port (perhaps a 3.0 port), larger trackpad, SSD (or some flash equivalent) standard--these seem like obvious possibilities.

    Not sure how they can improve on the design, to be honest. And, as others have pointed out, not sure how they maintain the Air lineup if the MBP is going to adopt most of its features.

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  • pengu
    Sep 18, 08:34 AM
    You are right. I make a call. i expect to pay for it. i dont expect the person im calling to get billed for the damn call.

    and. as for pricing. yes, vodafone have a 1c/sec flat rate on calls. but. i pay $79/month and at the end of the my account has a automatic refund (of sorts) applied, so anything up to $500 in calls/txt/etc is included in the $79.

    i DO use my mobile for most calls. i use my landline maybe once a week, because it has a better speakerphone if im using it for a long time.

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  • ArcaneDevice
    Mar 23, 04:58 PM
    I bet Apple pulls them. RIM already did. Companies far too often cave to the illogical or crazies rather than standing up for what is logical and right.

    Why is it logical and right?

    Again, if 150,000 regular people who didn't want criminals avoiding checkpoints (fugitives, revoked licenses, drug dealers, see above) complained would you say Apple should keep it?

    That's why Apple pulled the anti-gay app. So if tomorrow MADD made a petition it would be justifiable to remove it?

    Apr 14, 02:11 PM
    in all seriousness people, this thing http://snowulf.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/USB-3-Mini-B-Connector.jpg is going to scare people off...

    Apr 25, 02:36 PM
    Here's hoping my pre-unibody mbp lasts me until then!

    Sep 26, 09:41 AM
    No iPhone for me then. Cingular blows, we're leaving in December when our contract is up. They have to the the worst cell company in the US, both customer service and the actual cell service

    Agreed. From the reviews coming from JP Power and the like, those aren't merely opinions but generally accepted as true traits of Cingular as a company. What do you really expect though from a company that aquired half of its customers through purchase? They basically doubled their user base by acquiring AT&T Wireless and not through honest signups of people enticed by their good service and reputation.

    Stan Sigman is seriously the anti-Steve Jobs.

    Anyhow, it would be easily unlockable for use on T-Mobile here in the U.S. as well as any of the GSM carriers abroad. At most it would be a $10-$15 charge at your local independent phone dealer.

    Oct 12, 05:07 PM
    100% confirmed.

    via Chicago Tribune:



    Sep 8, 01:30 PM
    Ok, my prediction:

    New nano will have to have a new name, or more than 4gb in the low end, otherwise it will be available as part of the get a free ipod campaign... i don't think apple will do that. Reminds me of a certain SNL skit.

    or... mb and mbp will be upgraded to C2D... the rebate clearly lists only core duo systems as eligible. then you won't be able to get any free ipods except with a mac pro

    there you have it
    I remember that SNL skit too. That was great.

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