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  • ezekielrage_99
    May 1, 12:52 AM
    I'm looking at getting a new iMac fingers crossed for the following:
    - Bluray (I know... but it would be nice)
    - Thunderbolt
    - USB3
    - AMD Radeon HD 67XX-68XX with up to 2GB RAM (it wont happen though :()
    - Space for 2 HDD (I know, again it would be nice for two internal drives)
    - i5 and i7.. Hopefully no i3 in the line up.
    - Up to 24GB...

    Again if I can't get an iMac with beefier video card it looks like another Alienware with Linux...

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  • muncyweb
    Mar 23, 06:34 PM
    in the us you are a criminal by default

    Agreed. Most people don't even know that as U.S. citizens they are not a party to the Bill of Rights. The only right of a U.S. citizen is the right to live here. They took care of that over 140 years ago.

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  • rmitchell
    Sep 13, 10:43 PM
    Yes, it was the "pre-announcement" that I find very un-Apple. The fact that the product doesn't have a solid name just adds to the strangeness. Is there a precedent for this at Apple announcements. Sure, I've heard of products that I couldn't go out and get today or even for 4 weeks, but Q1 2007?

    This seems to me the "plan b" that had to get announced because the real "one more thing", out of left field announcement, hit a snag.

    Maybe it wasn't the iPhone, but something didn't go exactly a planned on the 12th.

    Anyone hear how they liked the satcast of the keynote in London?

    That is actually a very intutive outlook on the apple annoucement.

    Quite Intersting

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  • Rustus Maximus
    Mar 22, 02:27 PM
    ...By the time November comes around, Thunderbolt may cause the death of the Mac Pro...

    I think you'll find that rumors of the Mac Pro's death are greatly exaggerated.

    Thunderbolt honestly wouldn't bring very much to a Mac Pro right now. They have access via PCI expansion to drives, etc. that keep pace with and even beat Thunderbolt in some instances. As the tech matures it will outpace others and eventually find its way to the Mac Pro. Yes, the iMacs, and the iToys get more and more powerful with every generation...but then, so do the Pros...they all have a space on Apple's buffet bar.

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  • gri
    Apr 22, 11:27 AM
    I hope - but afraid it won't - there is a back lit keyboard re-introduced.

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  • roland.g
    Apr 25, 01:44 PM
    Could it finally be? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H0K1k54t6A)

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  • cadillaccactus
    Sep 5, 12:41 PM
    i just picked up 30 shares of AAPL. i have a very strong outlook on the next 6 months.

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  • bigbossbmb
    Aug 28, 05:52 PM
    So with all this dumping going on, Apple better have at least equal hardware. They were first out with the core 2 duo xeon and with yonah.

    I don't know about woodcrest...but they were definitely not the first with yonah.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 30, 03:14 PM
    Why do they want OS X users to feel as if we were on an iPad!!!???
    If I wanted/needed one, I'd buy one. What the hell !!!???????:mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Evolution of the "Operating System."

    It has to happen sometime and in some form.

    Apple is doing it. if you have any better ideas that *will* raise the bar and represent the Gold Standard for the rest of the industry, please let Apple know. They might be hiring.

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  • Butler Trumpet
    Oct 12, 03:30 PM
    I just checked my digital cable and the title of the show says "Bono's Red Campaign" So yeah I would say so

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  • balamw
    Sep 19, 02:25 PM
    Imagine how long the download would be if the movie was high def instead of 640 x 480.
    Probably not quite as long as you might think. Less than 3x longer for 720p or 1080i, <6x longer for 1080p.


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  • tylersdad
    Apr 4, 12:12 PM
    Only in America.... Bad form unless it was in defence. How about non lethal take downs, fair courts and appropriate justice, such as jail with community service, get criminals doing something constructive for society and trying to get them back on track?

    The right to carry guns and to kill absolutely baffles me. Surely shooting and killing is a worser crime than stealing? The threat of being shot/killed sounds too authoritarian/totalitarian for me.

    I can't believe the mentality of people on these forums sometimes! Each to their own I guess... Democracy and all...

    Yes, it makes perfect sense to use some form of non-lethal force when somebody is shooting at you with intent to kill. Did you read the article? The guard was fired upon.

