The Place of Women in Expansionist Islam

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As reported here last week, Lars Hedegaard was recently convicted of “hate speech” in Denmark for his statements about the prevalence of rape within Muslim families.

The machinations of Danish “justice” have not dissuaded Mr. Hedegaard from speaking out on these issues. Earlier today (May 8, 2011), he gave a talk at the Danish Free Press Society in Copenhagen about the status of women under Islam.

From the notes to the video of the lecture:

Lars Hedegaard, recently convicted for “hate speech” in Danish court, explains how the subjugation of women is essential for Islam to uphold its expansionist agenda, and how setting the women free would cause Islam to collapse.

Born 1942 in Denmark, Lars Hedegaard is a historian, journalist and author of several books, including I krigens Hus, 1400 års Krigen and the recently published Muhammeds piger: Vold, mord og voldtægter i Islams Hus. Hedegaard is the president of the Danish Free Press Society, as well as the International Free Press Society.

Mr. Hedegaard’s talk was recorded by Henrik Ræder Clausen, and edited and YouTubed by Kitman. The video has been placed below the jump to avoid the “Blogger bug”:

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