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  • OdduWon
    Sep 27, 12:25 AM
    You're joking right? You realise these are pipe-dream mock ups right?
    nice mock up. i've seen 4 like this after i had started making mine using the new ..ahem.. mini nano. but why, why have macrocrap apps on it?? the itunes viz is a nice touch tho. italk still my fav though.even though a phone with wings may become annoying at least it will come to you when it rings :D

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  • jp102235
    Mar 29, 12:21 PM
    Windows 7 kicks ass, it's every bit as good as Snow Leopard if not better.

    I especially like the x11 server integration that windows 7 has.... oh wait...

    let's not get into blanket-statement flame wars here. For _some_ people W7 is great, for others, not so much. those of us that use the unix/x11 component of SnowLeopord really love it and miss it on W7.

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  • ender78
    Aug 23, 05:14 PM
    Too bad Apple had to pay when, IMO, they didn't really infringe on a patent.

    Either Apple believed they did and/or was afraid of further damages the court could award. If Steve thought he could invalidate the patent, he would not have settled.

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  • gleepskip
    Apr 20, 10:03 AM
    If this is your biggest worry on people being able to track you...hmph.

    Tinfoil hats are going to be all the rage here soon.

    I didn't mention what my biggest worry is.

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  • vitaboy
    Sep 11, 08:27 PM
    It's news like this that makes you realize, thank God Apple switched to Intel when it did!

    I mean, imagine where we'd be if Steve Jobs didn't have the forsight to develop an Intel version of OS X from the very beginning, 6 years ago?

    We'd be stuck with IBM still trying to put out a 3 GHz G5, and notebooks would still be mired in G4 land.

    It makes you shudder when you think about what might have been....

    But the reality is, Macs are going to be incredibly kick butt scream machines by the time Macworld 2007 rolls around. 2007 looks like it's definitely going to be the year of the Mac!

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 16, 12:10 PM
    The market screams for an Apple phone. The above architecture is a basic excellent expected product. Still even a video ichat internet communicating device ( of course camera capable )
    would be "hot" for the market inroading mac populace. C'mon Steve this cant be that challenging!!

    I don't know if the market in general is screaming for an Apple phone, but it would certainly add an interesting element to an oversaturated market filled with crap product.

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  • W. Ademczyk
    Aug 28, 11:24 PM
    Don't get me wrong, I would welcome a new enclosure but I think that allowing the prospect of one to be the determining factor in the purchase of a machine is ridiculous. As much as I would LOVE to have a gunmetal colored mbp, if it came out tomorrow I wouldn't be upset that I have a silver one because I truly do love my machine. Apple will always continue to innovate and release new products, and IMO now that they're using intel chips the rate of obsolescence will increase (in terms of harware and performance more than appearance).

    More than likely a new case would mean a snazzy magnetic latch, a user replaceable HDD, and possibly an end to the MBP heat issue. When a 120 gb ipod comes out, is that the HDD you want in your computer? Besides, this is Apple we're talking about--do you really think any design change is going to be a demotion? Has any Apple redesign sucked? Ever?

    Mar 22, 03:11 PM
    24 inch useless? Thanks god, for telling us what's what.

    Honestly, if it made any sense whatsoever then Apple wouldn't have killed it. Do the math. You're living in the past, kid.

    Sep 14, 04:14 PM
    There is no way in hell that they will introduce laptops at this event.


    Hmm didn't Apple release the 17" MacBook Pro at NAB earlier this year. :rolleyes:

    Mar 30, 11:59 AM
    Microsoft is turning desperate a lot slower than I thought they would.

    Sep 29, 07:49 AM
    I am really looking forward to this. I have Cingular and they are actually one of the better services where I live. And, when you are talking about quality of service from carriers, it really depends on where you live.

    I currently have a Blackberry. Maybe it's just me, but I find the user interface of the Blackberry very clunky. It always feel like a struggle whenever I try to do anything with it. As this is an area where Apple usually shines, I'm looking forward to a phone that will feel effortless when using its functionality. If Apple gets this right, I'll be first in line to buy the new iPhone.

    Apr 10, 11:03 AM
    Government-mandated vacation??? Why, those socialists! The damn government can keep its filthy hands outta my- hey, wait a minute... Did you say 5 weeks? :p

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